Don't understand why people are so pessimistic about HMD

Well, I am from India and using Nokia 6.2 for about 6 months now and as you all know it came with Android 10 Ready means with preloaded Android 9 (Pie).

Don't understand why people are so pessimistic about HMD

Well, I am from India and using Nokia 6.2 for about 6 months now and as you all know it came with Android 10 Ready means with preloaded Android 9 (Pie). After that it got the Android 10 update and obviously the monthly Google Security Patches always on time.

I have seen many threads on this platform that people complaining and blaming HMD for just anything. Means anything. Like why the monthly updates aren't on time, why there are bugs, why are you not giving this feature, HMD and Nokia is going to abolish from the market and the list goes on. I know that the customers are never happy with whatever you give them but still sometimes I wonder that why there are so many complaints?

Well, I also was in dilemma that whether I should go for Nokia again (to be said, once I was the user of Nokia Lumia 520 long back and it was a horrible experience with Windows OS and after that I used Asus Zenfone Max for about 4 years continuous) but the trust for Nokia never ends. Many people tried to convince me to go for other brands but I had to see what Nokia has to offer me after the revival of the brand and obviously the OS. Trust me, I am not dissatisfied at all. Yes, I admit there are many bugs in the system and the hardware could have been better comparing to other brands but can you people deny the fact that Nokia sells the quality product? Give me one name (be it the software or hardware) that doesn't have bugs or flaws. I also admit that the price of Nokia phones is a bit costlier than the rivals who are offering more features and better hardware at a lower price but yet Nokia is Nokia. Timely updates and quality product, thats all you need right. I know its very tough to stay alive in a competitive market like this but its the trust that prevails right?

I have seen people have always complaining about HMD but in my personal experience I am much satisfied with my Nokia 6.2. It is a nice and decent phone. I think people should first consider for what purpose they are buying and gonna use the phone then decide the brand and model. By this, there will be less complaint regarding the brand and the phone. Like from my personal experience I can say that if you buy Nokia 6.2 for gaming purpose then you will be highly dissatisfied. But if you purchase this phone for your day to day activities then I don't find any points that can bother you (I again agree that there are not some features available which should have been made available).

Lets hope HMD understands what the customers really want and make their plan accordingly and obviously make quality phones with reasonable price to survive the competition. Rest is on the customers. Fingers crossed!



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    It's not about bugs. It is about how much time it takes them to fix those bugs. People wait for a month or two months but for 2nd gen Nokia devices that had a lot of bugs after receiving android 10 it took HMD more than six months to fix those bugs. The new devices are better in terms of software which is a big positive sign and once the bugs on older devices are fixed the complains will automatically reduce.

    Also, if you speak of quality then you cannot ignore the sw quality of a product. "Nokia is Nokia" doesn't actually work in 2020 when the competition is extreme.

    @Dibyendu Karmakar I agree but then community forums of every other phone brands will be filled with complains because that's the place where users of same phone model can easily interact with each other and discuss about solutions, etc. This is the 1st place users reach to share if they have bugs so that it gets acknowledged and fixed.

  • Agree with you. All I wanted to say is every brand has bugs and flaws. Users should let the manufacturer know about those in a decent way. Also, Nokia was once a dead brand which again revived by the HMD. Its not easy to revive a dead brand again that too in a cut throat competition market like today. We should provide them with some more time to settle down even when we are going through the Covid-19 situation. They provided the Android 10 upgrade amid Covid-19 situation and I am sure it is the only reason that took them longer to fix the issues. Users should have more patience.

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    OK OK "SuperUser"!

    I agree with whatever you said about bugs!

    BTW No need for such a long clarification. 😂

    But "NOKIA is NOKIA"...

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    Fair points guys. But competition is competition and Nokia needs to compete in that fast moving field. While veterans know Nokia and they may continue to trust and buy the Nokia phones, HMD also needs to develop products which attract and appeal the new generation, if not, the brand's penetration will go downhill over the years.

    The Nokia 6.2 isn't for everyone and that's where the problem lies. A lot of the users are satisfied with it, but a new young lad looking to buy a new phone won't give it much attention because the CPU or the storage or the battery capacity or the RAM doesn't meet his kind of usage.

    The software differences is an area too which probably marks the highest level of differentiation. A teen's dad buys him a Nokia while his friend has a Realme. The friend enjoys modifications via themes and fonts and enjoys a host of features (some cool, some useful, some gimmicks), while the one with Nokia just feels he's lacking something with his stock Android having nothing special, where the manufacturer can't have a say about what features his users can enjoy.

    There are areas to improve. And yeah some discussions do go extreme with words like they are gonna go bankrupt or will die and all the negativity. Can't really say much about it. Maybe those users are really that dissatisfied with their purchase? Their demand for features is fair though. They see them in other phones and they want to experience it too.

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    i'd like to see HMD focus on quality over quantity. They seem more interested in releasing phones at every level of the range annually than ironing out the wrinkles in their software. More devices require more software engineers and i believe they're stretching themselves too thin. The 7.2 still has bugs that were present in the release software. After buying a Pixel 4a, is become obvious some of it's down to Android but HMD need to be able to address these issues if they want to endure

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