Nokia 215 4G/ 225 4G

Does anyone here in the community have Nokia 215 4G or 225 4G? If anyone has then kindly post the picture of 'about' page.

Nokia 215 4G/ 225 4G

Feature_OS Feature_OS
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Does anyone here in the community have Nokia 215 4G or 225 4G? If anyone has then kindly post the picture of 'about' page. (Settings>system>about)

Also do check if these phones support Java apps or not?


  • BrickFan BrickFan
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    Here you go:

  • BrickFan BrickFan
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    I can't seem to post a new topic, but as an owner of this phone I would like to make users and the Nokia team aware of the following issues, which I believe substantially decrease this phone's usability. I hope Nokia will consider releasing a software update to address these issues:

    (Cross-posting from Reddit)

    T9 Texting

    Selecting among possible words (e.g. 'cool', 'book', 'cook') works fine. However, there seems to be one massive UI flaw: When pressing the # key, the text entry modes cycle through as follows:

    1. T9 Abc
    2. T9 abc
    3. T9 ABC
    4. Non-T9 Abc
    5. Non-T9 abc
    6. Non-T9 ABC

    If you're in mode 1 (T9 capitalise first letter), after typing one character, it switches to mode 2 (T9 all lower case), which is great. If you're in mode 2, after entering a period (full-stop), it switches to mode 1 automatically, which is also great. But what if you want to capitalise the first letter of someone's name mid-sentence? If you're using T9, you have to press # five times, to get from mode 2 to mode 1. The ordering is far more intuitive (and less work) on my old Nokia 106.1:

    1. T9 abc
    2. T9 Abc
    3. T9 ABC
    4. Non-T9 abc
    5. Non-T9 Abc
    6. Non-T9 ABC

    Other Issues

    Besides the glaring texting issue, there are a few more minor issues with the interface:

    • In the icon menu, there is a 'hamburger' icon which calls up three options: 'Move', 'Theme Colour' and 'Smart Dual Sim'. Seems weird to have SIM settings here and not under Settings.
    • One of the configuration menus has options 'Bluetooth' and 'Data on'/'Data off'. Seems like it should be 'Bluetooth On'/'Bluetooth Off'
    • I didn't find a way to use the SIM to store contacts, instead I had to copy them to the device first.
    • Go to Extras. 'Stopwatch' always reads 'Off'. Even if I start it and return to the Extras menu.

  • Feature_OS Feature_OS
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    @BrickFan thanks for such a detailed feedback.

    Hope someone at HMD takes cognizance of the mentioned issues. @HMDLaura

    @BrickFan can you run the following apps in 225 4G and post the score?




  • BrickFan BrickFan
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    Hi @Feature_OS - I tried copying these to the phone via USB. But when I try to open them in the phone's file browser, I get "You don't have the right app to open this file".

    Downloading using Opera Mini didn't seem to work either.

  • Feature_OS Feature_OS
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    Thanks @BrickFan . It seems that the newly launched phones do not support Java apps.

  • superdadan superdadan
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    thanks for the review, does it keep new added words into the dictionnary if you switch off/on the phone?

  • Mr Pintoo Mr Pintoo
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    @HMDLaura @HMDBrad Some basic feature is missing in Nokia 215 4G which should be there for bare minimal usability :-

    • Missing settings for font size adjustment.
    • Caller name is shown in small font and number in big font, not useful at all because normal human remember names not numbers.
    • No option to use contacts from SIM which is supported on all Nokia feature phones till now.
    • Multiple typos e.g. - Combine -> Conference of more than one call, Bluetooth -> Bluetooth On/Off.
    • Inbox SMS grouping have bugs which is grouping SMS from different sender in same list.
    • Missing Call history grouping for Missed/Received/Dailed calls.
    • No option to bind Torch to central top button.
    • Missing reference to icon in user manual e.g. - Roaming icon.
    • Missing settings for confirm SIM service actions.
    • Missing volume settings for Alarms.
    • Battery is draining much faster than claimed in full specs page on
  • Vodovoz Vodovoz
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    225 4G is a terrible phone. Hope you can improve its software to make it at least tolerable. I have downloaded the update but cannot install it because of an error in the load file. This is ridiculous!

  • How to install opera mini in 225 4g?

  • Tudor007 Tudor007


    Obviously, Nokia 215 / 225 does not run/support jar files since newer S30+ does not support Java (as S30+ that run on Nokia 3310 2017 does). The OS name is the same (S30+), but different versions seems to be absolutely different OS with the same OS name, which is more than confusing.

    I have recently bought 2 Nokia S30+ devices (Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G), and I need to install some apps on my phones. I didn't succeed to install any .vxp apps on my handsets that I found on internet (as Opera mini browser). Should I use other file format? I am Nokia feature phone enthusiast and I can develop for myself some simple apps. What SDK should I use? Is that available for enthusiasts like me?

    Thank you for helping me.

  • Robert Murn Robert Murn
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    When I try to update my Nokia 225 4g, blue screen appears saying: can't find load file.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

  • Vodovoz Vodovoz
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    I've thrown 225 4G into the gabage can and bought 3310 again. It seems to be the best solution so far.

  • Jaszek Jaszek
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    how can i disable (log out) the second a SIM card in this phone? Nokia 225 4G.


  • When a select online update.error insert sim card?

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