Nokia 2.3 bootloader unlock ability?


Nokia 2.3 bootloader unlock ability?

Hi. I want to install custom android build with 64bit apps support (like on nokia 2.2) on Nokia 2.3 instead of slow stock 32bit build, and for it, i need a bootloader unlock method. Fastboot oem unlock just say "unlock fail. auth needed". Now page for bootloader unlock on global website is closed. Any ideas?



  • aquasp aquasp
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    We need a 64 bit Android! Please Nokia, help us.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    There's no way to unlock the bootloader on the Nokia 2.3

  • Cecko Cecko

    The bootloader can be unlocked but HMD won't tell us how. Their support staff told me and I quote " we don't give out bootloader unlock information because it will void warranty". Dim

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