Nokia 2.3 not receiving sms after update

I updated my nokia 2.3 recently after two days...I was not able to receive any messages from anyone have tried different messaging apps works for like a day then the problem develpes again...kindly how can I fix it..

Nokia 2.3 not receiving sms after update

Tony Bill Tony Bill
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I updated my nokia 2.3 recently after two days...I was not able to receive any messages from anyone have tried different messaging apps works for like a day then the problem develpes again...kindly how can I fix it.. it's annoying alot


  • Smitho Smitho
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    Same here. My 2nd SIM stopped to receive SMS and I guess it was after the update.

    My phone is still unresponsive to touches sometimes.

    HMD has ruined the image of Nokia

  • aquasp aquasp
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    Try to clear the cache and restart the phone. Sms are working fine for me, but I have only 1 chip. Good luck!

  • Same. I just today bought the 2.3 as my Note 20 is in repair. Worked ok. Updated to Android 10, now no SMS's.. Pretty poor show as the only real reason I need this phone is for authentication and calls. One authentication method I need is f**king SMS 2FA...

  • Doug Hall Doug Hall
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    Full factory reset didn't help!!!! I send an SMS to myself, and it claims it was delivered. So it seems they are getting lost and that's it. Gone.

  • DontWorry DontWorry
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    same problem having on my 2nd sim. I think its a bug I reported issue but still no response from customer staff😔 terribly disappointed

  • mistercovert mistercovert
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    My Nokia 2.3 has been hit by the unable to receive SMS bug but can happily send SMS. Tried a full reset and this hasn't helped. So I am back using my Nokia 1 again, at least it manages to send and receive text messages.

  • My Dad recently purchased a Nokia 2.3 from Vodafone and has not been able to receive any texts. He can send them, make and receive phone calls, but can’t receive any texts. I believe this is a bug with Android 10, is there any update as to when this will get resolved?

  • mistercovert mistercovert
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    Hi Marcus, I am on Vodafone UK as well, I can send texts with no problems but cannot receive them, hopefully the next monthly security update will fix the texts being received bug when it is released.

  • Fakecrusader Fakecrusader
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    I'm in the same boat, had one sim in the 2.3 which worked fine for receiving text.Then got a second sim which seemed to be OK until I did some bank and credit card authorisations, uh-oh, where are the texts they are sending? Both sims now don't get inbound text and there was an Android update (which I didn't elect to have) on Sept 5 that seems to coincide with this. I also have no mobile data although this may be unrelated. The same sims receive text in a non-Android basic Nokia; Android is such a piece of Java crap.

    The 2.3 is a great mini-tablet, shame that it doesn't seem to work very well as a mobile device. I'm paying for mobile data and texts that I cannot access, are Nokia going reimburse me? I think not.

  • I have the same problem. Bought a new Nokia 2.3. Followed the upgrade advice to install Android 10. Took me a few hours to realise the SMS we're not coming through, almost certainly because of a bug in Android 10. It seems Nokia lock the bootloader so I can't even downgrade back to Android 9. The phone is basically useless at this point.

  • Iano Iano

    I can't receive any text message in my sim 2.Nokia 2.3 is disappointing me for the first time!😭😭

  • I'm having the same problem, I was with virgin and could receive texts and calls but now with talkmobile which is part of Vodafone and can not receive any texts, can send them out and make and receive calls thou. Been in touch with talkmobile support after spending an hour in chat trying all sorts they couldn't get it to work and blamed the phone, was told to contact Nokia support.

  • No problem muzzy happy to help

  • I had the same issue with my Nokia 2.3 and tried the above options with no luck. However I finally found a fix. If you go from an iPhone to an Android phone you need to deactivate iMessage or your SMS won't work. You can do it by putting your Sim back in your old phone and update the settings or you can do it through their website.

  • I've been having this same issue, was convinced it wasn't the phone, but the SIM card, ordered a new l, a few texts came through then it started again.

    Literally tried everything.

    Managed to get the chat SMS working with the suggestion above about resetting message settings, can send and receive when that's turned on now. But with it off, message sending is now failing instead of receiving. Whole situation is frustrating.

    I assume we just have to wait it out till they patch the update or something?

  • johnyx johnyx

    same phone i turned off google play protect all working now

  • I've had exactly the same experience with the Nokia 2.3 that I bought several days ago. Have just tried what Jamie Springthorpe suggested, and it's worked. I noticed the other posts are all from 2020 and it's now May 2021, so Nokia obviously haven't sorted this problem out. Apart from this the phone is great and very easy to use.

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