Samsung Galaxy M31s Over Nokia 8.3 5G

HMD Global announced Nokia 8.3 5G in March, I was waiting for this device to purchase, but today 12 August, this phone is still not available to purchase.

Samsung Galaxy M31s Over Nokia 8.3 5G

AwaraLucky AwaraLucky
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HMD Global announced Nokia 8.3 5G in March, I was waiting for this device to purchase, but today 12 August, this phone is still not available to purchase. After 4 months of waiting today I finally purchased Samsung Galaxy M31s.

HMD Global is the slowest company out there, they make promises long ago and build hipe around that, and take too much time to deliver that promises. They almost break peoples patience.

Same happened with me, they launched Nokia 7, I was waiting for this device for months, but that device never came to India, so I purchased Nokia 5.1 Plus. They launched Nokia 220G, I'm waiting for this but I thing this device will also not going to sell in India.

They announced Nokia 8.3 5G, I was thinking to replace my Nokia 5.1 plus with Nokia 8.3 5G, but after waiting for months, now I can not wait anymore, and Purchased Samsung M31s.

and because of their very slow business model, HMD Global, lost a customer.


  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Yes, I agree the availability of new Nokia smartphones has been delayed a lot. I guess one of the many reasons for this delay is the pandemic. I see the same happening with Samsung too. Their current M31s has a long waiting time if you check amazon which you would already know (currently it shows shipping from 30th August). Also, the Nokia 8.3 5G was never going to be close to the price of the Samsung M31s and if it comes to India it could be priced around 40k INR which is more than double of the M31s.

    Another important thing to be noted is both these phones are completely different. The Nokia 8.3 5G is more powerful and offers premium features while the M31s cannot even be compared to this in terms of specs and other features.

    If you were planning to buy such a powerful phone like the Nokia 8.3 5G then I would like to know why you purchased the M31s over other options.

    Anyways, I hope the M31s keeps you happy till HMD gets back on track. Hope to see you back soon on this side. 🙂

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    I don't know why you chose the m31s when you had enough cash to spend on a phone like the 8.3. The m31s can't be compared to the 8.3 in any way if except the battery. The 765g in the 8.3 outclassed the 9611 in every way. I too would like to know why you chose the m31s over Great options like the OnePlus Nord, iPhone se or galaxy a71( if you wanted to boycott China). The m31s is still a nice device though. Hope you have fun using it!😁

  • AwaraLucky AwaraLucky
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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore my decision,

    First of all about the pandemic, from the beginning I'm saying the pandemic is just an excuse for lazy peoples. why only Nokia is affected by the pandemic. you can see other brands are announcing launching and making products available for purchase, but HMD is the brand who is delaying (delaying a lot) and not launching the products at all.

    think about the case of Nokia 7, that time there was no pandemic but that phone never launched in India, about the Nokia 220 4G no pandemic but still not available to purchase, even Nokia 8.3 also announced before pandemic and after 5 month pass no hope.

    now about the price, I know Samsung M31s and Nokia 8.3 has big price different, I have different price model for different brands, If I had to buy Chinese phones like xiaomi, one plus, vivo, oppo, or any others, I never want to spend them more than 10k. for samsung, it is 20-30k and since I'm already using Nokia phone I'm confidence about it and I can spend upto 40k on it.

    Nokia 8.3 has more premium features and specs. I don't care more for the specs, I want a phone that I can utilize according to my needs, If I run over more premium features and specs, I should think about Samsung Note or Iphone not the Nokia.

    Why I purchased Samsung M31s over Nokia 8.3 5G, simply because Samsung was available to purchase and Nokia was not.

    Why I purchased Samsung M31s over other options, I don't wanted to purchase Chinese phones(never used till today) Camera is good which I need this time, and I had 20-30k to spend on Samsung so this phone suited me.

  • AwaraLucky AwaraLucky
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    For this, you can check above my reply to kartik Gada.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Thanks for replying.

    I'll try to clear up some things. Firstly, Nokia 7 was a China exclusive device and was not released anywhere else. They never said it will be released globally. Same goes for the Nokia X71 which was never released globally and they never said it will. So, we can't actually blame them for not releasing a product globally when it is never said to go global. On the Nokia 220 4G, I am not sure how the Indians would have reacted to that basic 4G feature phone without apps. Also, most including the reviewers would have just bashed this phone for its price and non availability of the apps. This would have been directly compared to that horrible junk Jio Phone and on paper specs it wins and outclasses the 220 4G. So, this is not related to pandemic but these are business decisions and much research goes into this.

    Second, most other companies have their own manufacturing facilities where oy their products are made. That's not the case for HMD or any other small company that relies on ODM's for making their phones. Also, Nokia phones sold in India are made here which means even more problem of getting these products manufactured when the nation was in lockdown. Look at the waiting time for OnePlus Nord, Samsung M31s for example. It looks like even these companies have been hit and the manufacturing process has slowed down. HMD has launched the 1.3 and 5.3 in many other markets and this could be possible due to factories outside of India doing the manufacturing work are functioning.

    About the Nokia 8.3 5G I feel it has something to also do with their marketing campaign with No Time To Die which got delayed due to the Pandemic. They must have put a lot of money for their phones to be featured in the upcoming James bond movie and nmaybe they don't want to waste that marketing budget. We wi soon see 8.3 5G going on sale in many markets.

    Enjoy your new phone.🙂

  • MdSadique MdSadique
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    I am impressed how u defend hmd in every possible way. They're completely behaving like they don't know what to do , they don't have any big plans and are confused

    Compared to Samsung hmd is way behind Samsung ensures great quality and they always remain competent in almost every price segment , they have a better strategy , better user experience , after sale service , better user interface , great amoled displays where does hmd stand in the market ? Ask to yourself. Even Motorola is doing better than nokia they launched a flagship this year and also a great mid-ranger ( Motorola one fusion plus)

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    Not one of Samsung's phones survive durability tests except their flagships. Exynos processors heat up under load almost immediately. I'll let you decide after that. Samsung is good. Hmd isn't as bad as you claim in quality though. I daresay hmd is better than Samsung on build quality and other similar things. Samsung does do other thing that hmd doesn't though, such as useful software features and the like.

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    Why didn't you consider the a71? Did you priorotize battery life?

    Just asking as the a71 has a much more powerful processor and a few software additions too I think.

    Regardless, thanks for replying and have fun with your new phone😊!!

  • MdSadique MdSadique
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    "Hmd isn't as bad as you claim in quality though". I dare say hmd is better than Samsung in durability and other 'similar' things. Lol 😂

    Everyone knows great quality control of hmd and of course that usb c ports are .. hmm nevermind 🤗

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Eventually it is all about 4 things:

    1. When do you want to buy a new product.
    2. What all is available at that point of time.
    3. Which one out of all suites your usage and needs while fitting into your budget.
    4. Be happy with what you have bought and enjoy it to the fullest.

    I understand that not everybody needs a beefed up CPU, or RAM until a base level of good performance is met. Choice in specs may vary a lot over devices. If you have used the Nokia 5.1 Plus and you have been happy with its performance, then the M31 will be a nice upgrade to retain a similar or better performance level. You could definitely spend on 8.3 if it was available, but my honest opinion is that such a big jump in price segment was/is not needed. Mid-range phones have become amazing these days!

    Regarding the delays, it is quite obvious that HMD aren't as big a powerhouse as are Samsung, BBK Electronics (OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, Iqoo, Realme) or Xiaomi. So, when the resources (raw materials, other supplies, workers, machine operators; etc) went into a reduced capacity state due to the pandemic, then the preferences go towards the bigger clients. And as such, Samsung, BBK, Huawei , Apple and Xiaomi will retain their edge due to larger order volumes and long-standing commitments and purchase orders.

    HMD should slowly get back on track but yes they indeed lost a lot of business during these months and it is not just sales, but also sellers, supply chain and other intermediaries which help bring the devices to a store near the customer. So, we'll have to see how HMD shapes the next chapter.

    PS: I am glad that this post has been a nice talking ground and not a place for personal shaming and abuses. Thank you for doing that :)

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    I still prefer a phone that won't shatter the second I drop it on the floor😉 and I think the designing for the new phones like 7.2( which I use) and the 5.3 is completely different from phones that faced the charging port problems. Hope I'm right though 😂

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @Karthik 2003,

    Yes the phones with the charging port issues were made by FIH Mobile, but the newer phones are made by other ODMs. Overall build quality differences are questionable, some prefer the FIH Mobile build/design and others prefer the new ODMs, but it's clear that the charging port issues seem to have gone (thankfully!).

    And more generally on topic: We all have different reasons to buy different price things. I too would happily spend more on quality and capability if it is available, but sometimes it is not.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Hello,

    I agree with you Nokia is so slow to release there phones that is why nokia is losing asian Market and also a bit little high price of devices but not futures just like another manufacturers .

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    You are way better off with a Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei etc than you are with these sh17 phones that these people sell....

    Their customer support is a joke

    Their phones are a joke

    Their prices are a joke

    Their customer facing is a joke

    Their answers are a joke

    Their tweets are a joke

    Their updates are a joke




    I wish this post was a joke too......but its not, unfortunately.

    Nokia is [email protected] nowadays.

    EVERYBODY: run from these people. Don't buy their cr@P.... I lost 170 euros in a phone that has no notifications whatsoever from any the main 3rd party social apps, communication apps and banking apps. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Whats App, FB Messenger, etc etc)

    Plus just examples of the sh17 they did in the android 10 updsate:

    - "efuse blow: success" message at start up

    - "NVRAM WARNING: Err = 0x10" wifi network that is always showing

    - battery charge/draining issues

    - bluetooth issues

    You made the right decision.

    Samsung is a real company. It's not flawless.....but are WAY WAY WAY better than these....I don't even know what to call them....

  • linuz linuz
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    They HMD in the end will fall strong. Because they make full mistakes. They sell devices with a system that has nothing in it. In addition there are full of bugs in the system. In addition, they block the bootloader. Make a final killing

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