The Last Software Update per Schedule is Pushed

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This is it. After almost four years since its release, the first Nokia-branded smartphone under HMD Global and the first Nokia phone to use full Android ecosystem, a phone that makes people talking about Nokia again, and what makes HMD Global a company we know today, is getting its final software update per schedule. The Nokia 6 (2017) will no longer officially supported.

Shame that HMD Global will not push any more update, because there are still lots of bugs needs to be addressed, notably the fingerprint loss, dolby atmos, camera, to name a few. Because in my opinion, this phone is one of the most sturdy phone I have ever used. It is the "built-like-a-tank" body that differs this phone from many, too bad that the mediocre software makes this phone laggy. Personally I don't think I'm gonna replace this phone for about 4-5 years ahead.



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    End of an era! The build quality on this phone was absolutely amazing, my phone is still going strong after years of use. Software however has been a let down, it's kind of shocking that Atmos still isn't working despite being fine in 2017.

    I'd like to get a new Nokia phone but in Canada we don't really have any options. The 7.2 is the latest phone sold here if you can still find stock and the 5.3 if it actually releases here isn't much of an upgrade from the 6, it's actually a downgrade in some respects.

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    How to get full OTA package to directly upgrade the device.

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    Well, don't want to derail the topic, but here we go.

    Yeah, the 5.3 is somewhat appealing for a while. I don't really mind the HD+ screen and the SD665, which imo will be good for medium-long run. Yes there's a cut to the build quality from its predecessors to the current plastic (polycarbonate?) for the sake of lower price. Unfortunately, the loss of some important sensors from the 6 is the major turn off.

    HMD does not sell 7.2 in my market, its closest competitor spec-wise is the A50s. Also, HMD's main target in my market will be the low to medium, so can't expect the 6 and upper series to come and sell.

    Currently, HMD sells the 5.3 with the highest spec available (6/64). Yet many people are still preferring other brands because a high-spec processor, big RAM+ROM, and/or AI-powered, bigger megapixel multi cameras smartphone at low-medium price are the most important consideration for people here. No wonder HMD is struggling to sell their phones and thus not many models they offered here.

    When my 6 finally gives up, frankly there won't be many choices. Either another Nokia (if they can get their phones right) or moving back to Samsung. I'd like to give OnePlus or Motorola or even Sony a try, but they quit the market sometime ago and won't likely to come back. The competition is too fierce.