Macro photography contest - Winners announced!

dipankar paul
dipankar paul ✭✭✭✭

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce the winners.

What a contest we had! Well done, everyone - you continue to raise the standards of photography on our Forum!

So, let's get to it: Here are your winners and their winning macro photographs:

The winner of the 'Water drops' theme - @Chetanssoni

The winner of the 'Indoor games' theme - @Andycool24

The winner of the 'Reflections' theme - @ShubhamPatil822

The winner of the 'Anything goes' theme - @manish singh07

Congratulations, each of you are now owners of a brand new Nokia 5.3!

And a special mention for @nokianchetan - you've shared brilliant entries for all themes. Congrats, you've won yourself a Nokia 5.3, too!

Honourable mentions: @kamlesh_loncha, @Suresh Sanjot, @Ogar parmar, @hyperfinephotos, @pushp kumar, @Kartik Gada, @iamkrishna08, @Adv Jerin Jose, @Sai krishna.T, @chiraggohil - you all made it to the final shortlist, but narrowly missed the top spot. Better luck next time!

Congratulations to the winners, once again. And those of you who didn't win this time, there are always going to be more opportunities. Stay tuned!