Charging Problem after the recent updates

I have my nokia 6.1 Phone. After the recent updates i am facing issue in charging the phone. But the problem will not occurs in all the time. May be once in 2-3 days. That time i need to restart the phone to get the charging. Even i have tried soft and hard reset as well. Still No use. Kindly help me if any one facing these kind of issue.

Note: I am using Nokia charger, tried with laptop charging.


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  • iamsj
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    I too av the same issue if I keep for charging in 16% it stays in 16 itself even after I check after 15min too..and I av to remove charger then again av to plug or swithoff the phone to charge ..n even I face random restart ..I did hard rest no use all l this started after July update ..

  • same problem here😢

  • same problem, after update July 2020

    if I charge in position below 30%

    NOKIA 5 cant charge up. stuck 30% even drop 15%

    I hope nokia HMD can fix it

    I used original cable and adaptor charge nokia 5.

  • i have issue on Nokia 5, after update July 2020. 

    if I keep charge device on position battery below 30% 

    Nokia 5 cant charge up, stuck 30% even drop 15% 

    I use original adaptor and cable nokia 5

  • iamsj
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    Should we wait for August update I am having atleast 10 restart a day ..I av stopped using mobile .. Some time when I receive call it gets restarts so not even know who has called

  • Hello, If I also have the same problem. Nokia should keep polishing our android 10 system. We still have some glitches.

    Even android 9 pie had something of 3 or more, maintenance update and it was better polished than is android 10.

  • I'm also facing this problem. If battery is below 30% then charging doesn't work. We have to plug in plug out cable many times and then we have to switch off the phone. Even after that it takes time to charge till 30% then after 50% ig again goes slow. Please guys raise this issue so hmd can fix it in next update

  • My 6.1 has been very very slow charging after recent Android 10 updates. I am using a 550ma charger. In the past, the charging rate was acceptable. Even in Safe mode, the charging is very slow.

    But now the charging is so slow it cannot even keep up with high power apps (like games or navigation)!

  • Abhilash Mishra
    edited August 2020

    This phone always have that charging port issue.I have changed it once in warranty period and charging time has been nearly 2 hours with 18W charger. On the top of that i have battery backup of 3 hrs(charged to 89%) if i used intensely.It has been more than 2 years of usage of device and slowly it is giving competition to my laptop battery backup😂.Maybe device in its last stage.

  • iamsj
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    Nokia has given the worst experience in android one last Nokia ever 6.1 . That's it I av lost trust they don't care about coustmer from the very beginning they always ingnored 6.1 .. hate to use mobile can't open video it restarts whatever I try to do in a day I face more then 10 restarts .. n can't even trust charging now don't even want to talk about it