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#EveryDay-Heroes ⚡ Heroes", quite a term! It needs to be defined in the best way possible! Heroes! Who are they?

Do you know an Everyday Hero? Tell us their story


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    #EveryDay-Heroes ⚡

    Heroes", quite a term! It needs to be defined in the best way possible!

    • Heroes! Who are they? ⁉️

    Heroes, we all love ❤️ heroes, who doesn't? I've been a fan of Marvel & DC since I was a little cryin' kid! 😅My most favourite superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man & Wonder-Woman, I realised are just imaginary and mere fiction.

    I realised that there are many "real heroes" in this "huge small world" who should to be recognised for their kind and sincere efforts towards humanity.

    After all,

    The people who stand for us when we actually need them are the real heroes. ❣️

    CO-VID 19, as we all know it, has shaken the world!

    The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the whole world! The whole world is in panic mode, it feels like the world has become a panic room. But to relieve the panic we have some heroes, the unsung heroes who need to be recognized.

    As Wonder Woman says,

    • Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”
    • “If No One Else Will Defend The World, Then I Must.”
    • “I Will Fight For Those Who Cannot Fight For Themselves.”

    These quotes actually apply to our "Everyday Heroes" as well!

    They show their kindness and generosity towards humanity! They defend the world when no else does! They fight for those who cannot fight for themselves!

    #Our-Everyday-Heroes 🧚‍♂️

    "Every single person", who has helped anyone during this pandemic is an "Everyday Hero".

    These people are messiah(s) for us! Because *we* stay at home (people like me 😅) and *they* are the frontline warriors... They are the doctors, nurses, health-care workers, police personnel, volunteers and many more who are working selflessly and endlessly during this pandemic... Also the people who help us "Everyday" like milkmen, maids, sweepers, cleanliness pickers, newpaper delivery men, etc... are all "Everyday heroes" obviously as they help us every single day. They are the angels and the virus is a demon.


    The "Everyday Hero" I know and who's related to me is my maternal uncle, Dr. Sachin Kumar. He's a general physician and a heart specialist. Also, he's my most favourite uncle ever.

    Being a doctor is not an easy task, doctors save lives, and one's life is the most precious and dear thing to a person. They are saviors of lives!

    He meets so many people everyday, listens to their problems and gives solutions (cure). But during this pandemic, there has been so much workload on him as every other front-line warrior.

    He works everyday from morning to night to cure the patients with the underlying risk of CO-VID 19 infection, but he's fearless.

    He has also worked as a doctor in the armed forces, specifically in C.R.P.F. as a hero curing another set of heroes (bravehearts).

    He runs a clinic (mini hospital) in Bihar Sharif, our hometown in Bihar. His clinic assistant Mr. Shravan is also a very great person and assists my uncle in every way possible. They cure so many patients in the clinic everyday.

    Also, as the pandemic started and the state government needed more doctors to cure CO-VID 19 infected patients and so my maternal uncle volunteered as a doctor as directed by the state health department to help the government in curing the people. He also runs his clinic along with volunteering as a doctor for the state and cures people there as well! I think it's so nice that he's endlessly and selflessly working as a doctor because it is very important to cure people and save lives from the rude virus so that the pandemic can be stopped as soon as possible and we get the old good world back! A doctor gets so many blessings from the people whose lives are cured. A doctor is truly a "God-being" because only people of God can save lives. So, he's my "Everyday Hero"...

    Doctors are god-gifted for their craft and so is my uncle. I respect them very much!

    Below- an 11 year old picture of me with my maternal uncle (clicked on May 24, 2009) 📷️

    There's a fun story with my uncle as well. He told me to prepare for medical entrance examinations to become a doctor and I said "It's not my cup of tea and I'm scared of blood, lizards and frogs!" 😂🤣And so, I'm preparing for engineering entrances as I won't have to play with lizards, frogs and blood in a B. Tech. course in Computer Science Engineering... 😜

    Period! Peace! ✌️

    Written by,

    A Nokia Fan 💜





    Thank You Everyday Heroes! ❣️

  • #EveryDayHero #NokiaMobile

    " This hero doesn't have a cape, he has an Auto Rickshaw " I met this gentleman ( RamKumar Babu) on 12April while buying vegetables from a grocery shop. He was also buying groceries at there but in a bulk quantity so i was very curious to knew why he was buying so much ration. At first i think that maybe he is storing these all items which is not a good thing and then i asked this about him. His answer really surprised me and then immediately i clicked this picture in the parking lot. Mr. RamKumar delivers the essential items to the people in his neighbourhood for ' FREE '.

    He told me that - " people call me on my phone to give me their list of items needed, I buy and deliver these items to their doorsteps. They have to pay me only for the item they have purchase, nothing for the trip or delivery are completely free of charge"

    It is mainly the Old or the sick , who call Ramkumar for help. He added: “I sometimes even get calls from people in Dubai and America, they call me and request to deliver food or medicines to their parents or families here in AshokNagar Delhi. They feel relieved that they can trust someone to help them. “Some who call me are old mothers who live alone. Many are patients, who suffer from blood pressure or heart issues and I take them to medical facilities for free. It makes me happy to see that they can trust me at a time they need help the most,” he added

    He also needed a permit to travel within the city. On March 24 When the lockdown was announced Ramkumar went to the nearest police station in town and told them that he wanted to help people. The police made him a photo ID card that gave him the required access to go around the city and perform this act of kindness.

  • He started moving around the city and the number of calls started increasing daily. He recalled: “On April 9, I had 17 calls. The number of calls increased to 20-25, and now seem to be decreasing slightly.”

    Ramkumar who lives with his wife and two children has not been able to earn a single penny during 40days of lockdown. He said: “When I work, I start my day at around 8:30am after dropping my children to school. I work till about 7:30pm and manage to earn Rs800-1000 on a daily basis. Since I was not earning, some families that I helped, offered to pay me for diesel or for food, but I denied. I am not doing this to get anything in return, I am only giving back to society.”

    Talking about how he manages food and other essentials in the lockdown, he said: “I am part of an auto driver’s association and that association gives me Rs200-300 for my daily food and other needs,” Ramkumar said. I had also tried to help him but he refused to take that help and he said that instead of helpinh me you can feed other poor people.

    His story really melted my heart and i feel so motivated to help others. He really showed me that for Helping someone we don't need a big bank balance , We just need a big heart.❤

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    For basically my whole life, my dad is a police officer. He is not just my hero, but the city’s hero as well. When I was younger, I would tell my friends that my dad was a cop, and they would think that was the coolest thing in the world.

    But, now the same hero is on the street serving his duty. He has to work even in this Corona’s worst case scenario. He doesn’t even get food on time, sleep on time, and has no time to even take a bath. Because, he has to be out on the streets to serve his duty instead of safe at home. Serving on duty 24 hours a day, my dad and his police friends are fighting like a soldiers in the battle against invisible Corona.

    When my dad goes on duty, our minds are filled with a shock, because there is a very terrible virus called corona outside. Because my dad is also a human being and the coronavirus can catch them too. He stays away from us when he come home because he cares about us too and we care about him. During this hard time, he took great care of himself. Yet, unfortunately, he was infected by corona virus and he was in hospital for 18 days. And he is now a corona worrier.

    He has also been honoured by Commissioner of Solapur City Police Shri Ravindra Sengaonkar sir (IPS)(Maharashtra Police) for his great dedication in his job. Salute to my Policeman Dad. An everyday hero. May God keep him safe.



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