Nokia 7.2 Android 10 Bugs August Update

Hi. Nokia 7.2 Users still facing may bugs on this device These are the bugs that we encountered:

Nokia 7.2 Android 10 Bugs August Update

Eric Antioquia Eric Antioquia
✭✭  /  edited September 2020

Hi. Nokia 7.2 Users still facing may bugs on this device

These are the bugs that we encountered:

Touch freezing on most of applications

Device hangs/lags

Screen burn/ ghosting

Puredisplay is not working on some apps specially games

Camera not working/not processing images after clicking (front and back camera) Need to restart camera to work

Yellow pictures when using camera flash

Too much noise in images

Battery draining fast

Call quality is worst

Call loudness is low even already set to max

Device is getting hot even on occasional use

Volume loudness still low even set to max when using headphones

Too much background noise is captured when using video

Overall performance is not good

We need a new android 10 build on this device. Please do it so. I know some of Nokia 7.2 users here but please help me let Nokia know that we face these issues.

Note: I already tried to factory reset my device but nothing happens. Some users may face these issues some may not. But I am sure that many users face these. So please Nokia 7.2 users, comment down below and add other issues you encountered.


  • same problems here

    also tried factory resetting

    even took it to service center, didnt make any difference

  • This issue or bug is giving so trouble.. How to solve this issue? I have to restart the device and thn camera work properly and again it will show black screen on camera!! This issue arises when android 10 comes on.

  • Muvi Muvi
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    I encountered background noise while capturing video and nothing else to complain about. Works fine for me

  • Sunil Mori Sunil Mori
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    I think HMD global is not interested in Nokia 7.2. Many bugs reported by users, some are critical but still not resolved. I was expecting needs some improvements like 3 button gesture navigation option, camera improvements etc., but an existing bugs are still not resolved, how we expects about features improvements??

    From other side, other models like Nokia 8.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1 phones are batter performing then Nokia 7.2 but i can't understand that why HMD global is not focusing on Nokia 7.2 ???

  • Akhil Akhil
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    Amazon prime video is not showing in the pureview app list..

    Any solutions?

    Thanks in advance

  • Harsh806 Harsh806
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    If you wants your 7.2 to work normally then just got to play store download Microsoft launcher. Trust me

  • G Man G Man
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    Nokia 7.2 works perfectly with Microsoft Launcher, sometimes lags a little with over 8 apps open, but closing them resolves the issue. And I use GCAM for photos, no issues, infact, photos and video is awesome. I restart my phone once a week on purpose. Only issue is lack of sound on phone calls sporadically after disconnecting from Bluetooth, a quick restart fixes this.

    Haven't managed to record calls properly yet (Legal in NZ)

  • Microsoft launcher has minimised UI lags and other minor problems

    It's better than the system launcher but the game freeze still remains.

  • I can't use dual sim in my

    7.2 phone. It's unable to call . No signal, I have done factory reset but the problem is still

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