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Some apps do not work, because poor location detection

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Some apps do not work, because poor location detection


  • Lior Levi Lior Levi
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    I was having a lot of problem with my gps on this phone.

    I cancel battery optimization to all apps and cancel battery adaptation but no help. after 3 days from factory reset - the phone won't fix lock on my location.

    I try and also buy some apps from google play, so I can recommend you on 2 free apps that sometimes did help to the GPS find my location:



    The solution that works regularly and helps GPS find my location within seconds is to enable inside the location settings -> advanced -> search for wifi and bluethooth points and also enable there the Google's location accuracy.

    You will then stand on the road and in less than 10 seconds you will get an exact location.

    I see this as an advantage: while I'm not using GPS I turn off Google's location accuracy and wifi and bluthooth scans. and that way the police can not locate my exact location if I violate isolation because of the corona.

    I hope it will work for you.

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