BUGS on Nokia 6.1 after all updates [September 2020]

So it is September and even after all the updates I'm still experiencing a few problems with my Nokia 6.1 (4+64GB) variant TA-1089. 

[Cellular Connectivity(LTE)]

Ever since the March update my Internet speed has been drastically affected. I'm getting about 10kbps down and 10kbps up on 4G LTE. I've tried every operator and I'm in a very developed area with two operator's tower within 200 meter radius. Still no improvement even after all the updates. I also own a Nokia 5 (3+16GB) variant TA-1053. The same sim which gave me 10kbps up and 10kbps down in Nokia 6.1 gives 27mbps down and 6.7mbps up on 4G LTE. This speed is the expected speed from my carrier and I get similar speed on my Samsung Galaxy A31 as well. Is my particular unit faulty or is the software responsible? I didn't have any issues before the March update. Calling and VoLTE works. Yes it works on Airtel as well. Few Airtel users were complaining about it. But it's fine.


WiFi also has problems now. It automatically disconnects and no matter how many times I press it, it wouldn't connect again. I have to turn on and off WiFi then it would try connecting again and most times it wouldn't even connect after attempting to connect. This is again a problem only with this phone only. Nokia 5 does 75mbps down and 49mbps up on the same WiFi. This even struggles on WiFi now. At maximum it will reach the speed of 400-500kbps down and about 100-200kbps up on the same WiFi network. It's range has also been affected I guess. Since unless I'm in the same room as my router it doesn't connect or if it was already connected, it disconnects when I go to another room. This didn't happen before February. It never happened. 


BI guess the hotspot is also affected since the Bluetooth is. Before I used to transfer files on Bluetooth at good speeds and now a 8mb file(image) took 21 minutes from my Nokia 5. Before it used to be over in a minute or two. 

I say that the hotspot is affected because my Files app by Google is very fast at transferring files but it doesn't work properly anymore. It is very slow to discover the other phone now. The same issue with Xender, ShareIT and MiDrop. The hotspot range is also less or affected now. I used to turn on hotspot on my phone to use it as a remote for my Android TV. It doesn't work anymore. I can't even cast from this phone anymore. It refuses to cast. So this supports the hotspot and Bluetooth issue.


Coming to my next issue. After the Android 10 overhaul, the battery life was severely affected. On least amount of usage I would get 5-6 hrs stand by. After the March update this was fixed. But there's a new problem with charging now. I use the original fast charger and cable that came with the phone. The moment I plug-in my phone it shows charging rapidly but the very next instant that disappears. And this take about 3 hrs to charge my phone. The same charger works fine and fast charges my Samsung Galaxy A31. I used a different charger. OnePlus 5T's 3.1A charger with a LeEcho charger and it was again charging rapidly for exactly 21 minutes and 'rapidly' went away again and hasn't come back yet. Before the Android 10 update my phone used to charge from 0-100% in ~37 minutes using the same charger and cable which now takes 3 hrs to charge from 0-100%.

And before when the phone was at 100% and still charging, after few minutes it would say Charged and the charging (lightning ⚡) logo would disappear from the battery. This doesn't happen anymore. I left my phone on charge after it reached 100% for an hour. Still it was Charging and it kept drawing power. My battery health is Good and it last for 7-8hrs on standby like it used to before.


Then coming to the camera quality issue. There is significant reduction in both front and rear camera quality. This is more imminent in the front camera. It looks cloudy and like a cheap Nokia keypad phone as if it's a 0.3MP sensor. This is a software issue since I've used the front camera before and it used to take good pictures. The front camera on my Nokia 5 is a mere 5MP shotter but it beats the Nokia 6.1 now. It looks far better than it. While the Nokia 6.1 has a 8MP camera the update has messed it up pretty badly. The issue still persists even when I used a 3rd party camera app or the GCam port as well.

How do you expect me to live with a phone which lets me use Internet with 10kbps up and 10kbps down, with a front camera that looks as if it's on the same level as the camera on a keypad phone with a 0.3MP sensor and a battery that takes 3hrs to charge from 0-100% and still keeps charging? I might as well move to a feature phone. If this phone makes me feel like I'm still on 2G even while I pay for 50mbps up and down 4G LTE connection. I would've already considered it if I didn't own the Nokia 5 and the recently purchased Samsung Galaxy A31. I love this phone and I want to continue using this as my daily driver but the updates are making it more and more difficult.

I even took this phone to a 'Official' Nokia workshop or service center whatever you want to call it, they said it may or may not have any problem with the Type-C port on the phone and that since many users have already come with similar problems. They suspect it's a software issue. But still, I made up my mind to get my Type-C charging PCB replaced. Well I paid 1.4k and yet the problem remains. 

So what is Nokia doing, only they know. Don't make it difficult for us users to get by our days normally. I'm a Nokia fan boy but this updates are somewhat making me waver now. I mean seriously if the they had mentioned one world along with the update, it would've made our lives easier. Yes that word is 'Beta'. 

Why do you roll out updates when it's not perfect or has so many bugs and you call it Stable?

How many more days do I have to use 10kbps up and 10kbps down?


  • [UPDATE on Hotspot issue]

    So the problem only occurs when trying to use 5.0 GHz AP Band otherwise it works on the 2.4 GHz Band. While on the 5.0 GHz AP Band it will say Error everytime you try to turn it on.

    That said I won't be using hotspot on this. Since no matter which sim I put in it, I am only getting a maximum of 30kbps down and 10 kbps up.

  • Hi,

    I too own Nokia 6.1 , [my phone software is up-to-date]

    But I don't experience any network speed issues and also there is no issue in connectivities like BT, WIFI, HOTSPOT.

    I agree with you when coming to camera department, it is very cloudy look. Worst pictures when compared to before.

    Currently I have only issue that is when i am in call with the other person, mic working properly and he can hear me clearly BUT when I put my call on loudspeaker he was unable to hear me , please fix this NOKIA .

    When comes to charging ,I have to re insert the charging cable many times to get the charging rapidly indication which is a bit frustrated condition.

    Nokia please listen to us🙏🙏🙏

  • I'm experiencing a lot of connectivity problems. I don't know why. Maybe the repair job done by Nokia Care/Service Center is bad.

    Because the Network issues started happening only after I got my Type-C port replaced. And it wasn't even needed at all. Because the same Charging problem which was occuring before is still occuring.

    Why did Nokia roll-out these builds as Stable when they clearly aren't? I would've loved to stay on Android Pie which was far better than this bug ridden Android 10 Q. My phone used to charge from 0-100% in 37 minutes. I used to get 49Mbps down and 29Mbps up on Airtel 4G LTE. And 28Mbps down and 9Mbps up on Jio 4G LTE. The front camera and rear camera used to perform great. At least for the price, it was on par with Samsung's phone's of similar price range. Samsung has good cameras even on it's cheaper phones. So comparing to them is standard. The phone used to charge rapidly or fast charger at 18W. Now it just doesn't no matter what you do. On some models changing the charger to OnePlus 5T's and the cable to LeEcho's Type-C cable fixes the issue. But I wonder what is the issue with the Official Charging Brick and cable.

    I also have a TA-1054 Nokia 5 which is on the latest Pie build and has the same charging issue. It doesn't officially support fast charging but can charge at 18W with rapidly charging sign. It worked fine till it was on Nougat. I think it stopped working after the second cumulative update of Oreo build.

  • Internet doesn't work anymore properly anymore. It used to work fine before but not anymore.

    Download speed:- 10-35kbps

    Upload speed:- 10-15kbps

    WiFi disconnecting automatically. Then refusing to connect to the network again unless I manually turn off and then turn it on again. And even then sometimes, it just refuses to connect unless I restart. It doesn't automatically connect even on previously registered/saved WiFi networks. Scanning is much slower now.

    WiFi hotspot doesn't seem to turn on anymore if 5.0GHz AP Band is selected. It turns on only if 2.5GHz AP Band is selected.

    Bluetooth transfer are 70% slower now. A 8mb file(image) took about 15-18 minutes to finish transfer via Bluetooth.

    People will argue with me that why am I using old Bluetooth transfer now. It's because I can't use Files by Google, ShareIT, Xender or ShareMe(Formerly MiDrop). They either don't show the receiver/sender or when they show and I tap to connect with them, the connection fails or times out.

    The camera quality has take a huge hit. The front camera looks cloudy and I've cleaned it many times. It looks as if it's on the same level as the camera of a keypad phone with 0.3MP sensor. Rear camera quality has gone down significantly but it's not as significant as the front camera. Comparing a photo taken on Pie build and comparing it to a photo take on Android 10 build now. There's difference like heaven and earth.

    Charging takes way longer. It takes 3hrs with the official charger and cable.

  • [UPDATE on new bugs found]

    The hot swapping memory card and sim doesn't work anymore. The moment I take out my sim slot the phone used to detect that the sim has been removed and used to lock the phone. Now it doesn't happen anymore. Even if I remove the sim and memory card, the phone still shows that the sim card and memory card are still present. Only way to get it to realize that the sim has been taken out is by turning on Airplane mode and then turning it off. Only then it will realize that the sim card is missing. But the phone still won't realize that the sd Card is removed as well. Only way to make it realize that the Sd card doesn't exist is by rebooting it.

    Fix these issues at the earliest before rolling out a device.

  • [BUG update]

    Equalizer still broken after all the updates and hasn't been fixed yet.

  • Abhilash Mishra
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    battery is the most persistent issue. I am getting only 3 hrs backup.I have nearly 100 apps installed and there is frequent auto restart issues.

    Nokia service centre people told me its due to battery problem. So now no more Nokia in near future because there are no solutions to these issues. If you told them there is a issue just reset your phone or put it in safe mode.

  • I am very big customer since 2000, I am using only nokia.....now currently I am using nokia 6.1 plus.. I am facing battery drain....pls suggest a good idea to slove this....I am have replaced my battery also...

  • I have somehow managed to fix my battery issues. I didn't replace my battery. I just did my personal method of battery calibration. On some it will work without Factory Reset on some it will need a Factory Reset. Few may require complete clean flash of stock ROM.

    First try my method. Make sure it's all updated and latest builds are installed. First completely charge it, till charged appears on your lockscreen and the lighting symbol on the battery on the status bar disappear. Then turn off the phone and check if the battery charger is displayed as 100 or something less like 60 or anything not in the range of 98-100%. If that's the case then let it charge offline(without turning the phone on) till it reaches 100%. Now without removing the charger, switch on the phone. In some cases, you'll again see that the battery charge may have dropped after the boot. In that case, let it completely charge till it shows charged and the lighting symbol on the battery status indicator disappears. Then unplug it and use it till it completely dies. When I say it completely dies make sure, that the battery with red bar(Empty Battery Indicator when switched off) doesn't show when you try to turn it on. To discharge it completely I recommend repeatedly turning it on even when battery is low and using it on full brightness. If this is done. Then charge it completely offline. Then turn it on while plugged in and charge it completely again.

    This should fix the issue. Happen when battery calibration file gets corrupted. Some can only be fixed by either flashing the stock ROM and some maybe fixed by using my method or a simple factory reset and then my method. This worked for me. I don't know if you need to follow it step by step or not. But I'd recommend you to since it worked for me and I wouldn't know whether changing the steps will have any effect on the outcomes. But as it worked for me, there's some hope that it may work for you guys as well, so I shared whatever I did out of desperation in details.

    HMD really needs to make an effort. Otherwise they are really just soiling the name of Nokia. Specially, they need to release bug fixes and patches and release their software as beta to select users first before experimenting on all customers at once. Especially they need to improve their support. Very bad support. Tbh, I had an iPhone 6 which suddenly had ghost touch issues and had to contact Apple Care India, even they were more helpful then Nokia Customer Care. To think, I'd call Apple Customer Service better than anything else, I wonder why HMD is cutting so many corners. It's like their only aim is to sell the phones and once they are sold, they give up on it and it's on the customer to fix whatever problem they have with their devices.

  • I may have just passed from Highschool but I've been using a Nokia since I was in first grade. I have had over 25 Nokia devices.

    Nokia was great when it ran Symbian. When it was with Microsoft I bought many Windows Phone handsets and even if the software support wasn't great. Their support services when it was with Microsoft was the best services Nokia ever had. I am a proud owner of over 25 Nokia phones. I even refurbished the older devices myself and have properly kept the boxes, accessories and the bills.

    HMD makes bold claims that Nokia is made in India, yet no proper customer service is offered to Indian customers who brought the phone in India.

  • У вас просто бракованные 6.1, у моей Nokia 6.1 всё нормально, никаких ошибок не было обнаружено... Вот парадокс, да?

  • Так что я полагаю, что с вашей Nokia 6.1 все в порядке, а у меня оказалась неисправная. Поговорим о настоящей неудаче. К вашему сведению, я бы заметил, если бы у телефона были эти проблемы с самого начала, но они появились только после февральского / мартовского обновления.

  • [UPDATE on battery issue.]

    On Android 10 after the initial update, the battery life will be very short around ~3hrs max on standby. It automatically fixes after you keep using the phone to suit the user's need. If for any case it doesn't happen and you're stuck with ~3Hrs standby. Just disable battery managent and adaptive battery. Some people have fixed their Nokia's this way. Though it wasn't the same model as the 6.1, it's still worth a shot.

  • Hotspot at 5GHz band seems to have been fixed. And now works fine. File transfers is a hit or a miss still. But at least, now it works, though sometimes only.

    The connectivity issue still persists and so does the fast charging issue. The front camera quality sucks and looks more like a VGA camera rather than a 8 MP one. Rear Camera quality was way better when it was on the Stock Oreo build. Even with Pie it was great. But Android 10 managed to mess it up. The Equalizer is messed up. Can't use my surround sound and bass boost. Battery life is improving. Just got 9hrs standby yesterday. Though on very light use and mostly on Airplane mode (as my cellular network internet connection still sucks at 10kbps up and down). The number of times the WiFi refuses to connect and actually doesn't disconnect when connected also has improved quite a bit. Though it does disconnect from time to time and also refuses to connect at times. Mostly disconnects when screen is turned off now.

  • im also faceing such problem!!! nokia pls fix this in next update!!!

  • [ALREADY REPORTED]Front Camera quality needs fixing. Looks like VGA quality. So does the Rear Camera need optimization. When it ran on Android Oreo, the pictures taken using the same camera looks 140% better than taken on Android 10/Q. Even after the Pie updates, the camera quality had dropped significantly but was a lot lot better than now.

    [MINOR BUG] So I was developing my own video player app and found that on Nokia 6.1 when you set screen brightness to 2, it is darker than brightness set to 0. This is not a issue with apps. It's the same in apps which allow you to change the screen brightness through the app.

    [MAJOR] I really doubt that Nokia phones support more than 32GB memory in FAT32 format. I had brought a SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS-I Class 10 V3 A2 card which didn't work natively as it came in exFAT out of the box. So using my Nokia 6.1, I formatted it. It worked after that but it performed real slow and I guess was formatted to FAT system and at times the memory card directory won't load or kept staring at a blank scree. Then I couldn't use it on my PC using a as card reader. I had formatted it as Portable storage since my phone didn't allow to format anything as Internal Storage. Then using the PC I formatted it using a Disk partition tool and it was working fine on my PC and other phones. Then when I put it into my Nokia 6.1, initially it worked nice with fast transfers. Then suddenly after a restart said the it was Unsupported and I had to format it. I took it out and then checked on other phones and PC as well, it worked fine. Then I even brought a replacement hybrid slim slot thinking it was the problem with my slot. But that didn't fix it. I again brought a new Samsung EVO Plus 64 GB SD card and formatted it as fat32 using my pc and the same result again. Worked well for a month then suddenly after a random restart unsupported sd card. It did the same to a cheap Kingston 64 GB class 6 card as well. This is purely a software gimmick. The same sd card works fine on my other Nokia, Nokia 5 but refuses to show up on the Nokia 6.1. No issues with 32GB or lower.

  • It will be 1,5gb MR update at September. Now in Germany

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    I have an issue of a mic in google meet application. It's a real shame that google's own google meet application has an issue of the mic on their own android one certified device(Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8.1) whereas all other manufacturers custom os phones are working fine. I have to minimise google meet application only then my voice got detect by an application.

  • [BUG] Google app won't set up any device. I brought a new MiTV Box 4K and Nokia TV Box. I tried as advised by the boxes and tried to do as guided. Ok Google, set up my device. But it wouldn't find the devices even when I used the same WiFi network and even tried with hotspot. I was fed up with the inability to use LTE on my phone. So I went and brought a new phone. The Google Pixel 3A. And the Google App on the Nokia 6.1 won't even find the new Pixel device. So I couldn't set it up that way either and had to just use Drive to whatever restore it did. But the complete restore using an old phone didn't work. And Pixel ain't so saint. After I brought the phone. It worked well till I updated it and the moment I updated it. I updated it that day itself since an update was available. The Camera won't work at all. And any app that needs Camera will crash like WhatsApp unless you manually remove Camera permissions. Else open, swipe and crash. I wonder what is Google doing. I can understand Nokia having issues but Google's very own phone having such issues is inexcusable.

    iOS is the way to go. I have owned a iPhone 6 in the past and it still works fine. Just slower due to update but perfectly fine. No issues have I experienced like this till date.

    My favourite is and will be Windows Phone OS 8.1 and the Windows 10 Mobile OS. It was easy to control. Secure considering only a few apps were available in the Windows Store. You could manage your devices and everything well too. Never had the camera die ever even on my Lumia 1020. Only things like USB host and USB OTG missing. Shows how superior iOS environment is. Just grab a Samsung or Xiaomi, Google is too busy adding asthetic features instead actual features to their new Android Version instead of actually fixing everything wrong with the current and previous generation.

    Since the devices not being discovered has been around since Android Pie.

    My Nokia 5 did actually discover both the devices on the WiFi network but won't actually connect or set them up. So that failed too.

  • nitinkachare
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    I found the solution on the above problem and I understood that it was happening because of third party call recording application which had permission to record all calls including video calling applications. I have forced stopped to that application and my problem is solved. Google Meet also got an update from play store for some issues and now it's working fine.


    The default or official camera app will force restart the phone. The rear camera has camera image flickering and with or without touching the phone will shut down and reboot it self most of the times or otherwise just shutdown. The screen recording of camera image flickering on the rear camera is not possible as screenshots fail to be saved and the phone reboots. This happens across third party camera apps as well. The front camera looks hazy but no image flickering and no reboot either. However, a complete different story when compared to the rear camera. I've managed to grab one screenshot using the stock camera app and a few from third party apps before my phone rebooted. They're attached below.

    The image from the rear camera stutters and if you click on the screen instant reboot or sometimes reboots without even touching the screen. Problem happens only with the rear camera. The images captured from the rear camera also get distorted at times but sometimes the processed pictures turn out fine and without any distortion. This happens with not just the default camera app but also third party camera apps.

    The phone has never been dropped on the floor much less in water. It has always been a show piece and as backup phone. I daily drive my Nokia 9 PV and Nokia 5 mostly. Yet these problem are making it harder and harder to get by on a day to day basis. The Nokia 5 started having ghost issues so I thought maybe it's time to move the Nokia 6.1 as my backup device. And after a day or two of playing around I discovered this. The phone otherwise works fine. And this only happens with the rear camera. The phone is a 4 GB + 64 GB Variant.

    Possible Causes-

    Maybe battery related. Since recently I've experienced an increase in standby times. I used to get around 7-8 hours on standy after September update but now I get about 11-12 hours standby. I appreciate the increase standby times but this has rendered my phone's cameras as well as the camera apps completely useless.

    This is clearly breaking the trust I had on the Nokia brand. Just goes to show that even if the name is the same the actual quality of phones aren't quite the same. I'm a proud owner of 21+ Symbian and 9+ Nokia Windows Phones as well as the Nokia N9 and Nokia X.

  • I have problem with my phone camera it pops up when I turn off the phone using the power button what shall I do to solve this. I have two phones one is 6.1 and other 7.2. Both the phone have the same issue.

  • Anyone else having issues using NFC to pay? I've tried four different eftpos machines now and each one tries to read the phone, but fails with an unable to read error. It's like the chip is now too weak to send a signal. Getting it to dectect (and fail) takes a few seconds, it used to be next to instant.

  • I'm using a Kingston 512GB right out of the box and it's working fine so far.

  • as for the quality of the cameras, it also seems to me that it got worse with the arrival of the A10. I feel it the most when shooting video, when it behaves like 0.5 Mpx in poor lighting conditions and when the light comes, unfortunately, it does not get corrected very quickly. Unfortunately, it ruined the video of the surprised birthday girl :( often, again, when recording the video, it gets stuck and it takes quite a few seconds for the recording to start.