Nokia's battery backup.

I am using nokia 6 for past 3 years.

Nokia's battery backup.

Vigil Vigil
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I am using nokia 6 for past 3 years. On surfing through online shopping sites its found that samsung M21 which is selling on same price range of nokia 5.3 is selling so immense units. Despite of its exynox processor it is selling massively due to 6000mah battery backup .so nokia must consider the battery backup of the 5.3,other present models and upcoming phones.The most problem of now using nokia 6 phone is its very low battery back up.


  • I've been using 5.3 for 2 weeks now, the battery is average, lasts about 6-7 hrs of screen time with no heavy load like gaming or photography. Otherwise standby is good.

  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    Its my Nokia 5.3 battery backup in a single charge.

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