[Moved] Nokia 8.3 vs OnePlus Nord which one is best

Nokia 8.3 vs OnePlus Nord Brand : Nokia / OnePlus Processor : SD 765G / SD 765G Display : IPS LCD-6.81" / F AMOLED-6.44" Weight :

[Moved] Nokia 8.3 vs OnePlus Nord which one is best

AbhijithP AbhijithP
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Nokia 8.3 vs OnePlus Nord

Brand : Nokia / OnePlus

Processor : SD 765G / SD 765G

Display : IPS LCD-6.81" / F AMOLED-6.44"

Weight : 220g / 184g

Camera : 64+12+12+2(main),24(selfie / 48+8+5+2(main),32+8(selfie)

Battery : 4500mAh+18w / 4115mAh+30w

Which one is best for buy ?

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  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Both phones have their upsides and downsides. The Nord shouldn't be directly compared to the 8.3 just because the CPU is identical.

    You'll see better cameras, better build quality, better materials, better battery and a higher price for the Nokia 8.3.

    So, the Nokia 8.3 is better on a specs view. The price is one differentiator and the Nokia 8.3 isn't available anywhere yet. There are also no reviews to know how it actually performs and how it feels.

  • Pradeep Pradeep
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    One plus nord

  • MdSadique MdSadique
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    OnePlus Nord

  • AbhijithP AbhijithP
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    I chooses OnePlus Nord, its not in the terms of money because Nokia was creating best smartphones and it canbe possible to beat any Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi,oppo,realme,etc and some Samsung smartphones. But OnePlus is making high-ended smartphones you can see the previous smartphones of OnePlus like OnePlus 8,7,7t,6 and 6t etc, they are all some popularity reached smartphones of OnePlus. I also compared both smartphone's speed test. There is OnePlus is also winning the test except in the camera department. Nokia has far better camera more than OnePlus

    So, Nokia is creating good smartphones more better than the others but, it need few improvement like, use of latest processor, better battery and bug-improved os.

    It is just my experience with Nokia 6, Nokia 8 and Nokia 7.2

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    First, OnePlus Nord is not a high end smartphone. It is a mid range device. So, it doesn't have the same build quality as flagship oneplus devices. Second, Nokia 8.3 5G has the same processor as Nord which is not an outdated chipset, has a bigger battery than the nord so I don't know where is improvement needed. They have been improving slowly. Yes, the choice of OS is different but Nokia goes with Android One and about bugs we don't know.

    By the way, do you mean OnePlus Nord won in the speed test comparison against the Nokia 8.3 5G?

  • AbhijithP AbhijithP
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    Really, I don't know which will win in the comparison. Because Nokia 8.3 wasn't released in the market. So I can't answer the comparison. But I said about some common issues in Nokia smartphones. firstly software issues, in Nokia 7.2 had found some major bugs after android 10 and the battery backup is not better than the Nokia 8.1(it has the 3500mAh battery with SD 710 processor). It cuased by the use of SD 660. It is a 14nm outdated chipset. They used their latest Nokia 7.2 has an old processor. But it gives better performance but, old is old it will never better than an latest processor. In the case of Nokia 6.2,5.3,4.2 it was happened.

    In Nokia 8.3 has 4,500mAh big battery and 18w fast charger but, its not sure it will gives the backup because many Nokia smartphones has not given their estimated battery life.

    In OnePlus Nord has only 4,115mAh with 30w fast charger and a brightness issue founded. In camera section OnePlus isn't giving a better experience more than Nokia. I trusted Nokia on the basis of camera. But in the basis of gaming experience in OnePlus Nord with 90hz refresh rate is a good advantage from OnePlus. And OnePlus assured 3yrs of software updation. The OS of OnePlus shows similarity to android one.

    I think we just wait for the release of Nokia 8.3 for the comparison.

  • If we read the comments of Nokia lovers in this community section, Nokia phones having lots of issues and HMD is failed to resolved it. So in openion go to other brands rather than any upcoming and existing device of Nokia.

  • I go on OnePlus...

    There is lots of improvements required in Nokia if you give 8gb ram lpddr5 the battery performance goes to a higher high.....

    Ufs 3.1 storage may be....

    If nokia build quality is good then why they are not using amoled panel...

    I know reson they are doing because of increasing net profit margin to higher high

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    I agree with some things you said but don't with the comment about amoled panels. AMOLED panels are known to get damaged internally upon strong impacts.

    I would prefer an LCD display over AMOLED because LCD displays last longer and don't face screen burn issues like AMOLEDs. Give me a good reason why AMOLED is better over LCDs. You won't even notice the difference when the LCD panel used is of the best quality.

  • Vikash 1010 Vikash 1010
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    I think I'll go with Nokia 8.3 5G because Nokia 8.3 is a mid- range flagship phone and oneplus nord is a mid range phone . Both phone have been made for different segments and there is a huge differences between price . But if you want a great experience so you should buy Nokia 8.3 5G

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