Query about Display refresh rate of Nokia 7.2 & 6.1 2018

Hi all,

I have used nokia 6.1 mobile from may 2018. Recently I bought nokia 7.2.but most of the mobile ads shows refresh rate of display.In nokia not specified any details about that?


  • There were no talks of refresh rates until companies started doing 90hz and 120 hz displays. That pretty much started happening in 2020 only. So, all smartphones not advertised with higher refresh rates are using the standard 60hz display.

    You'll only see the refresh rate in the ads of devices which have a higher refresh rate. Since Nokia 7.2 is using the standard 60hz, you do not see it anywhere in the ads or the product specs.

  • It's not real refresh rate. 120 Hz we'll be 117.236 Hz, 90 we'll be 88.704 Hz and 60 we'll be 61.756 Hz for these examples.

    Note: these 61.756 Hz was the refresh rate of my Nokia 3 (TA-1032 model).

    Best regards.