'COMPACT' 🤏 Mid-range Smartphone 🤔

Mobile phones are growing in size these days.

'COMPACT' 🤏 Mid-range Smartphone 🤔

amal ジョー amal ジョー
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Mobile phones are growing in size these days. There are many phones coming out with thin bezels, but to get a compact smartphone, only option is to go for a flagship device or a budget device. I don't know if there is a single new lower mid-range smartphone on sale right now with screen size below 6 inches. Everyone loved phones like 4.2 due to its compactness. Even the 5.1 Plus was quite compact and good for single handed usage.


  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Even 6.1 plus too. I love this compact phone. I also wish for below 6" phones in mid range phones.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Let's see if they have at least one among the 3-4 rumored devices that are said to be launched in a few months. They should actually make a mini version of their upper mid range phone. There is still a market for small devices. 🙂

    A Nokia 7 series phone with SD7XX, 5.5" 19:9 display, useable dual or triple cameras (main, wide or tele), 3500 mah batter, 1080p display would be great.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Apart from that colour choice 😅 I actually like the idea especially the camera rings and the Dual front facing speakers. I would reduce the display size to around 5.2" in 18:9 aspect ratio.

    PS: Say Hi to the Nokia 9 PureView in disguise.😜

  • Diego1989 Diego1989
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    Por que Nokia no vende accesorios para los celulares, son de buena calidad, en Colombia nos gustan mucho los audífonos manos libres de Nokia, pero son difíciles de conseguir


    Because Nokia does not sell accessories for cell phones, they are of good quality, in Colombia we really like Nokia's hands-free headphones, but they are difficult to get.

    - Translated by Super User using Google Translate

  • kishan24 kishan24
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    At least nokia has to make 7(710/720)series snap dragon and 612 GPU in mid rang phone ..because of rather than nokia 8.1 plus no phones are coming with 7 series snapdragon with mid range

    In india people are spent 15 000 to 17 000 rupees only for mid range phone with 7 series snapdragon...

  • Molchyniy M Molchyniy M
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    Сегодня нет средних телефонов рамером 110x60 mm и вес около 100 g . потому что батарейка и прочность. всёравно нехватает батарейки и при падении трескаеца стекло и от царапин клеют защиту и чехол

  • Yes, I also have 6.1 Plus, loved the phone, needed a little bit more smaller size. a 5.2 inch display device would be better, many people are looking for compact device under 16K rs., also it should have good specs like 4GB ram 128gb rom and good processor. No problem if battery is smaller in size, just provide fast charging.

    Looking forward for good news soon..!!

  • Chris80 Chris80
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    I have a 8.1 in use. I like this mobile. But it has the max size for my Jeans pockets. I would like to have a mobile with the dimensions of the Pixel3 with the same Features as the 8.3 . That would be great!

    Greetings Chris

  • Edwin .S Edwin .S
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    What about having a smartphone with the dimensions of Nokia 3 ( 143mmx72mmx8mm ) with a processor like Helio G80 , G90 , or Qualcomm SD 675 , 710 or something like that and 4 GB of RAM , minimum 4000 mAh of Battery within a price range of 270 Dollars. Have you ever thought of it? This is my dream smartphone!

  • Edwin .S Edwin .S
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    The idea is great , I mean we could literally include upto 5.8 inch display in a smaller phone. For example Nokia 6.1 plus. It was an excellent Smartphone. All they need to include is a good great processor, minimum 4 gb of ram , and a minimum battery of 4000 mAh. That would be great isn't it. Bye the way I think Nokia is giving up on it's Smartphone. Nokia has been out of Indian market lately. I don't know when the bigger screen trend will end . I Just love the 5 inch screen small Smartphones.

  • user523 user523
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    Sorry about commenting on an old thread, but after seeing iPhone SE and Mini releases, I'm sad that there is a huge lack of compact Android smartphones. The size of SE and Mini could be the reason to change the first time from Android to iOS, even it takes time to learn a new OS.

    With compact phones, long software support, and mid/high-end phones, Nokia would have a big chance to take the crown of the compact Android phones market.

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