When will Nokia 2.1 after 10 updated hang Problem will solve ?

Too much hanging problem

When will Nokia 2.1 after 10 updated hang Problem will solve ?

Amit Raut Amit Raut
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Too much hanging problem


  • Too much update system

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    Same problem

  • димитър иванов01 димитър иванов01
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    after I wrote to nokia who pretended not to know about the problem and after reading various tips i started experimenting. My problem was fixed after I forcibly stopped and deactivated the following applications.
    Duo, Assistent Go, google news, google go, google play music, Maps go. Some of them are harassing the phone but I don't know which one, but it's fine and now it works as before. Good luck to all and I hope I helped you. Never again nokia
    but after rebooting it became slow again and I turned off both pai configuration and my phone and it improved again. obviously you have to stop everything you can

  • After 10 updates my phone will be hang free fire game will not work plzzzzzzzzz solve this problem. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • It will happen. I will toss this Nokia phone2.1 to the dust bin and buy a new phone.Crappy android 10 of Google. I will choose iOS.

  • @AMULYA RANJAN Dash and @Karthik Shaji

    Did you try what I posted in my thread.

  • JAY1 JAY1
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    Most disappointing thing is that NOKIA is not providing any solution to solve the problem. Nokia 2.1 become a terrible after Android 10 update.

  • Bikash Nath Bikash Nath
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    Why my nokia 2.1 is hang in free fire

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