unlock nokia 8

hi i wonder if there are ways to unlock nokia 8. the website dont work. what is the point of downgrade fisrt to version 8 first to get unlock codes.

unlock nokia 8

hi i wonder if there are ways to unlock nokia 8.

the website dont work. what is the point of downgrade fisrt to version 8 first to get unlock codes.

are there any unlock bootloader method that really work on nokia 8?


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi @fred the coward, since the website is not working, there is no other official (free) method to unlock the bootloader on the Nokia 8.

    We don't know if they will fix the website or not. And they will never comment about it anyways.

  • fred the coward fred the coward
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    nokia 8 user condition seems bad.

    the battery is still common problem.

    software will be problem next year. old software seems not secure.

    at least they let user decide which to use after these 3 years periode.

    my brothers oppo f6 still have no problem, not even once in 3 years.

    btw nokia still publish s3curity fix, this is the last one. thanks nokia.

  • Burxa Burxa


    I'm in the same situation.

    I own a Nokia 8 and I cannot install OS whatever i want with total freedom, because the manufacturer does not allow it.


    The mobile is not in guarantee, the official support ends this month. For some decision, which is not understood, they do not migrate the mobile to Android 10

    In short, what is the problem with our teams that they refuse to let us go free?

    In this situation. In the short term, this mobile with such great potential will end up being a paperweight if someone does not remedy it.

    And I, surely, will not buy more Nokias.

  • Bgirka13 Bgirka13
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    I'm in the same situation, the website does not work anymore and tech-support doesn't seem wanting to do anything about it.

    This phone was great and still has great potential, as LineageOS is coming very soon to this device. If Nokia/HMD doesn't care about its customers I'll make sure to never buy again from them.

  • moddude moddude
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    i have the same problem with my Nokia 8, which i bought just last year. It is stuck in Download mode without me doing anything to it. I just left it one morning on the desk after a call, and after 30 mins, i saw it was already in Download mode. I learned that it must have occured during an attempt to update the software. I tried all the remedy tips online but to no avail. I need to unlock the bootloader to change the boot slot from a to b , and reboot the unit out of the Download mode. I saw that the Nokia website for Bootloader Unlocking is non-functional; the Sign-in To Continue button is greyed out, and the page is useless. i am very disappointed with Nokia , and i regret buying Nokia. Can anyone help me ?

  • fred c fred c
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    hi nokia unlock seems partially working again. i follow the insfruction there. now when i entered my SLOT 1 - IMEI number , it says invalid imei.

    not sure what cause this but i hope things gets better

    the button is grayed out unless you check the small checkbox above it. good luck with your phone

  • odhiambo odhiambo
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    Can someone please share the site where this is done??

  • helmchen92 helmchen92
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    Still not working, wrong imei


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