[10/09/20 Update] Android 10 on Nokia 2.1



  • कॉल लगाते समय इसकी लाइट बंद हो जाती है कॉल करने के बावजूद भी चालू दिए बीच में चालू नहीं होती

  • I've followed the above mentioned steps to make the phone smoother but it's not working it still lags a lot

  • Steps to take:

    1. Set sd card as internal storage.

    2. Move all movable app from phone storage to internal storage (step one).

    3.Dail *#*#666#*#*

    4. An EMM menu will be displayed.

    5. Follow the settings tick options below.

    Force stop: tick off

    Drop cache: tick on

    Cpu governor: tick default

    Dram governor: tick default

    Gpu governor: tick default.

    6.press the RESET OK button and press ok again from the pop up menu.

    Tips: maintain a ram usage of below 800mb.

  • Hi @Iniobong885,

    That's pretty detailed technical advice. Please can you explain what all those settings are for?

    • Force stop
    • Drop cache
    • CPU governor
    • DRAM governor
    • GPU governor

    People need to be informed about the potential side effects before they change settings like this, so please can you explain?

    Thanks 🙂

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    I had the same problem with Nokia 2.1 after the Android 10 update. Tried everything mentioned in here and other places but nothing helped.

    My phone was totally useless since it was insanely slow as everyone else experienced.

    But gave developer mode a chance, I made 4 changes there and incredibly enough that helped.

    First I disabled 2 running Google location services in the active services section since I don't use location anyway. Then I disabled the mobile data always running. And last and maybe what is most important I ticked "Don't keep activities" in the App section.

    The phone is now almost as fast as it was with Android 9.

    Now I haven't had the time to make an error check to see which of the 4 changes I made that finally got the phone working again but if anyone in here would like to investigate that it would be beneficial for all of us I think. Assuming that some of the changes I made will help some of you too. Good luck.

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    It's Googlelocationmanagerservice and Googlelocationservice but it seems like they restart automatically after a while. However the phone is still much faster than before so presumably we can rule out that step.


    Restarted phone and all location services back and running again, but phone much faster as I mentioned still so that shouldn't be the cause of the slowing down problem.

  • Well, if you need 2 different apps open at the same time and active you can't disable  "Don't keep activities" so I enabled that again.

    Now it seems like the phone is back to being slow as a turtle and useless after the upgrade to Android 10.

  • Android 10 gets hanging in Nokia 2.1. Android 9 works best than android 10. So please resolve the problem of hanging in android 10.

  • Let us have the possibility of rolling back to Android 9! Otherwise this phone is going in the trashes, never buying Nokia again!

  • With this update the device is almost completely useless. I did a clean install, then tried all the things reported here, with no avail. I then found a 6.1 on sale and it works wonderfully with android 10. You can't expect a device with 1 gb ram to do much, but the bare minimum should be assured. I wanted to stick with it, i had it for two years, but it kept hanging. So now i use it just as a music player. But maybe the next security update will solve the problems.

  • This update in my phone is very slow and hang problem plss fix it on this month

  • Когда будет обновление до android 10 для nokia 2.1 в России?

  • You should be happy not getting the 10 update at all if you want your phone to be working.

  • This update is a nightmare. You can't expect the average user to try different developer settings to make a phone useable. And it's still not as fast as Pie. People will never buy Nokia phones again if this is not fixed.

  • Agree, rolling out an update that destroys the phones usability for the customer is like saying to your customers, don't buy Nokia, you can't trust us! You can't even sell the phone to anyone because it's worthless, useless and can only be used as a doorstop now. NEVER Nokia again!! NNA

  • So much hanging in android 10 version. And not a single window template in this so solve this problem.

  • Finally, I got this annoying issue resolved.

    In my case, Solution was to WIPE CACHE PARTITION.

    For this, user has to power off the phone & press Volume Up+Power button simultaneously for few seconds.

    A dead android robot will appear with "No command" text. At this point, release all keys.

    Then press & release Volume UP (or Down) key along with power key. This step is a bit tricky since I got to get this working on my 5th attempt.

    A menu should pop up with several options like FACTORY RESET, WIPE CACHE PARTITION, etc.

    Use Volume UP/DOWN keys to navigate to option for WIPE CACHE PARTITION & press Power button to select it.

    Reboot now & this should resolve the slowness issue & the performnce shud again be as it was on 9.0

  • Did this also delete all the data on mobile and sdcard

  • Thanks guys. Ruined a perfectly functioning phone.

  • Nokia should pay all Nokia 2.1 users by giving them android 11 update

  • The android 10 on Nokia 2.1 didn't invite the new gesture navigation.

  • I have a Nokia 2.1, its bricked now, due to last security update.

    Stuck with android go edition on screen.

    Tried factory reset.

    Tried slot swap, but device doesn't support slots.

    Tried flash using fast-boot, but bootloader is locked.

    So, cannot downgrade, cannot do anything really.

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    I don't understand who fool let android 10 to put in Nokia 2.1's list updates. Why are you let that happen to all Nokia 2.1 users, they will click it without read about that.

    What the Frech Toast, right now all 2.1 phones with 1GB ram are trash and people just droping or other people wasting time to reflash with lower android version. Because stupid **** who let that happen. Is this the way you make money with killing cheapest phones with higher software resource requirement... facking disgusting.

    Are you understand how annoying is to unlock oem and bootloader to reflash to android 8 or 9... next time I'll thinking about if I gone buy Nokia product.

  • Lo and behold Fellow Nokia 2.1 users, I got the latest security update today. An update that seems to patch the problems we had, somewhat. It seems to have resolved the system issues.

    Sorry to say this was too late for me in a way, because, having a phone that suddenly was rendered almost useless, slow and unresponsive when you needed it the most can make you very very angry.. So my screen is not what it was, well well, hope you other guys didn't take it out on your screen too, lol.

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    *Edit, empty double post.

  • @NokiaSweden so the phone is not slow anymore? I was not touching phone from long time, so that new update fixed slowing problem?