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Received android 10 in Nigeria

[19/10/20 Update] Android 10 on Nokia 3.1


  • Received android 10 in Nigeria

  • Borse Borse
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    It is November now and no Android 10 upgrade in Finland.

  • pphome pphome
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    The trick below works, I updated my phone from Singapore in Europe. The names of the services listed are different but can be found. No factory reset required, it will work. The October Android10 update has already arrived.


  • Haideh Helali Haideh Helali
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    I updated my Nokia 3.1 to Android 10 yesterday and also I did a factory reset after the update. But battery drain is horrible!!! It reduces 2 by 2 or even 3 by 3. For example it jump from 85% to 83%.

    Or from 73% to 71% !!!!

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  • I agree, happened the same to me, plus it started lagging sometimes, multitasking has been reduced much, now I can't switch between apps while playing Pokémon go. Apparently, this Android 10 update is not properly optimized for the 3.1, I also have a Nokia 5.3, and Android 10 looks and works so much better on it.

  • Aman_300 Aman_300
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    I bought this in June 2020 and from day one I am facing this issue.

  • Borse Borse
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    It is Nov 30 and my 3.1 just received Nov 5 security update for Android 9. No sign of Android 10. What is going on?

  • Are you in Europe? If you are, probably you won't get Android 10 without using the VPN method. By the way, I suggest you to keep your android 9 version, 3.1 worked much better with android 9.

  • Borse Borse
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    Yes, in Europe. Update was on this thread promised by HMDLaura long time ago, but clearly that was fake news. Perhaps HMD messed up the upgrade so bad that they decided to cancel Android 10 rollout. Worst thing is that they don't openly tell, what is going on.

  • Jose Arturo Jose Arturo
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    Ya estamos en Febrero del 2022 y mi NOKIA HMD GLOBAL 3.1 No ha recibido actualización del Sistema Android. Hemos pasado a la etapa de la obsolescencia... Creo Yo..!

    Pero con Android 10 he puesto mi estatus de optimismo y le he dado una apariencia del Android 12.

    Saludos cordiales...

  • John What John What
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    Please hear me out.

    This is a rant. Their decisions are mind baffling to me. Please hear me out.

    6.1 plus, 7 plus & 8.1 were the last good Nokia phones. All of them had 18W fast charging with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0. They had good specs at a reasonable price. They performed well in the market as well. Considering the design, build, specs, price & performance of these devices, I thought HMD Nokia was finally on track.

    But I was wrong. They degraded & deteriorated thanks to their own absurd decisions. 6.2 & 7.2 had the same processors as 6.1+ & 7 plus, but this time with poor optimisation , laggy performance , flimsy build & slow-**** 10W charging with faulty ports.

    Hell, even 6.1 & 7.1 had 18W fast charging. 6.2 & 7.2 are effectively downgrades from their predecessors. Their processors are 3 year old. You read that right -- 3 WHOLE YEARS. Seriously, who the **** decided all this? Is it the CPO? Nokia anew said that 6.1+ & 7+ were developed under Arto Nummela. Then, he quit. The rest were developed under Juho sarvikas.

    Is Sarvikas responsible for the downgrading? Initially, I used to like him. Now, I'm increasingly mad at him.

    8.1 was nearly an ideal mid-ranger considering it had OIS at a reasonable price. Then there's 8.3 -- a mid-ranger at flagship price.

    Costs $700 and yet no OIS.

    I seriously do not understand the reasoning behind their decisions. Just check out the recent phones.

    At a price point where the competition provides Helio G80 & 18W Type C fast charging, Nokia provides Helio P22 with 5W micro USB charging -- Nokia 2.4.

    At a price point where others give SD 720G , FHD+ display & 33W fast charging, Nokia gives SD 665, 720P display & slow-**** 10W charging -- Nokia 5.3.

    Nokia phones are plagued by outdated processors, slow charging, faulty ports & delays upon delays upon delays.

    This year, they have released 200 feature phones & 100 low-end phones. Not a single mid-ranger, not a single flagship.

    In fact, no flagship since 2 years, no mid-ranger since 1 year , no good mid-ranger since two years. And yet, they are planning to release more low end junk phones.

    Why can't these people learn from their mistakes? Why don't they listen to fans & consumers? How can they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

    No transparency at all. How many more times are they planning to disappoint us? I sometimes wonder if Juho is sadistic , I think he enjoys upsetting Nokia fans. With such practices, nokia HMD won't last long. They are killing themselves as well as their fans. HMD is dying a slow death.


  • Jose Arturo Jose Arturo
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    23 de Marzo del 2022.

    Aún en espera de un mejor equipo.

    Mi NOKIA 3.1 aún funciona muy bien.

    Los que amamos profundamente los equipos de HMD Global estamos a la espectativa de un equipo que nos sorprenda por sus características robustas y sea tan útil y resistente como siempre lo han sabido hacer.

    No nos fallen... Yo también como muchos... Tengo fé en que lo van a lograr.

    Saludos cordiales!

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