Smartphone with slider keyboard

I think that we need a smartphone with slider keyboard yet. Because a fisical keyboard is more confortable than a digital keyboard. As an example of a nokia with slider keyboard is the Nokia N97mini.

I have a Nokia 7.2 an with better autofocus and also with a slider keyboard would be the perfect midranger smartphone!!.


  • Please, when the next nokia 7.3 is releaed make another version called "Nokia 7.3 Communicator" that has slider QWERTY keyboard in it

  • If that happens it will definitely be great, re-experience the old days.

  • This will be a hit, been waiting for this type of phone, so tired of virtual keyboard covering the entire screen or because of my big thumbs I press wrong letters all the time, its kind of tiring to delete all and type with wrong letter again. Plus I like the feels of a real qwerty keyboard experience. It would be great specially to business people who always sends email, quick reply to urgent messages and more.

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    Saw one of those Mr. Mobile videos. Nokia did make some slider phone prototypes. But they dropped the plans later as so many corners had to be cut.

  • that would really be something