[Moved] Nokia getting slower in software updates

Good day Netizens, I wanted to make a discussion here in the forum about the degrading reputation of Android one project.

[Moved] Nokia getting slower in software updates

Rohan34 Rohan34
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Good day Netizens,

I wanted to make a discussion here in the forum about the degrading reputation of Android one project. Nokia, one of the companies investing in it is currently facing some issues providing regular software updates whether it would be timely Android updates for security patches.

The Android one project is highly marketed by Nokia and is the biggest selling point of it. Recently, hmd global announced Android 11 timeline for its devices. Nokia 7.2 which is amongst it's highly selling phones, will get Android 11 update after April next year (It is way more late than even most of the Chinese phone manufacturers).

Refer to this article here:

I have no offense to nokia, but this doesn't means Nokia gets too lazy over Software updates for its devices.

What are your thoughts on this?, Do let me know..🤔


  • HattinGokbori87 HattinGokbori87
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    Probably as a small company that promised updates for all phones on every month, HMD released too many models than it can handle. Though HMD probably pays Google some money for supporting their phones under Android One program, Google is known for its poor after sale service. They are primarily an ad company, not any traditional software co. Google also started producing their own line of handsets and treating them as first-class citizen regarding updates and new features. Some claims that Google itself is no longer that commited to Android One project. Also after the Huawei saga, Chinese companies felt the importance of building a parallel ecosystem like Samsung so they are not that interested to going all on Google's boat. So till now HMD remains the almost sole supporter of Android One program and their near future (at least on some degree) depends on Google's commitment to the program. While HMD's average update score is still on the far top, Google's has not been successful keeping it's promise to this (now side)-project of theirs and to my opinion it is also contributing in the slowing. If the situation doesn't change, either HMD have to release fewer models per year or boost it's software department (which may add additional cost per handset which is usually already bit pricier than their Chinese counterparts).

  • HattinGokbori87 HattinGokbori87
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  • Remmerboy Remmerboy
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    Even their most expensive (or one of the most expensive) model is getting Android 11 late next year. So why bother buying a new high-end if you get shafted one year later.

  • Subhash Das Subhash Das
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    I think the same that HMD is being slow providing timely update these days. HMD team, please expedite your procedure for monthly updates. Most important thing, when will get Android 11 in Nokia 8.1. it's been almost 2 months, Android 11 got released.

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