Why Nokia is not taking this big opportunity in india market?

Hi Folks,

with the current ongoing scenario of COVID-19 & when most of the world is looking for another brand & leader who can lead the world in different fields, in handset market its a very big opportunity for HMD/Nokia to comeback. pplz who are really looking for non china brand handsets they are not left with much options.

In India "boycott china" movment can also boost the sell of nokia handsets. but still they are delaying launch & sell of every model while pplz are leep waiting & when loose hope go for samsung & other brands which they dont want to buy in first place. i feel HMD & Nokia must focus india market as it covers 20-25% of handset market of the world.

rest everyne has their own views but i feel if HMD wants a good comeback in india... this is the perfect time.