Please Nokia, fix the notification bug. :'(

Please. :(

Please Nokia, fix the notification bug. :'(

jmoncayo jmoncayo
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Please. :(


  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    The notification bug on Nokia 2.2 has already been fixed by a new Android 10 Build update for Nokia 2.2 in July. Didn't you receive the update yet?

    If your country has not received the update, then you can sideload the update by setting VPN to India or any other country which has received the update and download the update.

  • AngryTomato AngryTomato
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    And how can we do that? Without having to pay for it or install some crappware, if it's possible.

    Also, I've just read in this forum that 00WW_2_340_SP03 won't receive any update. That is pretty disturbing. Is this true or false?

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    They released in asian market only (I guess),I dont know why they dont make it available worldwide.

    Personally,I am afraid to use VPN method because maybe the release might be not compatible with my region and phone variant.

  • AngryTomato AngryTomato
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    First of all, I'm going to quote and correct myself:

    I've just read in this forum that 00WW_2_340_SP03 won't receive any update.

    This is wrong. I misunderstood that message. Sorry about that.

    Actually, for what I've read and understood these two last days, there would be no risk. And no benefit: VPN is not going to work for us.

    This is just speculation but, if we have a look at Nokia's Maintenance Release page (¹), there's a lot of useful info:

    • "OOWW_1" is Android 9 and "OOWW_2" is Android 10. "OOWW" is the sound we make every time we read a seriously-really-urgent notification, sent eight hours ago :S
    • If you look closely, there are five Nokia 2.2 Android 9 versions: 280, 390, 540, 630 and 680.
    • Moving to Android 10, there are just three: 300, 340 and 370 (I guess two or three Android 9 subversions merged into one or two Android 10 ones). It seems only '370' has received the notification bug fix, so this may be the "Asian model". @DoesntLikeBugs has defined '340' as "international", what makes all sense to me (I bought my 2.2 in Spain, no carriers, just a free unlocked device from an online shop). Don't know what market '300' is destined for.
    • So, using a VPN is meaningless, since anyway our 340 phones are going to request a 340 update (not the fixed 370, that is another Nokia 2.2 version and installing it could brick our 340's) and this update, the last one for now, is the same 340_SP03 we already installed two months ago. It's just HMD/Nokia engineers haven't finished fixing 340 (and 300?) firmwares and released a 340_SP04.
    • It would be interesting to temporary downgrade to Android 9 as a workaround, but we don't know what firmare out of 280-390-540-630-680 is the right one for our '340' Nokia 2.2 submodels. And it seems HMD is not going to help us.

    So, this is not really a countries/zones problem, but a submodels/firmwares one. I guess the 2.2's sold in India/Pakistan are 370's, therefore they have already received the patches.

    All this guessing is also based on this Telegram thread about Nokia updates: . You can check there are 3 models: 2.30, 2.34 and 2.37, corresponding to 300, 340 and 370.

    ¹ , select "Nokia 2.2" in the drop-down menu.

  • HMD Global Oy, lied us at all, we get the Android 10 update on 18 March 2020, until today, we are just getting Security Updates, but no notification fix until... it just mocking us.

  • Victor Cenin Victor Cenin
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    >Don't know what market '300' is destined for.

    I think for Russian Federation and CIS for example.

    Now we have 00WW_2_300_SP05 firmware, with july security patch, without MR (very bad).

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    **** HMD, I was planning to buy Nokia 2.4 when is out.but this BS make me start to consider the nokia customer service.

    For God sake your using stock android/android one what is it so hard to make MR for this notifications bug.

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    Mine is International variant build v2.3 in East Africa

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    This is a thing annoying me,they just push us SP every month without MR.

    I am so **** off

  • I don't want to buy HMD Nokia devices anymore because of such buggies software.

    Nokia 2.2 TA1188 v 2.300 has another problem, when you place your device to charging, it's brightness automatically go up high, and this eat battery like apple, banana.

    @HMD_Laura kindly clarify us, when we will get the MR update.

    It's most important because, we always missed very important messsges notification.

  • Arek Z Arek Z
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    HMD data are counted. They producent many **** phones with bugged software. This od not a real reiliabe NOKIA in which I remember.

  • Al Francis Al Francis
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    I have an European model,

    00WW_2_300_SP05 (with 5 July 2020 updates). Still having notification bug. Anyone with ideas...

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Only solutions are:

    1. to go back to Android 9 and wait until the issue a fix update in your region. Or use the available full package to upgrade again to Android 10. I mean use the package which was issued in other regions and fixed the issue.
    2. Bear the bug and wait for the fix update.

    Amongst us users, there's nobody who knows when the phone will receive a fix update in a particular market.

  • Al Francis Al Francis
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    1. For android 9: Do you mean using changing fastboot slot.. too late for me. As I applied a few security updates. I looked at the telegraph channel but cannot find link to a full package. Could you please help me out? It is here: Pie full zip: tryning no

    FAILS: update package is older than the current build. Expected a newer timestamp ... and downgrade not allowed... Thanks for the suggetion. (I tried even preparing a new zip by editing the DATES inside zip - but the hash fails

    BTW, as other posters remarked I cannot install other regions' package. I mean - tried to install this Android 10 package - first one. Says downgrade not allowed. In XDA some one changed the slot and tried it (on a 7.1 I think). That trick does not work with 2.2

    Thanks for your help

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    I agree.

    It has been more than four month and they dont even bother fix notifications bug.

    To your surprise they have already realesed the fix with build v2.37 but they made it available for few markets specifically asian.

  • Arek Z Arek Z
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    Also we can't download and install stock Android 9 for Nokia 2.2 because firmware id unavaible. Nokia 2.2 based on Mediatek SoC do there is a possibile to do a full firmware flash via computer and Flashtool software+Nokia USB drivers but HMD not to share a firmware with their costumers. It's really weird for me. You can find and download every firmware for every phone but not for a Nokia...

  • Arek Z Arek Z
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    I had to received only GOOGLE SERVICE PACK....

  • Al Francis Al Francis
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    After looking through adb debug and logging, me and my friend realised that it is not duraspeed killing these apps. There is not duraspeed in nokia 2.2 but directly by ActivityManager. Deeply baked inside android code.

    08-30 21:42:24.175   883  1897 I ActivityManager: Killing (adj 0): isolated not needed
    08-30 21:42:24.194   883  1060 I chatty  : uid=1000(system) ActivityManager identical 1 line
    08-30 21:42:27.309   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc for  {org.bromite.bromite/}
    08-30 21:42:27.488   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc for  {org.bromite.bromite/}
    08-30 21:42:27.687   883  6318 I ActivityManager: Killing (adj 0): isolated not needed
    08-30 21:43:02.697   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc for  {org.bromite.bromite/}
    08-30 21:45:29.065   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc for  {org.bromite.bromite/}
    08-30 21:45:29.437   883  6318 I ActivityManager: Killing (adj 0): isolated not needed
    08-30 21:46:29.414   883  1344 I ActivityManager: Killing (adj 0): isolated not needed
    08-30 21:48:45.486   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc for  {org.bromite.bromite/}
    08-30 21:49:00.063   883  1061 I ActivityManager: Start proc 12530:system:ui/1000 for activity {android/

    (TBH my only reason to move from my old Samsung wasthe advantage of android one quick updates.

    Now I realised why my friends with Samsung/whatever are happy not to have even updates but have friends messages arriving. Just want the phone to communicate, receive messages. I did brag around March2020 to my friends that they have no Android 10 (despite buying > $500 Samsung/motorola device) whereas my $100 nokia2.2 has Android 10. My bad. They do get whatsapp messages whereas I do not :-(


    Back to my trusty samsung!

  • AvgJoe AvgJoe
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    Same problem on 3.1 Plus. Is there anything that can be done about this guys? @singhnsk @Al Francis

  • Al Francis Al Francis
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    Sadly no. I have put my 2.2 on sale in eBay.. (pray for the buyer)

  • santoscleto santoscleto
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    Time to start asking for a replacement or refund since, in Europe, these mobile phones are no longer "fit for purpose"?


    Just had chat with nokia support and, got the standard copy/paste messages of "we are aware of the bug and please wait for next patch"... but nothing concrete. Told them to save, escalate, search for more info, report it, whatever, and to prove their brand and customers support by providing information about the patch fix date (to me or to the nokia 2.2 foruns) in one week.

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    Good Luck.

    I'm stuck with a faulty notification 3.1 plus

    Its support ends in October......These **** are basically waiting it out so that they can say " ended....nothing we can do"

    This is the honesty level of these people.

  • bredchic bredchic
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    Hi all. Here we are also commenting about the notification + bluetooth bug (nokia 2.2). It seems that while trying to fix the notification bug, they managed to create a new bug!

    Tomorrow I'll buy a new phone (another brand, guess which?), but it'd be nice to have the money of the faulty nokia back

  • ppb3r ppb3r



    It's not really about regions, but 2.2 Android 10 firmware subversions. If you own a 2.37 one (sold in India, among others), you're lucky as bugs are fixed since July. On the opposite, if your 2.2 is running a 2.30 or 2.34 Android 10, no luck for you (and me).

    And it seems loading a 2.37 firmware on a 2.30 or 2.34 device doesn't work or it can even "brick" it. But we don't know. HMD does not tell anything.

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