Nokia 7 Plus USB-C charging port fail in build quality - Page 5

Can You every try to clean it up? Its very common problem with USB-C ports.

Nokia 7 Plus USB-C charging port fail in build quality


  • Grzesio Grzesio
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    Can You every try to clean it up? Its very common problem with USB-C ports.

  • Barcode Barcode
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    I am facing the same problem i gave my phone in the nokia care centre in faislabad... in trying to contact them to ask if my phone is fixed or not but they are not picking up ... so dissapointed by the **** service

  • I bought my Nokia 7 plus from local operator in Bulgaria in June 2018. I had a problem with the USB C charge port. It was in the service 2 times for that. Now after guarantee expired I have again this trouble. So disappointed that Nokia didn't find a solution. It is obviously it is factory problem. I purchased new one at this time it is Motorola.

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    I purchased Nokia 7 plus in 2018 because I once loved Nokia phones back in 2004 to 2009 years days. Then one more Nokia 7.1 plus in 2019 again. People told me " Why you are buying Nokia? It's flop company" . I as a loyal customer didn't listen.

    But to my disappointment charging ports of both phones gone faulty in 2020. Got charging port of Nokia 7.1 plus replaced in 2020. Nokia 7 plus was charging but with some adjustments so was working till April 2021 when it became completely faulty. Immediately I had to purchase a new phone. But I didn't go for Nokia this time as I am very unhappy with Nokia. And today I went on repair shop to change charging port. The mechanic told me that it's display might get damaged while opening. I had to take risk as no other option. Then it indeed got damaged while opening. Now I want to just throw it away. But dear HMD I will not buy any of ur product again even if it is last option available. NOKIA is a flop brand. HMD is flop company...

  • DazDazza DazDazza

    This thread brings back bad memories. I just received a Nokia HMD email - pre-sales promotion for the new tough XR20.

    I bought 2 Nokia 7 Plus phones, both developed the USB-C port circuit board problem. The first one was fixed but annoyingly I lost important application data. The second one died outside warranty and I gave up trying to argue this was clearly a design/manufacturing defect.

    Thought I'd check back here to see if Nokia/HMD were trying to do the right thing for loyal customers before I look at XR20.

    Alas, I think I'll stick with my Sony Xperia and iPhone 11.

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    У меня была проблема с зарядкой ( пришлось менять самому так как я ремонтирую телефоны,купил другую оригинал щас работает отлично
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