Bugs summary (Nokia 8.1, September 2020)

Dear team Nokia, please take a look at this thread.

Bugs summary (Nokia 8.1, September 2020)

Smit VK Smit VK
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Dear team Nokia, please take a look at this thread.

1) RAM management is worst. Every time it reloads even if there are only two applications running in the background.

2) Ambient display bug is still unsolved. Ambient display after lifting phone is not working after Android 10 update. It is still not enabled.

3) Gesture navigation is still not enabled for third party launchers.

4) When the 'dark mode' is enabled, the mic icon in search bar at home screen is white. While it is coloured when the 'dark mode' is turned off.

I request users to report bugs and problems which you are facing in the comment section.

Dear team Nokia, we hope that you are not ignoring these bugs. It is your responsibility to solve bugs. Some bugs are not solved even after the MR update. Nokia 8.1 badly needs another MR update. I hope that the Nokia team notices the bugs and problems reported by users. 

@HMDLaura @Singh2000


  • Smit VK Smit VK
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    Yes, these issues are there from the last year and they are totally unsolved even in the MR update. Team Nokia (HMD global) needs an improvement. If user reviews are this bad, then they will not be able to succeed in the future releases of their new products. @HMDLaura

  • Smit VK Smit VK
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    Explaination for issue-4 in original thread.

    1) Look at the mic icon when the 'Dark mode' is off: (coloured)

    2) Now, look at the mic icon when the 'Dark mode' is on: (White)


  • AnuragV AnuragV
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    Agree with all of your points.

    Adding to it :

    1) Screen freezing issue has become too frequent now.

    2) Phone getting heated near it's camera region automatically even in idle mode.

    3) Apps like android webview and Chrome not getting updated via playstore.

    4) Sometimes observing charging issues.The phone is getting charged/sometimes not, but the lockscreen does not show charging.

    5) Fast charging seems to be not working as it was in it's early days.

    @HMDLaura @Singh

  • Smit VK Smit VK
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    There is someone who is flagging each and every discussion. I request users to build a better community. Please look into it @singhnsk @HMDLaura

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    @ Hmd laura : So called Nokia instead of focusing new phones make your current models software bug free,with every one or two security updates all the issues are started,dont ignore what we are writing here,and please dont advice me to check or suggest for standard measures for performance improvement.Some serious problems are with your update then solve quickly.phone frezzing, fast battery drain with normal usage, android system and android OS app consuming most of battery with decrease in performance (actually performance should improve if this apps are consuming battery more). NOKIA should have quick response mechanism for resolution of such problems otherwise re fall of nokia is guaranteed.Dont take customer granted.

  • Deepak2171 Deepak2171
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    I have been using Nokia 5.1 plus for almost a year and half. This screen freezing issue exists in this phone too.

    1. While using Any browser, after some time of use the screen freezes. Then i have to go to screen previews by swiping upwards from home/bottom gesture line. Then coming back to the previous screen will unfreeze the screen for just one or two moves. I have to frequently move to screen previews and return to specific browser to keep on using the browser.

    2. I have been facing similar problem while using JioSaavn app. When I am on songs list i can not(except few time) go back to the main player page. Then i have to go to screen previews and then come back to the specific app so that i can use the player navigation for a single time. Then it freezes again.

    I request HMD Global to solve these big issues.

  • Smit VK Smit VK
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    Poor ram management is a major issue we users are facing right now.

  • Im facing issue with you tube,when playing videos on full zoom some parts all-around of videos cropped.

    Pls share your thoughts and solution to resolve it.

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    I am using my device with both hide notch and with the notch. I didn't see any issue with youtube.I have set an automatic resolution for YouTube and because of wifi it's set automatically 720p or 1080p.

    Have you set the resolution of youtube beyond 480p?

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    I have an issue of a mic in google meet application.I have to minimise google meet application only then my voice got detect by an application.

  • Dear Nokia team,

    My device wakes up very often when it is locked. And battery is draining quickly.

    Most of the Nokia 8.1 users facing the similar issues. Please look into it. This kind of reviews are not good for Nokia.

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    I found the solution on the above problem and I understood that it was happening because of third party call recording application which had permission to record all calls including video calling applications. I have forced stopped to that application and my problem is solved.

  • I am facing screen freezing problem...in this November month...and some bugs in my nokia 8.1...

    Google search bar seen gray and Google mic mark not seen colourfull only white

    message notification...on lock screen message icon colour is not stock blue colour...and message text are not in original blue colour... there is bugs in nokia 8.1 in November...and screen freezing issue i am facing lot... please provide some improvement update...🙏

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    It's been a long time issue, whenever I do device verification for any application which has the requirement to send messages in the background at that time it's redirected to Message Application and because of that device verification gets failed every time.

    I have to set the default SMS App to third party application when I do a device verification process and It's not redirecting while sending a message in the background. It needs to be changed. I have reported this thing to Google App support as well but they have not solved yet.

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