Did anyone with 2/16 model had or still have Android 10 3.15H?

I need that info xD Those of you with 3/32 who did the downgrade, did you got the OTA for 3.15K after downgrading to Android 9?

Did anyone with 2/16 model had or still have Android 10 3.15H?

AvgJoe AvgJoe
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I need that info xD

Those of you with 3/32 who did the downgrade, did you got the OTA for 3.15K after downgrading to Android 9?


  • Still...

  • Yes we did @AvgJoe

  • Lol...you didn't get 00WW_3_15H_SP01?? The may update?...I think whole India recieved the may security update. Even me.

    But you're on safe side!... Don't even upgrade to may update if you get prompt.

    If you're on April update, change slots( I'm not responsible for anything that would happen). You'll go back to android9. Then you'll get the latest 3_15K...

  • You can take help of this video for downgrading to android9 if you have April security patch. Also check other videos and compare and verify if the steps are correct. Then do it.

    (Data will be wiped out. Take backup. USB debugging should be On in developer settings before doing it. Do it With full charge. I'm not responsible for any bricking or boot loops that may happen. Many succeeded with this method, so I shared.)

    And If you're from India...if you do that procedure...please tell whether you get the 3_15K update after downgrading.

  • Makay Chapulets Makay Chapulets
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    I have the May Security patch, anyway for me to roll back?

  • If you are brave and can deal with consequences if anything goes wrong- Flashing stock ROM is the only option.

  • reza Masool reza Masool
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    20 may 2020


    Android 10

    Is about my phone.

    I can't understand what's meaning 3_15_k-sp01!!??

    I never didn't look like that numbers!!

    Can anybody explain me what is going on exactly?

    Where is 3-15h-k in Nokia 3.1 plus android 10 that nobody never seen!?

  • See the Nokia Security maintenance release website brother... you'll understand everything that's happening. 3_15K is the latest update acc. To that official website.

    People of few regions using nokia3.1plus, who didn't receive even the April and later may Android10 update...were running Android9 till September 30th...they got frequent android 9 based Security updates until sep.30th . On September 30th and later those android 9 running nokia 3.1plus devices got Android10 update with build 00WW_3_15K.

    After knowing about issues people of few regions who recieved 3_15H android 10 update were facing, they stopped sending the update to other regions and divided users into 2 groups, as I said in that above paragraph I've written.

    Those who were in Android10 April update could get that 3_15K update by simply changing the slots, thereby Degrading their device to android9 and then getting the OTA of that 3_15K build by using adb and minimal tools.

    And those who were in Android10 may update had to flash their device with stock ROM using various flash tools to degrade their device to Android 9,and then get Android10 3_15K update via OTA.

    Few users got their device bricked by doing above procedures, and few succeeded.

    So that's the thing.

    It's like going on a road...you find a junction of two dividing roads from the original road. Initially few people were directed into an experimental path(Android10 based 3_15H and 3_15H_SP01) which later proved to be defective. So the makers blocked that path and let other people go to other road(android 9 patches for few months and then Android10 based 3_15K). The people who were in 1st path are now stuck, because the makers have closed the road. So to go the other road the people stuck should jump the barricades, go to main road at junction, and then go to other road.

    now get it?...the barricades are so high, you could even die( brick) or succeed.

  • April- Android10 3_15H to few regions.

    Few regions are still left with android9.

    May- Android10 3_15H_SP01 to few regions. issues were starting to get informed. Like Notifications, random reboots, battery life etc.

    Few people couldn't install the may update.

    Few regions are still left in android 9.

    Jun, July, August- Android9 users were getting security updates.

    No clue about Android10 3_15H and 3_15H_SP01 Users.

    September- Android9 users get Android10 3_15K update with solved Notifications issue.

    Still no clue about Android10 3_15H, and 3_15H_SP01 users. Few users with these builds got 3_15K update by degrading to android9 by switching slots or flashing.

    October- Both 3_15K users and 3_15H&3_15H_SP01 users still have no update.

    So that's the timeline.

  • reza Masool reza Masool
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    As a person who he is not understand English good,

    I should say very thankful for your perfect guide and more importantly your simple English which anyone like me could understand.

    Thonks brother

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