Why did you do it wrong ...

Why did you do it wrong ...   -) no contact export to Google (omg) -) no navigation in Google maps (funny, why?)

Why did you do it wrong ...

dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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Why did you do it wrong ...


-) no contact export to Google (omg)

-) no navigation in Google maps (funny, why?)

-) no GPS actual localization (does not work)

-) no call on hold (busy singnal)

-) no wifi hot spot in shortcuts (you can find in the menu ... but it does not work)

-) no messenger, no skype, no Whats

-) no pdf and doc reader (unusual)

-) no camscanner to create pdf (why?)

-) no dropbox client to send your files to the cloud

-) In the shop I can find only 2 applications for me: Weather and Twitter, rest are games

-) no alarm while power off

-) antitheft option does not inform the owner about the GPS position of the phone (android it has)



This is the 21st century ... do not be angry but you screwed it up.


  • Jannis Jannis
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    The problem are not these bugs and missing functions, but simply that Nokia doesn't give us updates! They know the problems. Now we had just one useless update in the past months. Just give us weekly updates eliminating one bug after the other, that shouldn't be too difficult.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    I still hope that they will do something because I remember first Iphones... no mms, no own ringtones, no own mp3 etc.
    Now it is a time for Nokia to improve new 8110.

  • user1534153339694 user1534153339694
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    Yep, there is a lot of things not working or missing. The thing that keeps hope alive is the OS itself, it is extendable unlike old "dumbphones", so a lot of people are talking directly to KaiOS support with feedback. I hope it will give better OS as an output. You can do the same as I'm afraid Nokia is not here on this board. When I talked to Nokia rep on their online chat about BT connection timeouts I heard to talk to car manufacturer... I like the phone (battery for two weeks without data transmission and this is my use case) and I believe it will get improved but still, the first touch was rather a bad touch. ;)

    Do you remeber what was Android looking like at the very beginning? Same with iPhones. KaiOS is also something new but Google's 20M donation lets us seek for solid improvements in the future.

    I agree with some of the complaints but on some I feel a comment must be made.
    Regarding wifi hotspot, no shortcut but the feature does work. I used it for a couple of hours and the phone just gets pretty warm but that's it).
    Whatsapp is to be there.
    Pdf reader and scanner for such a phone? While doc could be, I don't get looking up Youtube or any non-textual content on such a device. I don't get taking that phone as a smartphone representative, it won't ever be...
    The camscanner is not here perhaps of the awful 2 Mpix cam and the hardware resources. 1920x1080, if you wan't to scan with 200-300 ppi that would be just small area. And if you wanted several images to be combined, I doubt the hardware could handle such more-less-real-time operation with just 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz dual-core CPU.
    No dropbox client to send your files to the cloud - the only use case I see here is to copy e-mail attachments to Dropbox. Sounds nice somehow.
    The shop is still being expanded. The KaiOS is kinda new thing so developers must begin to contribute.

    I believe both Nokia and the customers should not try to compare such feature phones to smart phones. They will never be comparable. Different capabilities, different use cases, different market verticals. In the end, if you get all the maps, youtube, whatsapp, camscanner, bluetooth and tethering, don't expect for the battery to live more than two days. Perhaps Nokia should not even try to clone smartphone features so such comparison would not be possible at all. Just dual SIM, tethering, OTA updates and nothing more from a smartphone.

    Personally I miss higher-grade IP resiliency. IP52 is not that much, while it should be easier to get IP67 or IP68 with such phones. Apparently, all smartphones I have been using for last 4 years were of that grade IP resiliency.

  • Jannis Jannis
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    I'm in contact with th KaiOS team, but as far as I know, Nokia is responsible for the updates. Yes, in a few years there will certainly be much more functions and much lesser bugs in KaiOS. It's normal for a OS. I had in the past the first WebOS device, Android, Asha, BBOS10. The difference is that those operating systems got many updates in the first few months, exactly the opposite to KaiOS. And that is the problem.
  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    It looks like Nokia wants to... stop sales of 8110 4G... smartfon alternative device can simply kill rest of Android devices in Their offer. I am 45yo and Nokia is the only device I want to use but I need a simple Android funcionality back for my standard use, my every day disposal.

  • eskerahn eskerahn
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    I think you all expect way too much of this device. It is not a flagship, it is a simple feature phone.

    Sure Nokia/KaiOS should straighten out the outright bugs, but don't expect a lot of development.

    It is a fun nostalgia thing, a budget version of the original.

    Personally I find it OK for the price - but would like some software fixes/improvements.

    It would be nice if there was a lot of development on it, but I doubt there is a user base (existing or potential) wide enough to finance it. Unless there will be a number of other KaiOS devices of course. As most is general, and only a few issues relates directly to the slider.

  • user1534153339694 user1534153339694
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    I agree, it's not something that can replace your smartphone, it can give you basic functionality if you DON'T WANT a smartphone. If you want to get rid of that big, delicate, glass-coated battery and life devourer, that needs you to even buy special gloves for winter use.

    Couple of features for comfort of use should be introduced (e.g. d-pad key-to-function mapping), some bugs fixed and I'm fine with the phone as well.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    I think it can replace your smartphone ... of course not 1: 1.

    For my normal use I need just only few functions to be improved or implemented.
    All points are listed on the beginning of this subject. I am really ready to keep my Samsung S9 in the drawer and it all depends on Nokia software updates.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    EskeRahn, I expect only promised issues like: shop with application, google maps and GPS localisation, Google sync.
    Better to say - I think that Google because of extra investment of 22 mil USD also expects something more then simple feature phones :)

  • eskerahn eskerahn
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    Oh do not misunderstand. Of course the offered features should work!

    And of course the store could at best be described as mocking us 

    (ONE utility, ONE narcissistic app, and some games hardly adds up to what deserves the moniker "store". It is worse than Eastern European stores before the wall came down...)

  • Were you promised any of that stuff?   What a whine.  PDFs and able to read or scan?  Thats called an iphone feature.  Skype, thats called iPhone.  Alarm whilst powered off, I call that power on...

    Unbelievable ranting and raving. It's a phone, the fact that it looks cool and has some functions does not make it a $1000 smart phone.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    I'm guess you're young and you do not remember. Unfortunately, I remember that I had all these functions in Nokia in 2008, with countless applications for Symbian.

    I expected that choosing a mobile phone with linux on board, with modern processor, with gigabytes of memory, with GPS, wi-fi, 4G with a 2Mpix camera ... I would be able to do a little more than 10 years ago.

    Just only one word. Embarrassment.

  • ...I remember too, but remember the price for that back then.

    This is a cheap feature phone... It isn't in any sense even close to a flagship of 2018.

  • @user1535554788835 Though I agree with the essence of what you are writing I would suggest that you consider the tone you are using.

    Personally I find that the 8110 4G delivers reasonable value for the price. I never expected it to be more than a simple feature phone, and was actually positively surprised to find both FM radio and GPS...

    (My main reason for buying it as a spare device were nostalgia, the weight, removable battery, the price)

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    The Nokia 8110 4g is more expensive than the Nokia 1 Android smartphone, with 4,5'' touch sreen,with two 5Mpix camera and all Android functions we are talking about. This is why I can not agree with your opinion that price is the key. 

  • Sure you can find (even) cheaper phones. And no doubt that they added a bit to the price to cash in on the nostalgia. But look at in another way. What other sliders are there out there? None that is still sold from the factory (You can find old stock of the BB Priv though - and that was overpriced too)

    Are you really surprised to find that a unique device is higher priced than the one with heavy competition?

    Let me ask the other way, how much cheaper would you have found would be a fair price for this device as is?, And if identical less the slider?

    It is a bit like those complaining that the Moto Z series is overpriced compared to other devices with similar specs. If you do not want/need the Mods, buy a cheaper alternative.

    If you do not think the nostalgia and the the slider has a substantial value in itself that can justify the price, why did you then buy the device?

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    This is different. I'm surprised that AD2018 someone is selling me a device with GPS, with google maps and no navigation, that someone is selling me google sync ... but without the sync of contacts, phone without a  call on hold function... sounds like bad joke, specially that Google participated this project with 22 US dollars of investment.

  • Stuff like missing call on hold, Is an omission so basic that I too would put it in the category of bugs. Even more so on a dual sim phone, with increased risk of overlapping call.

    And there are other basic stuff that could have been handled better - but it IS a new OS, so not that surprised.

    But I did not expect a cheap feature phone to have any fancy sync. Would have been surprised if it had...

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    As I wrote - this is not a cheap mobile phone. This is mistake. Please compare directly to smartphone Nokia 1 with Android Oreo 8. Cheap feature phones on the market have no GPS, no 4G, no wifi hot spot, no gigabytes of memory, no app shop.
    Please give me one reason to call this mobile phone cheap feature phone? Because on no touch display? Really? :) 

  • @Dorian Liszcz, Well it IS "a cheap mobile phone", IMHO...

    Let me repeat my questions to you:

    ...how much cheaper would you have found would be a fair price for this device as is?, And if identical less the slider?

  • Jannis Jannis
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    Yes, I agree, KaiOS is the successor of Firefox OS. These were smartphones. The expectations are higher. Cheap feature phones from Nokia are the ones with S30+ as operating system.
  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    EskeRahn - I will answer better way... I am able to pay extra 50%-60% more to have all functions.
    Simply to say - I like long battery life, I like small displays with no touch sreen, I hate two hands on during sms or email writing and I really hate broken glass of my samsung s9. Just only need Android basic functionality, including GPS montoring of my old grandpa. No games, no multitasting. 

    I hope that somebody will develop alternative OS distribution. Why not? Just only sky should be a limit. Hardware is ready.

  • @Dorian Liszcz

    Do not misunderstand. I too would find it nice if it had a lot of extra features.

    Maybe they could make a "8110 4G Plus" with more Oomph - if there is a market for it.

    And I guess that is what you are really wishing for by saying that you could have paid more?

    My points are

    1) The price is fair for what we got (when/if the bugs gets ironed out), as we get the extra value of nostalgia and the slider over other feature phones.

    2) Additional features might not only have been omitted due to cost, but it could be due to hardware limitations. e.g. real sat-nav just might be too much for the chipset, or would heat the device or drain the battery quickly.

    Sure you can argue that ten years ago these features were available on much simpler devices. BUT that was dedicated program written in code optimized for the native devices with expected high volume sales.

    The apps we see on this are written in html5 (remember KaiOS is a descendant of Firefox OS), to keep them fairly general, and keep development cost down for low volume sales. And these requires more oomph than native code to execute...

  • PS

    If you look at Nokias own naming of the OS, they place it somewhere between a smart phone and a feature phone by calling it 

    • Smart Feature OS powered by KaiOS


    So you are right, the see(/sell) it as more than just an ordinary feature phone.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    My hope is that somebody will create own software distribution because hardware is ok for that.

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