Nokia 9 Mobile Data Problem

Hi, since the last maintenance update my phone have in areas where 5G is available, problems to find a mobile connection, it lost the connection and can not reconnect any data standard (Edge, HSDPA, 3G, LTE).

Often the phone freez completely and make a restart self.

I never saw this I tried a reset, changed some settings for data, nothing helps, the nokia 7.2 have no problems in this areas or anywhere.

I don't know what can I do.

Have anyone the same problems?

Best regards


  • confirm, same problems here.

    not sure but think the problems startet after this update to a new android 10 build. network problems, random freezes and reboots.

    tried numbers of factory resets...thought the problems got solved....but not really.

    yesterday changed to a new sim card, one day now without issues...but doubt if it lasts.

    maybe there's a fix in a further update, maybe

    my hope is low.

  • Yes since the last build.

    Completely the same here.

    And now, the new SIM card helps?

    Best regards

  • Hm, don't know exactly, cause still had some issues after changing the sim card.

    Some signal drops and a self reboot.

    But the problem seems solved after installing the August security patch on monday. No problem since then, no network problem no reboot, all works like it should.

    So I can't really say what solved my issues, sim card caused a problem on provider side?

    Security update solved the problems? Strange, but I can' explain.

    Do you have installed the August update? Still problems?

  • I have already installed it, but the problems are still here .. :/

  • Hello,

    I’m having problems with data connection in locations where operators are testing 5G.

    My Nokia 9, updated with 11/2021 patch won’t connect to 4G. Nokia says the phone has no problems maybe because they test it in Hungary and the error occurs in Portugal… anyone can help?!