Apps not loading over wifi but working fine over mobile data

 I have recently purchased nokia 7 plus but stats facing a frustrating issue.

Apps not loading over wifi but working fine over mobile data

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 I have recently purchased nokia 7 plus but stats facing a frustrating issue.

Some apps and website like amazon music, asphalt 8, twitter, flipkart, linkdin not loading over wifi connection. But whenever i switched to mobile data everything start working fine and apps load perfectly.

I have done almost everything to resolve this problem..

1. Reset my phone several times.

2. Reset my router already.

3. Change ssid and password etc

4. Checked with other router at my friend place but no solution.

Now i really don't know what to do.. its really disappointing that i need to visit service center within 2 day of purchase of mobile.

 Can anyone please help me here?


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    I am having the same issue on Android Pie beta. I tried the following to resolve the issue but it still persists!

    1. Hard Reset my phone through recovery.
    2. Hard and Soft Reset my Wifi Router.
    3. Updated Wifi router firmware.
    4. Reinstalled all the apps which were not working on Wifi.
    5. Cleared Cache and Storage of these apps.
    6. Changed Wifi router settings to IPV4 instead of IPV6.
    7. Reverted back to Oreo 8.1 (updated upto July Security Patch)
    8. Checked if these apps work on other phones on the same Wifi settings and found that it works perfectly!

    None of these helped. In the end I have to shift to mobile data to check out these apps and its annoying!
    Any other suggestions other than the ones i have tried above?
  • vmath vmath

    I am not sure if its exactly the same problem as the one I faced sometime back, but the symptoms are identical.

    In my case, after a lot of research, it turned out to be a IPv6 related issue. Direct network connection over 4g was giving a usable IPv6 address, but my WiFi router at the time wasn't. Once I replaced the router and started getting a usable IPv6 address, all these problems disappeared. 

    For more details, please see my response to a very similar issue raised in this topic:

  • image

    This is what the result of Netlyser test in which you can see that there is some problem in ipv6.

    But, when i run this test on my friend's nokia 6.1 (on same wifi), there is no such issue and everything working fine.

    That mean nokia 7 plus has some confliction with network because of this it is not recognizing the ipv6 properly.

    Nokia should look in this problem and fix it soon.

  • gawtham gawtham
    I am also facing the same issue with wifi. I need to switch between data and wifi so as to make different apps work. Can this be aolved with a software update or is it any kind of hardware issue. Kindly help me with this issue. I have used nokia 6 which hasno such issues.
  • I have also faced the same problem over wifi but when I used a VPN app everything worked fine and later I could able to use all apps without VPN app. It only lasted a few days.
  • Amazon prime video not working over vpn.
  • You might be knowing that Amazon prime is a country specific service so if you can choose your home country in VPN server, it may work...
  • Norman Krevet Norman Krevet
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    Hi Im also facing Same Problem with my Nokia 6.1 Hope IT will be fixed soon
  • same here facing this problem from 4 months on oreo

  • zagi zagi
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    same here facing same problem tryed most of what has been said on here still not working and only  owned my phone for 12 days (02-01-2019) so will be getting rid of it back to the shop
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