New cheap phone ready for the future

Nokia is now trying to hold step with all other companies like Xiaomi, Samsung.

New cheap phone ready for the future

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Nokia is now trying to hold step with all other companies like Xiaomi, Samsung. The smartphones get bigger and much expensive, trying to get as much cameras as they can in mobile body, but why? Nokia was known for they cheap phones, which were good build and withstand more then other phones. The quality is here still, metal body is great, looks awesome, but they are so expensive, because of this new Nokia phones aren’t cheap. But there is another way! Nokia Lumia great phones which gave us everything what we just need. Most of people don’t need a flagship phone they need a good cheap phone which could make good photos with one camera in all conditions (not great just good is enough), fluent system, jack, least 3000 mAh battery, stable wi-fi, storage of 32 Gb, usb-c charging and good sound. That is the recipe for ideal phone and if the price will be low it could be bestseller.

All Nokia phones are due to the metal body and frame much expensive than others. For example, Nokia 5 which I own is a great phone, but others have better processor, ram, camera. But if you place parts from Nokia 5 into a new much cheaper body and use the whole potential of the phone it could be on half price. So, I came to my idea and that’s a reborn Lumia but little bit different. Why not try to use a plastic frame with metal back. You can use a 3D printer to make this, the initial costs will be high, but after this each frame could you cost about 10 dollars and could be as well cheaper, this design which I have made offers a good looking phone, which will be ready for the future its simple, resistant (could be easy made waterproof) and use the whole potential of the phone.

Nokia has Android one it is a good software for the start, because is clear and fast, but if you just improve system with your apps such it was in old Lenovo tablets you can get much better phone just with small investment. How you can see this design has only 2 stereo speakers on the front side and the 5,2 inch display from Nokia 5, down is microphone pointing on you for better call quality. The earphone isn’t, because you don’t need them here for calls will be used the upper speaker, which will be limited by call app to lower volume. Speakers should be good, but the main will be the app for equalizer which can much improve the sound in Lenovo there was Dolby app and the result was amazing. Because of 3D print you can model chambers for the speakers which could improve the loudness.

There is no front camera, but if you want to make a good selfie, there is no problem. On the backside is a small metal mirror, and button for camera on the side, ideal for your fingers and the photos will look better. There will not be automatic changeable brightness, it will be solved like in Lumias three modes which you can find on the slat. First one extra bright use the whole brightness of the display ideal outside on sun, standard inside buildings and low for night, software will edit the brightness according to time, in settings you will find possibility to set the brightness for each hour. Standard jack, USB-C charging, if you would like to make it waterproof just put it on one side with a good seal. System buttons, capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side, dual sim, SD card, volume buttons and one for the camera.

On the backside you can find one camera with optical stabilization, I watched much photos from old Lumia phones with wider sensors 7 years ago and the photos are better than most of modern phones. Please, please, please Nokia use again this concept, which is in Lumia 1020 or Nokia 808, optical stabilization is the way you need to go. And the NIGHT MODE is necessary!!! The camera in Nokia 5 is good but only if you have firm hands, I miss the stabilization a lot. Lot of changes make please in photo app too, give to all the pro mode something what was in Lumia 1020 to change WB, ISO, EV and the time of exposition, and some filters. And one more application for photo editing nothing special just with few function exposition, contrast, shadows, colors, sharpen, cut, turn, draw, mirroring.

One more feature could be made by flash, all nowadays phones have no notification diode and mostly is a problem, yes you can use always on but It costs a lot of energy so why don’t use the flash diode for notifications, some apps are already working with it. If you for example replace this diode with RGB with regulation you became a feature which no one has which could be used for photographers. But in standard model just notification will be enough. Back could be made from one piece of metal you choose and the coating, why not to use foil which is used for cars instead of paint, rectangular window for camera and flash with Zeiss glass. Why to hide screws it looks good in design. I forgot how about the protection of display today everyone use glass but why not use plastic, like protecting foil it would be much cheaper and more durable. Yes, the feel wouldn’t be such as from glass, but this should be a durable cheap phone.

Give inside such phone Snapdragon 430, 3Gb ram and if you give on the same place jack and USB-C you make it water resistant easy. If you let the dual sim slot and the slot for SD card inside like in Lumia the water resistant will be much easier. And with the easy access to battery it would be ready for EU. I mean that this phone could be a bestseller good camera, stereo speakers and water resistance in this category has no one. I don’t know if someone from Nokia is reading this, but I hope to. One good cheap phone could get you from your troubles and this one could be the best phone for 150 dollars.

And if you make those components as your standard in other phones you can bring to people phones like Nokia Express music, which could be aimed on one thing. Everything from this phone would be good like in the standard, but with much better speakers and some new features in apps for music, add for example little bit bigger battery. Most people have preferences and want for example better speakers and jack, other battery, display and so on. So why not make available phones in category 230 dollars with one special feature. I’m your big fan and I hope you will use some of the ideas to improve Nokia phones. 

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