Attention here : Mobile completely shut down. Boycott NOKIA products , Charging port replacement.

Revolution has to be started at early stage.

Attention here : Mobile completely shut down. Boycott NOKIA products , Charging port replacement.

krazykumar krazykumar
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Revolution has to be started at early stage. After 4 months of my warranty period has ended , nokia announced that free replacement of charging port, by extending it to 6 months. Because Nokia phones has manufacturing fault. Nokia offering only if you are in the period of extended time. But because of the manufacturing fault everyone has to be treated equally. Everyone have the right to change their charging port , even after the end of warranty period as well as extended time also.

The right to equality is an important right provided in Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the constitution. … Equality before the law : Article 14 of the constitution guarantees that all people shall be equally protected by the laws of the country. It means that the State will treat people in the same circumstances alike

Even though, Now my device not comes under the warranty, according to Nokia terms and conditions, Nokia violated our constitutional rights.

Considerable fact:

1. My warranty ended on 02-11-2019

2. Nokia allowed to replace the charging port issue , even after 6 months of end of warranty period

3. That means I can get service for the charging port until April 2020

4. Nokia announced this statement in middle of the February month 

5. In India lockdown was started on March 21

Due to this lockdown issue my warranty was over at that time, So i am asking for replacement of my charging port.

Consider the above situations.

I am going to take judiciary action against, please support me.

Look at below mail conversation , Nokia denied my requests of replacing charging port


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Nokia offered a manufacturer warranty of 1 year on the device(s). And that's the period for which they are legally bound to fix any kind of manufacturing issues.

    They then extended the warranty by 6 months to reduce the damage caused to their goodwill due to a widespread quality control problem with the USB ports on several Nokia phones. They even extended the original warranties expiring within the lockdown phase by another 60 days to ensure that the users were not able to visit a Nokia Care due to lockdown are adequately serviced.

    I believe legally their liability ends with the completion of 12 months of warranty. The extensions are a bonus for the consumer as he gets it without any kind of additional payments. It is unfortunate that you were unable to have the device fixed during the phase of extended warranty due to lockdown. And I'm not very sure if the lockdown extension was given to customers who were already under the 6 months of extended warranty on the USB sub-board.

    That said, did you try approaching them within the phase when the warranty extension was still applicable? Or if you're contacting them only now (somewhere in September, then obviously no kind of extensions are available for you whatsoever).

    No matter how strongly i am in the best interests of the consumers, there's only so much that a commercial company can offer to the customers. I believe hmd has done its part and your device should be treated as an out of warranty case. The argument about Equality doesn't even properly apply here since everybody is getting the same treatment. The COVID problems have been a damaging time for all, including HMD Global and its business as well as sales channels.

  • Ah man

    I know that nokia is bad but...

    There's no point by doing that

    You'll just embarrass urself and waste the time man

  • rbeze 58 rbeze 58
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    Actually I think what they're doing is fair considering Google has also been doing the same. So has been Apple. Only Samsung has been great when it comes to support. I has a S7 which got called back and then they gave me a new one in it's place. Actually it's my father who got it but just saying that they did care about their customers. No other company gives sh*t about their customers. Google is messed up as well. Their whole android os isn't improving on a fundamental level yet they keep releasing new Android versions annually. I mean, what do you expect from a company that hasn't fixed their Camera issue on Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 phones since Android Pie rolled out for the devices. The same goes for Pixel 4 which is last year's flagship, much like Nokia, all Pixel 4s had faulty sub main board or charging pcb. Yet only those that started having issues early and within the extended warranty period got replacement for free or just service taxes. It's all the same from all the brands not just Nokia. Everyone's following the example of Apple.

  • rbeze 58 rbeze 58
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    So let's just not blame Nokia at all. And we all know deep down, the old Nokia and the revamped Nokia are same yet not the same. The former belonged to Nokia Oy while the latter belongs to hmd Global.

    Anyways it's not Nokia's fault. I only started having issues after about more than a year or almost 2 years. So definitely no point, it's just your luck if you're in the extended warranty period or not.

    Not saying that you are wrong. The whole Type-C sub board issues is common. I think the Type-C is not as sturdy as the good ol' Micro usb. Since these Type-C sub boards irrespective of which brand manufacturers them have been responsible for troubling a lot of users be it Nokia, Google, OnePlus or even Samsung for the matter.

    To make matters worse, unlike Samsung, other companies don't provide original spares which can be brought by customers and replaced by themselves.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    All that I can add is that except Nokia, none of my Typc-C ports have died. I've been using Type-C since OnePlus 2, then 3, 3T, 5. Then moved to a Nokia 7 (the port is still fine after 3 years), OnePlus 6T, then Nokia 8.1 (the port already broke twice), then Nokia 7.2 and now OnePlus Nord.

    There may be some incidents of port damage on all phones and that happened on mini USB, micro and continues on Type-C. The extraordinary design flaw that happened on Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1 and 8.1 is where Nokia/HMD is the culprit for its flawed design/engineering of the sub-board and/or the port and/or the charging cable.

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