Good Bye Nokia 6.1 Forever 🥳

Hello Community👋, ⚡So this is my last post on Nokia community, I am finally leaving Nokia🔥😁. ⚡I am long time Nokia 6.1 user.

Good Bye Nokia 6.1 Forever 🥳

Hello Community👋,

⚡So this is my last post on Nokia community, I am finally leaving Nokia🔥😁.

⚡I am long time Nokia 6.1 user. I bought Nokia 6.1 in April 2018 and switched to realme X2 in April 2020. But I still have Nokia 6.1 because I have myth that Pure Android is best.

⚡I switched to Nokia 6.1 for somedays for experimenting. I am big fan of pure android. This was the first time I used android skin (realme UI).

⚡This is my thoughts using realme UI compare to pure android & Nokia 6.1.

☀️First thing, I am not gamer. I don't play any games.

☀️So I switched to Nokia 6.1 for experiment. I felt I am 2-3 years behind in term of features. There are so many of them in realmeUI that I can't count. But on other hand Nokia 6.1 is so clean & simple. But I missed features so much like 3-fingers screenshot shot, Dolby Atmos, pure dark mode not gray, screen recording, gesture navigation (without button bar), app lock (third party app lock are useless), private space and many more.

🤖 Let's talk about bloatware & ads. There is one switch for all ads and that's nice. Bloatware is uninstallable. But I still prefer Google apps over stock apps and I hid icon of stock apps(cool features for cleaning).

💜 Verdict: I think I am totally wrong. Pure android is useless. According me reason is Google, Because most of features are exclusive for Pixels. I switched back realme X2, because I hated Nokia 6.1.

🙏 Finally about every month update. Security Patch are useless unless there is features drop, that never happened in Nokia. But in realme UI, I got bimonthly security patch with lots of new features. Every features is not useful but some are just amazing. Just look at this month update, I got new Soloop video editor and this is so much better than 3rd party editor.

😤Main thing is no reply our query in Nokia community from their side but on others hand realme community is great.

🥳❤️👋🙋‍♂️Bye Bye.

Thanks for reading 🤠


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    This is what I've always been saying. People have been particularly fooled by reviewers and tech community that all Android apart from stock Android is crap, slow and laggy.

    However this was only true until several years ago. I guess this doesn't imply after Android Lollipop arrived which balanced a lot of things and also other OEMs eased up their skins to make them less cluttered and more responsive.

    Stock Android might be anything but not the best. At the core it is a restrictive platform which is several years behind if we talk of some of the essential features which we see on competing platforms. I'm glad you have found your sweet spot. My sweet spot is with Realme's brother - OnePlus. The Oxygen OS is a right mix of simplicity and features without much bloat or any kind of ads.

    It is nice to get updates to which we can look forward and know what new has happened or what has changed. Android One's changelogs are one of the worst. You never get to know what bugs were addressed and which one still remain 😒

    Anyways buddy, glad that you're happy with your new purchase. It's all worth the money spent if it keeps one satisfied. Take care and stay safe 🙂 and we might meet again if someday hmd global wakes up and realizes that features are more important than sending out security updates every month.

  • Makay Chapulets Makay Chapulets
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    I also will be leaving Nokia soon. well, sooner if they don't roll out an update to fix the random reboot I have been having for months on my 3.1 Plus.

    I'll be buying one of the Samsung A-series devices though as Samsung's One UI is my sweet spot.

    I was fooled to purchase a Nokia phone (I used an S6 Edge before I got the Nokia 3.1 Plus) because on their site it says #1 in Android updates and I was thinking Android One was the same as Pixel devices software. Yeah I was wrong.

    I also hate the fact that my Nokia 3.1 Plus is bootloader unlockable. Who does this to Android?? It kills the idea of Android being an open source OS/community.

    Learnt my lesson and really not happy with Nokia and HMD.

  • user123 user123
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    Currently I am using Nokia 6 and this might be my first and last Nokia android phone.

  • I am staying with Nokia and Google Android One I have returned from Microsoft Lumia's Windows 10 Mobile 1709 Redstone 3.Thanks to the Windows 10 once again I learned that the best Operating System is Native Stock most cleanest System and I also used and Cyanogen Moe's Near Stock Android has also shown and proved to me that is AOSP Google Stock Android is the best I can have like Android One.

  • "So this is my last post in the Nokia community, I'm finally leaving Nokia." A good Nokia 6.1 phone served faithfully 2.3 years but want something new and interesting. Acquired Samsung M51. In comparison, of course, the sky and the earth are very pleased. Nokia listen to people that they want and will be all right but so far so goodbye hope for the best

  • tudor georgescu tudor georgescu
    ✭✭✭  /  edited October 2020

    A video editor as part of the firmware? It is precisely what I don't want. Android One works best for me. I saw how the UI of a Samsung S10 looks like and it's not for me.

    A Samsung phone falling to the ground like my Nokia smartphones would have been totally broken. My Nokias don't even have a scratch.

  • Key Lopez Key Lopez
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    Was a true Nokia customer and supporter, have been using this brand since my childhood, that why I had high expectations on the brand reboot back in 2017. HMD started pretty well. They were even responding to people and customer's feedback. Now they act like they're apple lol. Like they doin some kind of drug. The completely lost the opportunity. I'm sure they'll never open their eyes. Come on, shame on you HMD. You hold miserably the 0.7% of the market and it keeps getting worse. (Instead of better like your slogan lol)

    Goodbye Nokia, I'll miss you.

  • tudor georgescu tudor georgescu
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    Not everyone likes Android One. Got that, and I agree: Android One is for people who like Android One. Not for others. This isn't deceptive.

    I have the opportunity of buying a Samsung 10E at a sweet price. But I don't like the Android from Samsung. Tizen is OK, though, I have a Galaxy Watch 2.

    And I won't buy de-Googled phones.

  • Rubien Rubien
    ✭✭  /  edited February 8

    I like the fact that I have controls on what apps I'll have in my phone. And Nokia with Android One does that well compared to other Android manufacturer. I'm not a total minimalist but I really just want to have things that I really need and so does to my devices.

    Sadly, after Android 10 update, my Nokia 6.1 doesn't offer the great experience anymore. It reboots randomly and can't run apps smoothly.

    I have never experienced things like this with my iPhone 5s that I had for 5 years before I got my Nokia 6.1 when it was released.

    I only have this phone for about 3 years now and it already feels old. And I think I'm gonna go back to iOS. Android just feels good when it's new but after a year, it's just nah.


  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
    ✭✭  /  edited February 18

    I don't like One plus as a brand, because I feel they are not worth it. Oxygen OS for me is the same like stock Android with added features.

    Samsung phones were also bad when it comes to their previous gen UI version but their recent One UI is definitely one of the best in the market now, very much optimised and fluid.

    I used Samsung A21s, but because of the PLS TFT display with muted colours, had to sell the phone and started to use Nokia 5.3. But I miss the great battery life and fast charging support which I used to get from Samsung phone.

    Nokia 5.3 is a good device no doubt, but when it comes to battery life and fast charging support, Samsung phone was better.

  • Jenar Jenar
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    My N 6.1 Plus still randomly reboot?I have reset to factory default. Do i need to re-updated to Android 100 again or any advice from the seniors please

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