Multiple users being literally unusable.

I have a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1089). It came stock with Android 8 and I updated it to 10. Figured it had been a while so I reset my phone.

Multiple users being literally unusable.

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I have a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1089). It came stock with Android 8 and I updated it to 10. Figured it had been a while so I reset my phone. After resetting, I disabled background Wi-Fi and battery usage manually for around 220+ applications which are stock Android 10 ones - nothing pre-installed.

I had a ton of problems earlier, which I wrote about in another thread. Let's add the 'Multiple Users' feature to the long line of that, shall we?

'Multiple Users' is a feature that doesn't work. For starters - it disables Google Contact Synchronization, immensely helpful, is it not? And second - ANY other user that exists can't be synchronized, because backups on those other users show as being 'disabled by device administrator', which is obviously untrue. I've currently had to disable the feature of 'Multiple Users' even though I REALLY need it because somehow, Google/HMD-Nokia can't fix it.

I've spent MORE of my life trying to get technology to be fixed rather than actually use it, so...@HMDLaura - want to ask HMD to fix their nonsense already?


  • And, we bring more problems from HMD's inability to fix the problems.

    I had to disable 'Multiple Users' to let Google Contact Synchronization work again. Then, i installed WhatsApp, which ended up with the same problem of the Google Account not even being detected. I tried clearing WhatsApp's storage and cache but no solution. And then, what do I find?

    Google has stopped synchronizing contacts. AGAIN! This is the ONLY damn phone I have and I can't even use it due to HMD's mess. WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED?

    @HMDLaura - Aren't you supposed to be helping fix consumer grieviances?

  • I figured out the problem - partially.

    The problem with synchronization is having to give 'Google Play Services' the permission to synchronize contacts, messages and call logs. Not sure why it can't do basic synchronization without that (especially since 'Google Contacts Sync' is a stand-alone application). Still, I guess that's Google's fault, so no point ranting about it here.

    But, this still doesn't solve the issue of multiple users and the fact that disabling permissions and background battery and internet use doesn't have a user-friendly and intuitive way of doing so. Why can't there be a SINGLE screen to disable the background battery and internet use for all applications, both user and system? And why isn't the multiple-user feature unavailable to be used properly?

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    Fault lies with Google. The problem is rooted deep in Android. Since only one user can be selected as the administrator, the first account used to sign in to Google is set as that. And no matter how many different accounts you add, as long as the first registered account remains. You can't do anything about it. Unfortunately even if you factory reset the phone it won't fix any of it since it is prevented by FRP Lock by Google which prevents removal of the first Google ID used to sign in and also is set as the administrative user. All data from only the administrator will be backed up. Unless you find a way to FRP Unlock and Bootloader unlock your phone.

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