How can i cast screen on my device

How can cast screen ..its not connect with pc or tv

How can i cast screen on my device

Neeraj2206 Neeraj2206
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How can cast screen ..its not connect with pc or tv


  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    You can download the dell mobile connect app both on PC and Mobile and then follow the instructions to mirror the screen


    For TV ,you need to search for the TV manufacturer app which allows you to cast your device to your TV

  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    Your TV or PC and your mobile phone should be connected to the same network. also for PC browser should support chrome cast (Chrome is better I guess). For further help you should mention the name and make of the TV you are using

  • rohitkrme rohitkrme
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    If it's not working (maybe because you don't have Chromecast) and you're using Miracast (or any other casting dongle) except Chromecast then for making it work,

    Go to "Developer Options" in Settings and enable (toggle) "Wireless Display Certification" under Networking section.

    Then, try connecting again, connect to the Wi-Fi of the casting dongle and then go to screen cast (maybe in Notification panel), click on it, if it's showing your the device name, then it's fine, or click on additional settings and there check "yes" to "Show wireless display" in the 3-dot above.

    It should work this way or maybe not (in some cases). It worked for me atleast.

    This trick is for casting if you don't have a Chromecast and using another casting dongle as Google has disabled Miracast support on Android One and allows only Chromecast casting officially.

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