Gut feeling - Fix Coming Soon

Just have this gut feeling that Nokia will finally fix all the bugs on Nokia 2.2 with Maintenance Update along with the September security patch.

Gut feeling - Fix Coming Soon

khizarcodes khizarcodes
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Just have this gut feeling that Nokia will finally fix all the bugs on Nokia 2.2 with Maintenance Update along with the September security patch. Just have this feeling.


  • Really? I want to believe!

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, I made an edit to the post's title just to communicate to the incoming users that it is not a post about some official reply. I hope you do not mind.

    I really hope that the fix comes soon. It is already too late.

  • Victor Cenin Victor Cenin
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    Not too late, but if we not get the fix in september, I never buy Nokia(HMD) phone in future and all my camrads do same, I swear.

    And look like that HMD take bolt on all countries, so where is Chinese force, thats **** on your face, reflect this **** from april to PRC ****.

  • Moshammer Moshammer
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    Maybe we should do some kind of tribal dance. If you believe in this, it could help a

    Huhgahuhga-Ha! Humbarumba-Ta! NokiaUpdah-Ta!

  • I seriously believe this because they launched the 370 build with the fix on a few devices to see if the patch works for the majority, and turned out it did, so now they will be pushing thay patch to all remaining users. And they had 1 month of time to fix the bluetooth issue, so I am sure they would have fixed it out. Fingers crossed for the October 3 - October 10 timeline.

  • Moshammer Moshammer
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    They had 5 months to fix the notification one month to fix the bluetooth elephant seems very short...

  • You are comparing those 5 months to this 1 month with no regard to Covid. Things eased out in the last month or so. Hopefully the bug will be fixed now.

  • They aren't going to fix it, they will just wait until the device falls out of the Maintenence release cycle. They have done exactly that with the 3.1 plus. They lied and strung their customers along by saying that it would be fixed.

    I cannot emphasize enough just how bad HMD are as a company. I implore you, please do not ever buy any of HMDs products ever again.

  • They fixed the notification bug with the 370 build. What makes you think they won't fix the bluetooth bug and widely release the fix patch to all the devices?

  • Because if they cared they would say something to their customers who have been living with broken phones for the last 6-12 months

    Because if they were going to fix it outside of India they would've done so by now.

    Because they are busy with a billion other crappy out of date phone launches (like the pitifully out-of-date 8.3 5g)

    Because they are headed by a moron who between 2005 and 2013 all but destroyed HTC as a mobile phone brand

    Because they are unable to correct problems themselves due to a stupid business structure where they outsource their coding (i.e software engineers) to other companies.

    Honestly there is a list much much longer than this. HMD are a junk company. They are going to try and float on the stock market at some point, and I predict shortly after the IPO the CEO will bail (having made his money) and HMD will go the way of Nokia under Elop.

    Look at the bigger picture here, look at the actions HMD have (or have NOT) taken. Their business is a disaster, their market share is dropping rapidly due to cheaper, better specification smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. HMD are a cash-strapped, small company. They are barely past the start-up phase and they have completely binned it.

    To sum up; I doubt that fixing one of their budget smartphones is even on their radar. The company is probably struggling to stay alive at the moment and I suspect they will disappear within the next 3 years.

  • Jona Jona
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    You people have a serious mental issue ngl

  • Mtongi Mtongi
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    Is fixing software bugs have become like doing magic.

    If they are working on a fix why would they come out and say so.

    And atleast tell us when we should expect for a fix.

  • Jona Jona
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    Oi mtongi, did you do the manual method to get the fix? I thought that something bad happened

  • Moshammer Moshammer
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    Hm...still no fix yet.

  • Lai@Ali@@@5254 [email protected]@@@5254
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    It seems that the life's of Nokia 2.2 will ve horrible like Nokia 2, as they get failed in software developing and fixing.

    Or it seems that Nokia 2.2 is preparing for Android 11 at the end of this month.

    It just my opinion (no source)

  • Jona Jona
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    Mmmmm, I think that they are working full on that A11 update, why bother on fix A10 when you can just say 'duck this, better release another OS"

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