Nokia 8110 4G (review & remark)

I have been using the Nokia 8110 4G (I bought both colours) for more the a month now. Overall speaking, I am satisfied with the device so far.

Nokia 8110 4G (review & remark)

aseaneous aseaneous
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I have been using the Nokia 8110 4G (I bought both colours) for more the a month now. Overall speaking, I am satisfied with the device so far.

+ good quality material
+ awesome design
+ good audio quality
+ extremely great battery
+ excellent 4G, LTE and WiFi

I have to say that the Nokia 8110 4G is a pure Nokia, as Nokia always has been when it comes to the quality of the hardware and battery.

However, there is something I am not very pleased with and before any ruggen comments are made, I am aware that the Nokia 8110 4G is not to be compared with a smartphone.

I am, as many of you perhaps also a smartphone user by force, due to apps like WhatsApp and the liken. Although I am not a 24/7 onliner and use apps like WhatsApp basically only to push the costs down of SMS messages.

Although I am more fond of the "classic" phones, and don't like battery and data consuming "smart" phones (which are not that smart after all).

Now here comes the nagging :-P.

The minus point I have for the Nokia 8110 4G would be the choice for KaiOS as for now.

In my opinion, it is simply getting updates to slow and also the content of the store is, well... not much.

Instead of having usefull apps, the store is filled with more games then apps people actually want.

Now, I know that it all depends on the developers, but I think if one launches a device like the Nokia 8110 4G, with the capability of fast internet, I would suggest that apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Hangouts, Allo, Facebook.... well, name it should have the priority to be available.

After all these are the keypoint apps people use and it will gain more sales power for devices like these.

I think, Nokia should put more firepower and demands into that development, unless Nokia discontinues using KaiOS.

Why do I suggest this, simply. Since July 2018 news went out that WhatsApp is coming to KaiOS, after closer inspection of the source, it was mend for the Reliance JioPhone ONLY.

Yes, Nokia teased to go "Bananas" about it in a Twitter message and that WhatsApp will come to the Nokia 8110 4G.

However, after the tease, silence. It has been a month now and there is no more news from Nokia or KaiOS that the Nokia 8110 4G will (not when) gets WhatsApp.

Reliance JioPhone and JioPhone2 already have WhatsApp for KaiOS (JioPhone and JioPhone2 only work with a JioSIM and are only available for the India Market).

So, despite being happy with the hardware and as a true Nokia fan, I will have patience and hope that the we Nokia 8110 4G users will be able to download these soon.

One more thing, I seriously have no use for those 3 pre-installed games which came with the device nor do I use Google Assistant, Search and Maps. I think the option to uninstall them HAS to be there (specially the games.)

And if apps like those from Google are forcefully installed (which I can understand due to Google's "here is 22mln, we are in charge now, investment) perhaps a matching icon them would be nice. Looks less ugly too :-P.

And that Nokia (HMD) will continue to keep the NOKIA brand proud.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment :-D


  • eskerahn eskerahn
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    Fully agree with you. 

    (Except I personally do not care about the narcissistic apps. But I do find that a store with just one real app is mocking us)

  •  100% agree with U. Users need basic useful apps like whatsapp, telegram etc. We not need games. Please allow us to uninstall them.

  • i really no need those 3 free games. so please provide uninstall option. and wheres the whatsapp app as mentioned by HMD CPO in his tweeter? just silence till now.
  •  I did asked and Kaios Technologies clarified that apps like WhatsApp and others mentioned are not under their domain, It is up to the respective developer to contribute to the Store. I checked with my Telcos that developed an Android and iOS app and they said they will only develop one for KaiOS if it is feasible which they said presently is not so I guess this goes along with what KaiOS Technologies said. Nokia is more concerned with hardware issues while KaiOS Technologies domain is the operating system so when I contact the wrong party to raise an issue, they point me to the rightful agency. What I heard is that there is a possibility by them to make certain apps uninstallable in the next update but only the future knows what will that be.

  • eskerahn eskerahn
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    It sound to me a bit like they are passing round the issue...

    SURE it is natural that it is the company that has the app for other OSs that needs to actually do the app. BUT if KaiOS/Nokia want the OS to fly, they could supply some birth help! And that could be by shelling out to support the relevant companies to develop strategic apps, ans/or to lend out OS-experts to help converting existing apps... Major narcisistic media platforms, major media content providers et cetera.... 

    It is the classic thing with a new system. the users wait for a large amount of content, and the content providers wait for a large user base. - you saw the same on e.g. CD's in the beginning.

    To break this circle it either has to be exceptionally cheap initially, to create a user base, or incitement for the content providers are needed.

  • Hi everyone,

    For those who have not yet notice it, or who put their Nokia 8110 4G already into the drawer, the KaiOS Store has some new apps available (at least for Singapore/Malaysia region). Do have look at it.

    No, social apps yet though. It's going slow... but steady lah.
  • keith keith
    HMD/Global and KaiOS should help app developers. Without apps KaiOS will fail just like Windows phone and Nokia will result to another OS. I know a lot of people won't like this but I hope Google take over KaiOS and introduce an Android Lite OS. The Google apps work well and they have the money to invest and would not leave the OS incomplete for many months on end. From Google's point of view it would encourage people to eventually upgrade to Android Smartphone when they had the need  for one or could afford a smartphone. 
    Best feature phone was Asha OS as found on Asha 501 phone.
  • aseaneous aseaneous
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    I want to give KaiOS a chance, but I must agree with you based on the speed the OS is updated (specifically also the availability of apps) and the way apps are forced onto users, buy building them into the OS without options to uninstall them. If Google would make a Android Go Lite version and would push KaiOS out of the way.... Well....sorry KaiOS Team, but I think that would be more worth it. (as you mentioned, google would not leave the OS as it is for months in a row, and they do have all the apps already).

    PS: Nokia did woke up the "ASHA" name some time ago, who knows what they have planned... hehe. We shall see.
  • keith keith
    Perhaps the "Asha" phone will be announced next year. A QWERTY keyboard phone in the style of the E63 would be great. Perhaps that is when WhatsApp will be announced. Something like the Jio Phone 2
  • aseaneous aseaneous
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    @keith ;

    Yeah, that would be something. Those phones are still a hit of sorts and still loved by many people. I never had a E63, back then I started my qwerty adventure with the Nokia E61 followed by the more colorful Asha 200 and 201 and ending with the Nokia Asha 210. I have to admit, that design wise, I really loved the Nokia E61 though, lol. It would be indeed great if Nokia comes out with a qwerty device again. Recently they revamped the Nokia 230 Selfie Phone in 2 new colors and pushed out a new Nokia 106 (2018) which has a bit the design of the vintage Nokia 3210. All simple device, but still. Although I am using a smartphone as well (who does not) I still love to buy, have and use "candy bar" (aka feature) phones very much.
  • @keith ;

    I also truly love the Nokia 8110 4G regarding it's looks and design. The only thing I somehow dislike is the way the device is provided with updates and apps. I know that KaiOS is a newly started Company and it take some time to get it all going. But, in my opinion, the Nokia 8110 4G is as much loved as is the Jio Phones (which is only available in India). So, I would say, to put the efforts on the Nokia 8110 4G (like Jio does with their Jio Phones) and make something out of it. Attract more developers, make it more interesting for developers and mostly for consumers. As of now, there is a lot of "hacking" going on with the device, just because Nokia (HMD) and KaiOS don't listen to what the consumer feedbacks to them, and still do what they want. The Nokia 8110 4G has much potential, and it really can become a serious semi-smartphone for those who want to have just the basics, but are able to have control over these (install/uninstall apps the customer wants on the device, not KaiOS of the Manufacturer). In that case I would suggest to Nokia (HMD) and KaiOS,  to use stock KaiOS with KaiOS features (no theming of icons, coz it is a mess now), and just the basic stock KaiOS apps, no twitter, games or even google stuff. Those apps they can offer in the Store and let the consumer decide if they want to install those or not. 
  • abbas abbas
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    When I bought the Nokia 8110 4G I searched for 2 criteria: firstly, a feature phone, secondly, 4G compatibility. In many countries, Nokia 8110 4G seems to be THE only one that can deliver this and Nokia knows that. In any industry: public, private even politics, the top management with a majority share has a tendency to become snobbish and doesn't really care to listen to their customers. But they will jump when there is a strong competitor. This is what is lacking, competition. It is desperately needed in the market to make them more humble.
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