Nokia 2.3 bugs Brasil


Nokia 2.3 bugs Brasil

andrewgss andrewgss
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Hello! I am from Brazil and I have a Nokia 2.3, I had several problems, notifications are not coming from any application, I have done everything, when will an update arrive to fix this? I am very disappointed with Nokia, just returned to Brazil and the experience has been very bad, the device is practically useless, because at all times it hangs when unlocking the screen and is very slow :( this has been 2 months! Many youtubers have not recommend Nokia in their reviews. Very sad because it has everything to work out, you just need to act fast and send an update to 2.3 soon! Urgent!!



  • andrewgss andrewgss
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    I received the SP of August in Brazil with the correction MR (00WW_2_300), apparently it solved the notification problems and crashes in the system, I'm still testing! :) 

  • Natan Brito Natan Brito
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    I have an irreversible black screen problem,
     after I upgraded to android 11, apparently it is with the chip,
     because if I remove the screen it will turn on again, but there is
     no way to fix it, and nothing they can fix for an update

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