My issues with Nokia 5.3 4GB after 1 month of using it.

Here is what I found.

My issues with Nokia 5.3 4GB after 1 month of using it.

Konradowski Konradowski
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Here is what I found. Maybe somebody will find this useful :)

1) Fingerprint sensor SOMETIMES doesn't work on first try (yes, it's cleaned daily with isopropyl alcohol and my hands are clean.

2) Bottom speaker quality is terrible and warranty service refuses to repair it.

3) Sound on bluetooth earphones gets messy/gets interrupted when syncing data with bluetooth wrist band and listening to music at the same time.

4) Sometimes when listening to music on Spotify that gets interrupted by a phone call, and after talking through bluetooth earphones, after the call music plays through phone speaker, and you have to go to bluetooth device settings and toggle "Media audio" on and off to restore playing music through earphones. This will get semi-fixed in Android 11, as it will allow switching sound output from notification bar.

5) When night mode gets activated (blue light filter) sometimes colors get washed out and it looks like whole screen has grey colored tint (yes, I have Greysacle option in Bedtime mode in Digital Wellbeing settings set to OFF). Restarting the phone fixes it.

6) Sometimes (rarely, maybe twice a month) some apps get "stuck" on screen and I can't minimize it. Last time it happened with Google Maps. Couldn't minimize the app for ~1 minute when it finally got unstuck.

7) Sound on audio jack has to be balanced ~5-10% to the left to have equal volume level on left and right side.

8) Sound quality on audio jack is so bad it reminded me of budget phones released ~15 years ago. I thought it is not the case nowadays, but hey, audio jack is dying anyway so I won't complain.

Other than that, it works great :) Pretty fast, good ram management (although 6GB would be much better), GPS works great, and it handles all other daily tasks very well.

Good battery life, after full day on bluetooth, some navigating and gaming it still has 30-40% at the end of the day. 8 hours of screen time is possible in such scenario.

There are better phones for 200$, but none will have software updates like Nokia 5.3. I keep my fingers crossed so it doesn't become as bad as Nokia 7.2 after updates. Still, can't recommend Nokia to my friends and family, it has to earn some more trust with time after such problematic beginning :)



  • jdi000 jdi000
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    1. Have not had any issues with fingerprint reader. Have you cleared and reset? Do you have more than one print saved?

    2. The speaker works ok unless it's physically broken. It's not a dynamic range speaker and is working as expected on the model I have. This is a lower quality speaker and is what it is. I don't use the speaker much for more than some phone calls so I am not over concerned about the output. For a 200 phone it's as good as other phones I compaired it to.

    3. I have not heard any of this during playback and my watch is also connected. This is not an issue with phone per see but based on which devices you have connected and there performance with bt4.2 , the phone is not bt 5 it's 4.2.

    4. Don't use this so can't comment but it's a built in android software function have you tried anything else? How is it supposed to work ? Sounds like the os is trying to turn on bedtime mode vs night mode.

    5. Have not seen apps get stuck but this sounds more like an issue with the launcher and gesture , try using a different launcher and see if it repeats. Phones also benefit from being restarted every couple of days

    6/7 The sound on my model 3.5 jack is clean and no difference in right and left. Are you sure there is nothing in the jack port causing a poor connection ? Is the plug not getting seated 100 percent?

    What model are you using?

  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    For me no problem on my Nokia 5.3, 6GB model. Running totally smoothly and lag free since 24-25 days.

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    • 1. have 2 fingers and did reset it once. Before reset it was much worse than now. I'm hesitat to reset it again, don't want to make it worse.
    • 3. Well... maybe that's why competition have BT 5.0.
    • 5. No idea. It was bedtime on and happened at least 2 times.
    • 6. I had no launcher for the first few weeks and pretty sure it happened at that time. I use Android 10 style swipe up gesture to minimize. Now I use Nova launcher (I want swipe up to lock gesture or any other way to lock the screen with one finger (with Android 10 style bottom bar style)). If it will happen again I will uninstall Nova launcher and wait until it happens again.
    • 7. I'm sure. It is seated. I checked Kingston Hyperx Cloud (rebranded Takstar PRO80) with 60 Ohm impedance and it seems like the phone just can't drive those headphones. Volume is high but it just... sucks. Today I tried 32 Ohm Phonak Audeo 112 and it plays ok'ish and requires less balance to the left side. Creative Aurvana Live also plays ok'ish and it's also 32 Ohm. All of those headphones are overkill for this phone though. Max what Nokia 5.3 can drive are headphones ~20$. More expensive headphones will be a waste.

    Maybe I just have to buy 400$ Nokia to meet my demands that were met by 150$ phone 3 years ago (looking at 7.2, that's not a good idea though). But if this phone lacks in hardware, at least software should run perfectly, especially if there is no custom UI, just pure Andorid.

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    5) and 6) stopped occurring lately. I think that inability to minimize app was caused by Nova launcher which has bad gesture support.

    Also the range of bluetooth audio definitely increased lately. No idea if it's because of September patch or suddenly I have less interference - maybe my VR base stations were causing problems - I have two base stations that are using bluetooth and I powered them off completely...

    Right now it leaves only one last thing: bad speaker quality which I hope gets fixed, and the phone would be perfect for my needs.

  • Facing problem while display get off while listening any whatsapp audio or calling someone

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Seems like a what's app issue clear he app data and restart phone.

  • 3L0Byte 3L0Byte
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    3) Sound on bluetooth earphones gets messy/gets interrupted when syncing data with bluetooth wrist band and listening to music at the same time.


  • My Nokia 5.3 spontaneously turns off tried chat support but it's just a glorified call center with the people doing multiple chats and reading from a script with no real knowledge atall .So a waste of time wished I had gone for a honor had them in the past never ever let me down.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    I would follow up with support send an email and try again.

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