Known issues

Hi all. Was interested in buying this phone, so wanted to know if it has any known issues, specifically hardware related?

Known issues

Hi all. Was interested in buying this phone, so wanted to know if it has any known issues, specifically hardware related? The reason I ask is because I live in Pakistan, where Nokia isn't present officially (though there is an official distributor), and I likely won't be able to get the phone fixed or replaced.


  • Felix33615 Felix33615
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    Known issues? Yes! Don't buy Nokia!

    Underwhelming camera, underwhelming Bluetooth audio, broken hardware. And a customer service that is an embarrassment on top of it all! To be honest, the guys via email at least don't seem to be ignorant and seem to care and help now, but the guys from the app chat are idiots. Plain and simple. Probably outsourced to unemployed students somewhere. Examples? My camera is absolutely broken as soon as a light source is there. According to the chat "this is normal for smartphones". My screen is broken (search for "bleeding in" issue), they asked me for a screen shot (!!!). WTF! Probably just so they can tell me, that there is no problem. When I asked about specific info on the camera, they simply checked Nokia website where (big surprise) there was no info either - which was why I asked them in the first place! Something else they wanted to "escalate" upon which (you might have guessed it) exactly NOTHING, narda, nill happened. And the list goes on... i have lost all patience with Nokia. Now my phone is in repair for a month now and not a single word, even though I really have tried to get info! Basically my phone is somewhere and nobody knows where exactly. No information for a month now. The guys via email are trying to sort it out now. Again, they at least seem more interested but tbh, I'll believe it when I see it. When I have my Nokia 8 back (firstly in a fixed state and secondly it won't break again after a few months, like in the "ticking time bomb thread on XDA. In short: absolutely abysmal! Embarrassing!

    Also check this forum and actively search and not just ask. There are plenty of issues. The same for the XDA forum for the Nokia 8, e.g. the "ticking time bomb" thread. Go, read there, too. Then turn your back Nokia and buy something else. Seriously.
  • Interesting. Yes, I was aware that it had some kind of screen issue, but unsure about the number of units affected and how. Apparently, one of the defects renders half of the screen unusable.

    I inquired about other defects because I can overlook one affecting a feature I don't really use, for example, "tinny" sounding speakers. I guess I'll be staying away from this phone then. I guess it's inexpensive for a reason, despite being a flagship. 

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    Yes, staying far away from Nokia / HMD would be my advice. Especially if you're in a country where you would have problems in case you would need repairs. In my country this shouldn't be problem but disappointingly it is a big one apparently. (Who knows, maybe i get my phone back after the warranty has expired. I wouldn't be that surprised if it takes them another month or two.) I obviously don't have the numbers on broken Nokias either but I'm clearly not the only one with screen issues. I can only guess but I assume they bought up all the cheapest screen batches they could find in Shenzhen and were hoping for the best. Or maybe they were fully aware of it and did it anyways. Who knows... Speed was fine btw and updates were regular, i.e. monthly, but that isn't worth anything with hardware like that. Try OnePlus maybe, they seem (?) to update regularly too. But I'm not sure. Otherwise I don't see any alternative to Google Pixel when it comes to updates. This was my first and last Nokia product.
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    My Nokia 8 is just fine. Been with OnePlus good phones but getting expensive now. OnePlus doesn't use pure Android though.
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    I've had no issues with my Nokia 8. But there are many ppl who have problems with their phones so if there is no support in your country i don't recommend buying Nokia. From what i hear its not reliable....yet.
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    My Nokia 8 has also been fine, in fact i have just bought my wife one for £259 from John Lewis with a 2 year warranty which is a bargain by any measure.

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