Start navigation in Maps

Hello! I enter in Google maps, find route, but how does navigation start?! There is only zoom and preview options. No start options. Thanks!

Start navigation in Maps

I enter in Google maps, find route, but how does navigation start?!
There is only zoom and preview options. No start options.


  • rheve rheve
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     You can't. The only thing you'll get is a turn by turn list.

  • dorian liszcz dorian liszcz
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    Yes. They are crazy. No navigation. To watch maps on small display is not nice... I do not understand the reason of GPS and small Googlemaps... if no navigation.

  • Jannis Jannis
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    Another annoying point is, that the display is turning off while using the app. Yes, it seems just to be a web-app, but I hope there is a way to prevent the screen from turning off.

  • eskerahn eskerahn
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    As Dorian Liszcz points out the display is tiny, so on a device like this VOCAL real-time sat-nav would seem like an obvious thing to offer. With or without the small display kept on.

    Perhaps they could turn on the display only when an action is needed like "At the roundabout take the third exit to turn left" with a zoomed in sketch of the crossing rather than a tour map.with a wider view. (Would require less cpu than live map movements)

  • Jannis Jannis
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    A vocal navigation would be of course great. But for me, as I use only pedestrian navigation, a simple navigation on the display would be enough. But right now it's quite annoying to press every 30 seconds a key so the display doesn't turn off. Moreover, the map should move automatically with your gps-position.

  • Well I fear that the device might not be equipped to do real time map movements with the display kept on without it heating and/or eating the battery quickly. Hence the suggestion for the simpler voice-guidance.

    But yes, a user-selectable option to keep the display on during map-show would be nice.

    Or if it could turn on the display when close to a suggested turn.

    Perhaps a more general way to temporarily suspend the display time out, e.g. triple-click the power button?

  • obviously there cannot be any "navigation" since to do that you should have also a compass sensor and accelerometer, otherwise the phone will not know if you are going in the right direction in real-time.

    but for me it's a very good thing anyway: you got a location on the map, which is way enough in case of emergency, and even a turn by turn indication.

    people, we're still talking about a cheap feature phone: it's pointless to keep whining that "it lacks this and that".

    it's not a 900 dollars flagship.


  • Well you can do navigation without compass and accelerometer if you are moving...

    My point was that sine the "Your location" shows a real-time position, and not just a single position, it COULD be possible to make a simple voice/version - even on a feature phone.

    (But i do not expect it to happen(

  • I do not understand why GPS hardware is implemented... to see large blue pin on the map with actual position? So... GSM also can support almist the same... no need to use GPS :) 
    Voice navigation mode is the must but I am not optimistic what they will do in the future.

  • Keith Keith
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    We must remember that the 8110 is a feature phone at heart. It just doesn't have the processor to be a sat nav. I think it is the best feature phone I have ever owned.
  • @Keith, indeed it is a feature phone only. BUT as it can already do "Your location" in real-time, plus retrieve and expose a route plan, it should be a very small task to 'read' this aloud asa rudimentary voice-based sat-nav as you reach close to the next turning point. Of course saved as a few standard "rerecorded "Turn left", "Turn right" et cetera. (no streetnames)

    On the other hand it is very likely that the chipset is too weak to do a classic real time map-display during sat-nav.

  • Keith Keith
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    @EskeRahn yes the chip set and the Google maps app is really a web app. Perhaps Google will improve the map app in the future.
  • abbas abbas
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    I did ask KaiOS Technologies why I cannot see "my location" dynamically while moving in a car against a desired O-D route allowing me to see if I went off the track. KaiOS Technologies acknowledged there is a navigation bug and they are trying to resolve this issue though I don't know how long is that.
  • Has there been any news on this implementation?
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