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#NeverMissABeat contest - Winners announced! - Page 3

Congrats to you guys once again. And thanks for sharing some images 👌

#NeverMissABeat contest - Winners announced!


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Congrats to you guys once again. And thanks for sharing some images 👌

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    @kunal007 What's your current health status?

    Are you recovered from Covid-19 or not?

    I hope you will be fine soon.

  • Thank you so much @dipankar paul Sir for the beautiful beast🙏... Congrats fellow winners... Stay safe 🙌

  • Thank you so much @dipankar paul Sir for the beautiful beast🙏... Congrats fellow winners... Stay safe 🙌

  • praveenp praveenp
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    Just sharing a few issues that I faced while setting up the phone for use.

    I transferred my contacts from Nokia 206 to Nokia 5310 via Slam feature available for Nokia phone. There is NO option to import vCard files. I had an old vCard file from my smartphone, with around 200 contacts, and among those, ONLY ONE RANDOM CONTACT GETS SAVED, REST ALL ARE LEFT (that's what I faced).

    Also, the imported contacts were displayed in <last name first> format, which meant they were sorted based on the surnames and not names (many of the contacts had Ji at their end, and my J-names got a long list). So I had to edit each and every contact's name as there is no option to select how to sort/display the contacts (which is available in older Nokia phones).

    Coming to the issue.

    My Nokia 206 had 98 contacts in total. But when the transfer process was going on, the process went on beyond 100/100 up till 1500/100. I thought it might be some issue while transferring, so I kept it as it is without canceling the process. I took this picture at 1027/100, and finally cancelled at around 1500/100.

    I then saw in my phonebook that the total contacts in my phone memory are 1500+, and all those 98 contacts had been copied multiple times. Some contacts were having 12-15 copies.

    I think it is some sort of bug that is present in the 5310 software.

    But the biggest issue came after all this. When I decided to delete the contacts by marking all at once, it asked for SECURITY CODE to proceed. Since I have 4 Nokia feature phones in my house, I entered the common 12345 as code. But got an error "CODE ERROR" (not clicked the pic). I then tried all possible iterations like 0000, 1111, 1234, etc, but all gave "CODE ERROR". Then I looked for the code in the manual, and there it was written 12345. But it was not working. I tried changing the code too from the Settings, but again it displayed the same error message (as changing the security code requires the old code to be entered before entering the new one). Losing all hopes, I started to manually delete all the 1500+ contacts while reading all the text in the Phone Manual. I also tried doing Factory Reset 6-7 times, but the device just blinked at changed back all the ringtone, brightness level, and keyguard settings. While security code was still giving "Code Error".

    Thankfully, I found the hard reset code *#7370# in the Reset Your Phone section of the manual. I did a hard reset, and now the default code is 12345.

    So just a warning/ suggestion to everyone who are planning to use it as their primary/ secondary device, do check out the Security Code in the Settings menu. Check whether it is 12345 or not. If not, then hard reset the device so that it changes to 12345. Else, if in case in future you face any problem, you might loose data after failing to enter correct security code and going for a hard reset (specifically contacts, if you are to use this as a primary device like me).

    I don't know what and why the issue was. Was the code deliberately changed before shipping (as in the winner declaration, Dipankar Sir said "There's a brand new Nokia 5310 waiting for you with your name on it" which looked like a personalized phone at first instance)? Or it is a software bug? No idea, but now, using the phone with no issues. So, thanks again Nokia.

    BTW... Also thanks to Nokia for adding CALCULATOR in Nokia 5310😂. My old Nokia 206 DIDN'T EVEN HAD A CALCULATOR IN IT (PROBABLY THE ONLY PHONE EVER MADE🤣).

    Thanks for reading.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Here's mine in Black/Red 😁

  • BeVenkatesh BeVenkatesh
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    Feeling great to see cute white colored Nokia 5310. Thank you so much, Nokia Mobile and @dipankar paul 💖😊❣️.

  • nikhilkunwar0904 nikhilkunwar0904
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    Wow White Congratulations Venky Bro 🎉🎉🎊🎊

  • BeVenkatesh BeVenkatesh
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    Thanks and congratulations to you too! 💖💖✌🏼🙂

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