Bluetooth Causes Crash of Settings Menu



  • Same problem to my nokia 2.2 i am very much disappointed by nokia brand and the service.🤬

  • they say: You can stop updates from Settings - System - Advanced- Developer options - Automatic updates - Off

    I decided to wait for another update, and stop the updates as soon as the phone will be functional again.

    Rolling back to android 9 also requires the phone to be sent to assistance.

    Honestly, I'm missing my old samsung!!! At least I was able to fix the issues by myself!

  • Mmmm, there isn't a way of deactivating the auto update without being offline for the or without adding a google account, but anyways, you just have to be offline juts the first time, then you enable the developer options and search the "automatic updates" switch, after deactivating it you can put wifi or mobile data

  • Today I got back "my" or "any" phone 2.2. for free from warranty service via DHL express.

    As the letter with it says, they have changed the mainboard and with this the IMEI.

    I started it without connection to the internet to avoid any update.

    First look showed me, they put Android 10 on it but a total different build than before.

    My old phone had 300 Sp6, with the known bugs.

    Now I got a 340 with no SP.

    Does anyone know what version that is?

    Does it make sense to update it to the newest build, or will I have the old problems then?

  • Scammed m8, the 300 and the 340 build have the notification bug, the only build thag doesn't have the notification bug is the 370

  • Great, thanks. With a hardware upgrade of course the situation is different. About the updates, if everything works, I would suggest not to update anything. It seems to me that nokia developers do not debug enough.

  • Congratulation Nokia you sucks again big time! This new update really ruined my phone. I am not sure were Nokia technical team is on vacation or what? What kind of company you are running in which instead of fixing problem we are informed to wait for next update. Like we have no other option available in market instead of Nokia. Alas you were best once but now you sucks big time.

  • I have the same probem with my Nokia 2.2. Android 10, Build number 00WW_2_340_SP04.

    Both my Bluetooth speaker and earphones indicate that they are connected but the status on the phone remains at Connecting...

    When it's like this I can't open the Spotify app as that stops responding like the settings do if you try to turn Bluetooth of for example.

    I wonder why testing didn't detect this major issue with an extremely common use case.

  • Moshammer, could you tell us what model and hardware version appear in your new Nokia 2.2?

    You can find them in settings->about phone->model & hardware

  • Model: TA-1188

    Hardware: MP_1.0 Dual_SIM ROW

    Android build: 00WW_2_340

    I skipped all updates until now, so everything works nearly fine (except notification bug and lightning issue...)

    My phone was originaly bought in Germany and "repaired" in Hungary. (Sold by a Finish Enterprise, Made in China. I was supported by an indian call center... Not to forget the African mines for the raw materials and the French nuclear power plants for the daily recharging of the battery)...Really international thing! 🧐

    So, who can tell me what is my new hardware type and android build? The original one for Germany (discounter version) had the 300 with Android 9.

  • Thank you Moshammer.

    I'm afraid that they simply replaced the main board with an identical one! The details of my phone are the same.

    The android build is also the same, but I have the still buggy SP4 (like all the others I guess).

    So basically they just installed an outdated version of the software. I remember having the same issues a while ago.

    I start wondering if Nokia has actually hired at least one developer...

    Anyway, that's it.

    Ok guys, there's only one think we have to do: collectively "inform" their customer service! Are you ready?

  • Lets do this...

    BTW: Anyone eho knows the difference between 300, 340, 370?

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    Hello! I have the same problem with BT since the last security update. I was too upset because I bought my first and new BT headphones in those days. I was happy to use them before the SP. Meh... I could endure the notification bug, but the bluetooth issue makes me dissappoint.

    I was going to report about it here, but there are some troubles even with registration and login in my profile here. They're mockering above us. I hate HMD and politics of Nokia. I'm going to share all my troubles with the support center.

  • Поддерживаю. С моим 2.2 проблемы с уведомлениями,блютуз и зарядкой. Больше всего разочаровывает блютуз и зарядка а самое отвратительное это тех поддержка которая никогда и ничего не знает!!! Сколько себя помню Нокиа всегда была очень надёжной техникой !!!Но больше я никогда не куплю себе Нокиа и никому не порекомендую!!!

  • Thanks! This work for me today.. I don't know what Nokia is thinking. This is a crucial problem and must be fixed immediately.

  • Here they are also busy with notification issue, and one of the users said something interesting about European rules for consumer guarantees.

  • Well, thanks for the link concerning warranty in EU.

    The EU rights have to be considered together with local law of the customers country.

    As I know, for example in Germany the customer has this right of two years of warranty but the producer also has a right of three trials of repair. The warranty gets longer the time of repairing.

    With my first warranty request and the first exchange of my hardware HMD had their first trial.

    As I read from other postings, with the last update of 340, Bluetooth woudn't work.

    I will give HMD the time until next official update probably now end of september and install that one when it is pushed to my phone. If its not "fit for purpose" then and not "installed correctly" by HMD I will give them their second try and send it to repair again.

    Try the third after update in October, if still not working.

    So, money back end of October or better Product in exchange if not working then.

    We will see what happens.

    Hmm. Could a regular software update also be considered as a repair trial?

    Luckly, my old Samsung is still working even with spider app...

  • Great. I will follow the same.

    I don't think that an update could be considered a repair trial, otherwise I would have already reached 3. It is surely specify in some official e-piece of paper.

    Let's see what they are able to do.

    I've contacted the support a couple of time and messaged them the link to this discussion, asking whether they have the power to communicate with the developers. No answer of course, only questions like "what's the exact problem?"


  • I am also waiting for the update.. Bluetooth

  • I am experiencing the same annoying issues as well stated above, regarding bluetooth and the settings menu.

    Can Nokia please provide the update, or at least a date the update will be available?

    Alternatively, details to receive a replacement phone or a refund?

    Thank you

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    Turning automatic updates off? As fas as I know, it always checks for explicit permission before a big upgrade.

    Anyway, I hope you aren't getting a 2.2 already upgraded to Android 10.

  • I've contacted the assistance today, asking if it's possible to send it back and get it restored to Android 9, without the possibility to upgrade version on android, but just receive the security patches of android 9.

    Not possible they said, even if technically should be doable.

    The lady at the chat told me that they are working hard to solve the issues. They're probably going mad with this problem... finally!

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    This is so annoying. The problem has persisted for almost a month now. I've already spent an hour chatting with customer support, I've done a factory reset, talked to support again and they are not really helping. I think I'll write them again...

    Good to have this forum, though!

    Update: so it seems that they really are doing something. Slowly but surely...