Thoughts on 3.15K?

I am still on 9 but want to upgrade to 10 to remove navigation bar. Are there any bugs?

Thoughts on 3.15K?

cekomay cekomay
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I am still on 9 but want to upgrade to 10 to remove navigation bar. Are there any bugs? My phone is really critical for me it should be without stupid bugs (especially notifications). Should I upgrade?


  • Raman zeus Raman zeus
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    No bro.... android 10 has lots of bugs.

    Better to stay on andorid 9

  • @cekomay I would update to 10 the newer Android 10 hasn't got critical bugs @Raman zeus will probably be talking about the version released in may, the only bug I've noticed in the September version is the e fuse blow success but that should get fixed in a Mr update or security patch

    @singhnsk please advise otherwise if you disagree as you are a well-known superuser

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @Peran Watkinson I believe the update is worth a try, because the most reported problem (per my activity on the forums) was the notifications not coming. That is sorted in the "K" build and the build should be good for daily use. I do not own a Nokia 3.1 Plus and I can't give a personal opinion.

    Yes, there will be a bit of slowdown immediately after the update, at least for the next hour or so while the phone re-builds the app cache and data as and when apps are accessed. And there will be another very slight drop in performance since newer versions of Android usually end up being a tad bit heavier than the previous.

    @cekomay I can say that you should give it a try. In case you do not like it, you can go back to Android 9 by changing the active boot slot. And then decide to not upgrade again. Yes, you'll need to wipe the data from the phone if you decide to go with such a downgrade.

  • NoobMaster69 NoobMaster69
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  • Peran Watkinson 2 Peran Watkinson 2
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    I already had it installed I was just asking for your opinions on installing it for @cekomay

    This is my second account btw I use this one on my Nokia 5.3 and my other one @Peran Watkinson on my Nokia 3.1 plus

  • NoobMaster69 NoobMaster69
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    @cekomay the only stupid bug i found in my 2 day usage is that you can't block anyone on your hotspot.

  • Guess I'll have to flash my device.🤦🏻‍♂️

    Can Anyone tell how to prevent from getting message "your device is corrupt" after flashing??....Are there any things I'll have to take care before I start flashing??

    Is it necessary to have Vcom drivers for flashing??or can I do it Without them?..are nokia drivers enough or I'll have install Vcom drivers too?

  • NoobMaster69 NoobMaster69
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    @VENKATA SRI HARSHA BHALLAMUDI I seriously suggest you to go to service center....or follow some guide strictly to flash your phone.

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