Android10 updates

In my device Nokia 3.1 no updates available for Android10.

Android10 updates

Shakeela Begum Shakeela Begum
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In my device Nokia 3.1 no updates available for Android10.


  • Sudiptapal Sudiptapal
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    What OS is your device running: Android 9 Pie?

    If you still didn't get Android 10 by now , you probably won't get it anymore. I'd suggest you contact customer service.

    Because android 11 has already been released by Google.

    But if you are saying that you didn't get Android 10 maintenance and other patch updates after upgrading to android 10 , then I'll say to just wait. Sometimes nokia takes alot of time to send off their patch and maintenance updates.

  • Red Fritz Red Fritz
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    I've got Nokia C2, released this year and it's still running Android 9. Why hasn't it updated to Android 10 yet? When will I ever get to Android 11 Go? Next year this time? I supposedly launched apps 20% faster. Can't wait to experience that!

  • ehangeto4 ehangeto4
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    I'm off and running with my new 7.1 which is my first Android device. After the input I receive on here concerning bugs in the Android 10 update I decided to disable automatic updates for now. Once I'm comfortable that there is a patch released that addresses those issues I'll most likely turn updates back. Apparently what I did worked because I have an alert telling me there is an update available but the phone isn't trying to install it without my permission. When I go into about phone it tells me that I'm on Android 9 with the latest update being a security patch from March of 2019. So far the phone is working perfectly and I'm happy with it.xender

    I wasn't sure if the phone would want to bypass older updates and jump straight to Android 10 but that doesn't appear to be the case as the update that wants to install is Android Pie V3 54H which seems to be from July of 2019.

    This is what I find on the update. omegle

    (Users of Nokia 7.1 started reporting that their smartphone pet of choice started receiving the latest Android Pie Build V3.54H. The latest update brings some under the hood improvements like UI enhancements and better system stability. It also brings the latest July security patch from Google. The update is 113.7 MB large but it is recommended to upload it over WiFi.)

    Does anyone know roughly how many Android pie 9 updates might come before the phone would get to the latest Android 10 update?

    Did anyone have any issues with the update above?

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    It is really strange that HMD Global simply ignores Nokia C when it comes to Android updates.

    It did not include Nokia C1 and Nokia C2 on the Android 10 roadmap, and it did not include Nokia C1 Plus and Nokia C3 on the Android 11 roadmap.

  • when do i get android 10 in nokia 8?

  • xj sj xj sj
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    When Nokia c2 in Hong Kong?

  • Zaolin Zaolin
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    Dam this is really amazing! It did exclude Nokia C1 and Nokia C2 on the Android 10 guide, and it did exclude Nokia C1 In addition to and Nokia C3 on the Android 11 guide. chatib

  • Robertemily Robertemily
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    You know I used to be with an iPhone and be a very ios type of guy, but when I switched to Android I finally realized the freedom that comes from not being reliant on the app store. I don't know

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