NFC Chip - Google Pay

Hello there, is anyone using GPay with the Nokia 7 Plus? Has got anyone done experiences with the NFC Chip and Google Pay?

NFC Chip - Google Pay

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Hello there,

is anyone using GPay with the Nokia 7 Plus?

Has got anyone done experiences with the NFC Chip and Google Pay?

Is it possible to have a stronger signal comminf from the NFC Chip, because OnePlus 6 NFC Chip is better for paying with GPay.

Greetings from Germany


  • I'm using Google Pay all the time and had no problems with it. I'd say it's really fast and sensitive. Sometimes the payment is made without psychical contact with terminal.
    I really don't know why some people are saying the NFC is unreliable in this phone.
    Perhaps they bumped on a **** terminal. No idea. Mine NFC works like a charm.
  • schetz schetz

     Could it be related to NFC chip location ? Maybe you are used to it's position on 1+6.

    Mine works rather fine (using with NFC tags though as Google pay not yet available in my country/bank combo) .


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    In my opinion it has nothing to do with chip location. NFC chip is mounted in all kinds of positions.
    The reason some people are having trouble with NFC is most probably faulty terminal or they forget to unlock phone before paying. Third possibility is faulty chip. As all electronic this can happen if you have bad luck.
    As I said. NFC in my Nokia 7 Plus works flawless and I'm using quite thick case with this phone.
  • schetz schetz

     You are most likely right. I'd still test in knowing the NFC position, just to be on the safe side.

    I had troubles picking up my WiFi SSiD + pass using NFC tag + his Huawei p smart or something.

    I looked up the position on the web, and placed it more accurately, only then it picked it up.

    However, I do agree that this shouldn't be the norm, what would be the point then.

  • Yes. I also had problems with NFC sharing with mine friends Galaxy 8 and it didn't work. But it didn't work also when he tried this with Sony Xperia XZ. But paying works and it works fast.
  • lrnz.kpp lrnz.kpp
    today I had success paying with my smartphone. once you know the location it is very quickly...
  • lrnz.kpp lrnz.kpp
    would be interesting if it is necessary to have the app open or if you have to unlock the screen
  • nemesizz nemesizz
    IT IS The Phone. If U have an terminal wich Booster The Signal all ihre, IT IS OK, Bit in normal usage and with sensitive If NFC Chips U Must Hit The right Position an The Card, terminal, Tag.
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