Nokia 2.1 Android 10 lags

Extreme lags started after upgrading to Android 10.Even Instagram is not used from lag, I had to delete all of my games, freezes while taking videos on their camera app.

Nokia 2.1 Android 10 lags

Extreme lags started after upgrading to Android 10.Even Instagram is not used from lag, I had to delete all of my games, freezes while taking videos on their camera app. I even tried hard reset, soft reset, but it still doesn't solve.Help me(


  • I tried a method that one user mentioned in this thread about resetting app preferences. But it didn't really help, since all it really does is set all app permissions to "Deny" rather than leave it unspecified. Performance degrades as you start granting permissions again. One user did mention not recommending SD Card as internal, but you really need it on a phone with so little storage. Formatting it as portable didn't help with performance either. And for some reason, when I tried to re-format it as internal it said that the Memory Card is too slow. Which was strange because it never said that the first time. Also, every time I restart the phone the memory card picks up as "Corrupted" but will work again the second I remove it and re-insert it.

    One thing I did try while tinkering with the settings is disable the "Game Driver" in the developer options. It helped a little but it still has freezing issues. Especially when I connect bluetooth headphones.

    I could probably make a whole list of issues with this build. You'd think that with the delay they'd polish the build a bit in terms of performance. This phone was never this slow. I get that this isn't a particularly fast phone, but it was never this bad. Hopefully they'll release a patch to fix all the issues.

  • It's a catastrophe.

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    If you notice your device usually clear up your app activity or it exit itself when ever it goes to sleep then do this to stop it.

    Dail *#*#666#*#*

    A menu will appear then you will see the first option as 'Force stop'

    Then you tick the 'OFF' option then go below and choose 'RESET OK' then choose ok.

    Problem solved.

  • I'm also facing the same challenge. The phone freezes and there is nothing you can do to it except for force reset (which doesn't even solve the problem). It has it usage very boring.

  • Lagging has gone after recent Google update.

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    My phone Nokia 2.1 android 10 lag fig and any problems,how to use

  • I thinkEvery one is facing hanging and lagging problem of Nokia 2.1 after android 10 update phone is so slow and also I m facing internet connection issues while browsing the phone hang and says system ui not responding .how can I solve this problems . please fix this problem hmd global and nokia community

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    I've been wondering is there a way one could go back to the previous android version if the problems we face since upgrading to android 10 cannot be fixed? Sometimes I can't even answer calls as it freezes when i get the call, every app lags and i end up missing important calls

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    Do you want Remove this problem ?

    Remove or disable the all com.evenwell app this

    Iam using nokia 1 its have also this problem

    I removed all com. Evenwell app now my phone is now buttery smooth and and good battery life And no hanging problem

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  • What is Nokia doing about Android 10 lagging problems? I have a Nokia 2.1 Go edition. Very poor performance since the upgrade. When can a fix be expected? Will there be one? Nokia should be informing their users, plain and simple.

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    Alright Guys I'll tell you how I got my phone back to a useable state.

    First - Disable all unwanted apps!!!!

    The Phone comes with a list of Google Apps. Disable the ones that you don't need.

    Second - Use ADB to disable ALL Evenwell apps! **Absolutely Critical**

    See this topic

    Third - Replace Photos, and Messages, and Launcher and some other apps.

    The phone hangs due to lack or ram. I'll give you some replacements that you should use.

    Photos - Google photos is constantly using 40-50 mb's of ram. Thus disable it and use Lineage OS Gallery app from here

    Messages - Google Messages takes up a TON of ram, and the phone lags everytime you recieve a message Thus, use Lineage OS message app from here

    Google Keyboard - Use any aosp keyoard port. I use

    Google Files - Too slow bloated and unusable. I use Zarchiver for maximum efficiency

    For the Launcher use a pixel Launcher that is light. DO NOT USE NOVA OR EVIE THEY ARE RESOURCE HEAVY. I use this

    **After you install the replacements make sure you disable the original apps. It is CRITICAL to disable Google photos, messages and Keyboard. Otherwise your phone WONT STOP HANGING.**

    Finally this is the list of Apps I have on my phone.


  • @ft201

    I did it my man. And now my phone is finally back to pie levels of usability. Thanks dude!

  • Face so much issue in Nokia 2.1 as update version,kindly help.

  • Nokia should pay all Nokia 2.1 by giving them android 11 update and stock android or Android one

  • Nokia's Android 10 update on Nokia 2.1 is a complete disaster. I regret making the update. HMD Nokia has to release an update to fix this mess or an update to at least 'Allow Unlock Bootloader' so we take on the burden and fix it ourselves.

    If this is a sick to plot to force users to upgrade device, what is their assurance that we must upgrade to another Nokia phone. Obviously it was not well thought out.

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    There is a new software update for nokia 2.1

  • You have a Nigerian name, did you get this update in Nigeria or somewhere else. If you've updated, please kindly share the changes. Hope they enabled "Allow OEM Unlock", Thanks.

  • I already applied the new update this morning (24 jan, 2021). Sadly there are no noticeable improvement. Even worse is they didn't take the chance to enable 'Allow OEM Unlock'.

    'Turn off Animations' settings in Developer Options still won't stay off (It turns back on in few seconds, just like before).

    HMD Nokia, just allow OEM unlock so we can downgrade to Android 8, at this point it's our only hope. This is my first Nokia Android experience and it has been ruined.

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