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Sheme! Big shame! Do something, please! 

SMS receiving issues


  • Rocchi Rocchi
    Sheme! Big shame! Do something, please! 
  • Nokia please help
  • user1511161613728 user1511161613728
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    I think the problem is in android and in messages app. Google nexus phones has the same problem so propably the google is the one who need to fix it.

    Not sure tho. Nokia should respond something :)

  • I ment google pixel phones

  • [Deleted User] [Deleted User]
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    Many thanks. We're aware of this feedback and are looking into it. 

    Rest assured, while we're not able to individually comment on all the feedback received on this forum, we always ensure that it gets read by the relevant teams.

    Have a great day,

    Anna (Moderator)

  • mr. nokia mr. nokia
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    Hi Anna,

    I am sorry, but this issue has to be company's top priority and you should have answered it 19 days ago when the topic was started.

    Mobile phones need to be able (at least!) to make calls and to receive SMS messages, and the second thing doesn't work properly. Ridiculous, don't you think?

  • Marco Marco
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    Exactly! C mon Nokia give us quality you are well known of! Her's an example what your company directly did to me : few days ago I was called to sign a deal with one local company. As a contractor my obligation is to be there at time and start the job. As they have ( manager ) sent me a message of where we should start earlier than agreed to, he sent me a message. Guess what? I didn't read it cause it WAS NOT delivered! I lost 1500 euros!!! Are you going to refund it to me HMD/NOKIA? NO. So get busy with the problem and solve it asap! Imagine what damage could be applied to other users...
  • Yes, we should get feedback,when it is going to be repaired.
  • Stuart Conaty Stuart Conaty
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    I am also having this problem for a couple of weeks, I have tried replacing the Sim, using third party SMS apps and factory reset on three occasions. The Nokia online support is useless this is an obvious problem and Nokia need to address soon and at the very least communicate to their customers what they are doing to solve the problem and when they expect to have a solution. When I bought Nokia I thought I was buying a quality product from a quality company, Nokia please get on top of this before I loose all confidence in you.
  • Hey, guys. I sometimes met the problem about 2 days after using my phone. How about you?
  • Settings ---> Apps ---> Messages --> Permissions ---> Tap the three dots upright --> All permissions ---> under SMS section, please press "Receive text SMS" and "Send and View SMS messages" and also "Read your text messages" .
    After all this, please restart the device and have somebody send you a message. From Nokia
  • mr. nokia mr. nokia
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    Thank you for this, but I don't see how would this help, since pressing the information about what rights has the app doesn't make any differences. When you restart the device, it will anyway work for a while and then the same old story.

  • nishanth nishanth
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    I missed a few OTP messages and other important messages only to get the Sms after 4 days.
    I gave up on the factory sms application (Android messages) and switched to 3rd party app, 'Textra'. 
    It works fine and has a Dark mode !

    I'm pretty much avoiding the factory default applications as they are buggy. The default 'Phone' Application is displaying duplicate contacts even if the contact has a single phone number ! (I use WhatsApp on my phone, duplicate contact displays info about Video call,Call, message contact using WhatsApp)

  • It is better with other apps,but still I do not receive all mesaages.
  • I am installing a application and try to monitor if happen on less memory. But from Mr. Nokia's comment, the problem seems not relate to time spend or less memory.
  • Had my unit repaired by dealer -> new mainboard/PCB and display/LCM - still on 7.1.2, seems to work, will keep you posted on state (mine also started acting up after a couple of days, still may happen).

  • I was updated the last version 2.5.212 of Android message. The problem doesn't happen about 2 days when I use SMS to confirm the service login. I hope it will help.

  • mr. nokia mr. nokia
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    Hi there,

    I also updated the app to the latest version and still, occasionally I don't receive a message. I'm using now Textra APP, it's better but still not receiving 100% of messages.

    I think this has to do something with the OS. Waiting for the Oreo update.

  • AS I wrote the other day, i had the mainboard (and the display - why?) replaced by the dealer. However, Im sad to say that the phone works in exactly the same way as before, or rather - it doesn't work; The RF stack crashes at random, the BT is shut down when this happens and is not re-started, and the phone loses SMS's at random (there is no real pattern, it just happens). I'm done with this phone, returned to dealer, no repair needed (for me at least). Sad - I thought Nokia was back, but ... I was wrong!

  • Same problem here, some messages get true some take long, some can not be sent, hope there wil be a solution soon, i have the phone for 10 days, it all started afther the 7.1.2 update i think!
  • Marco Marco
    Mine was returned two days ago. Mainboard replaced. I think sms works now. But the main issue is the battery! It only lasts 10-11 hours. 3000mah should do more. I am really dissapointed really dissapointed....
  • Unknown
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    I still don´t receive a few text messages a day. I can´t use my Nokia 5. Please tell us, if is Nokia working on a solution? Thanks.

  • Same story here. Its very annoying, because i tried a lot of sms apps and still didnt receive all messages, so nokia please do something!
  • I am just curious about what kind of messages you lost.

  • Same issue.  Phone beeps for incoming SMS but they don't always appear in the inbox.  

    Only way to guarantee an incoming SMS is received is if the messaging app is open and  being used.   

    I've installed the "Ghostly SMS" app which is a workaround.  It catches all incoming SMS (I think!  Obviously if it doesn't catch them I don't know about them).

    Nokia 5.  Android 7.1.2 Only just applied Nov update, so don't know if that has had an effect.

  • For me, there is really no pattern in the messages I do not get. Sometimes its the first one from someone, after which all other messages from same person do come through. At other times, its another pattern. Doesn't matter if its text or graphics (like emojis). Don't know if I lose calls as well ... hard to know, really. Also, the RF stack still crashes at random as well, bringing down the BT radio.

    -> Pretty horrible to lose sms'es at random (sms'es are normally sent instead of emails or other messages due to priority, therefore horrible), and pretty annoying to lose the RF stack so often (having to set up BT again and again, but since I do not lose anything, "just" annoying).

    For a production Android phone? Simply not good enough. For a Nokia product? No less than embarrassing really!

  • Resolution:
    Go to Settings, Search Messages, click on messages with bell icon.
    On click, you will be navigated to Priority only allows. Select Message and under that select From anyone...

  • Driess Driess

    Same problem here, it's very annoying if your using this phone for your job.

    When will they fix it?

  • mr. nokia mr. nokia
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    Just got the latest updates for Carrier Services and Android Messaging app. Will let you know if this helped.
  • fredit fredit

    Please check - on my device works:

    Information from: pacmanspill : Messages > Three dots menu (top-right) > Settings > Advanced > Phone Number.
    and restart phone

    More info:

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