Sent Nokia 7.2 to Nokia Repair and it still has problems

Nokia 7.2 Model & hardware TA-1178 128 GB Android 10

Sent Nokia 7.2 to Nokia Repair and it still has problems

TonyJack TonyJack
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Nokia 7.2

Model & hardware TA-1178

128 GB

Android 10

Purchased this phone in February from Amazon. It came with Android 9 installed and seemed to work fine. After upgrading to Android 10, I started having several problems.

Shortly after it upgraded to Android 10 the GPS stopped working. I walk every morning and use my phone to track my mileage. The GPS seems to only work intermittently as I walk. I have done almost everything I can fine to do online, including a factory reset. Nothing helps. Tried several GPS utilities and they find nothing wrong. If I hold the phone in my hand with the screen on while I walk, the GPS works, but the second I shut off the screen and put the phone it my pocket the GPS stops working.

It also started freezing randomly. Usually just for 10 or 15 seconds. Some days it freezes many times, others hardly at all. Nothing I have tried seems to help.

It also doesn't ring sometimes when I get a phone call. It doesn't have the missed phone call listed in my call history, or anywhere else. If the person leaves a voice message, I will be notified for that.

Contacted Nokia support and sent my phone back to them and they received it on September 17th and "fixed" it and sent it back to me. I received it on September 23rd. Took a walk this morning and the GPS still doesn't work. Haven't used it enough to see if they fixed the other problems but the phone goes into my JUNK PHONE drawer and I am back to using my Blackberry KeyOne.


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    A small suggestion that I can make is to disable "Battery optimization" for the app that you are using for your GPS tracking. And also ensure that its location permissions are set to "Always all the time" and not to "Allow only while using the app".

    I'm not sure of the other issues relating to call notifications since I do receive them just fine all of the time. Yes, some random freezes do happen and I just need to leave the phone on its own for a while 😂

  • OT wan OT wan
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    the call notification issue is a problem with the Google phone app. try to uninstall its updates and see if that helps. it worked for me and many others, if you'd care to read the reviews of the app on the play store.

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