Google Search bar in home Screen

When I go to apps settings I can only remove Google service from this search bar.

What if I want to remove the whole bar from my home screen?? How to do it?


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    Hi, @gozamite, it is not possible to remove this useless (for many) bar from the home-screen in the stock (in-build) app launcher. That's how Google has built the launcher for Android One and Google Pixel devices.

    You can definitely switch to better launchers like LawnChair or Nova Launcher if you want to get rid of the Google search bar and get more control over the launcher settings.

  • That is strange?? I'm sure I had already removed but it came back.

    I'm gonna check those launchers.

  • Ida3
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    Thanks for the information keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post tellpopeyes

  • In all new Nokia smartphones with Google Assistant Button, is not possible remove Google Search bar in home screen

  • Hey, unrelated question if I may, since I can't open a thread nor even PM for some reason: I got a Nokia 8.3 today and the power button sends me to chrome's home page rather than actually lock the screen. I can't even turn my phone off, or at least haven't figured out how as of yet. I tried pressing it multiple times, I tried holding it for a while and nothing. I can't even take a screenshots without the specific screenshot button. Any idea how to fix it?

  • If not possible to remove please make possible to move it up. Now it's on place where should be most important buttons like Call, Contacts and SMS

  • MrBelter
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    They wont/cant change it as it is the standard Android launcher and the layout is determined by Google not HMD. The only way around it is as already been suggested is to use another launcher to use such as Nova.

  • When i first got the phone the search bar was near the bottom.. but something happened and it switched with the 4 icons and now it is on the bottom... how do i get it back to where it was

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    Hi, can you post a screenshot, please? It appears to be a strange case.

  • You can install another launcher like Microsoft Launcher, that wasn't mentioned yet in the comment.

  • how can I remove the day and date of my home screen

  • Not sure what you are talking about, the stock launcher on Android One has always had the search bar below the icons 🤨

  • Google Search Bar widget allows you to search Google for anything from your home screen. If you find the Google Search: Survey bar missing, it may be that you accidentally deleted the widget.

    1. Go to your Android’s home screen.
    2. Find any empty space, then tap and hold it. 
    3. Once your home screen’s in the edit mode, select from the menu on the bottom of your screen. 
    4. Scroll through the list of the widgets available until you find the Google Search bar. 
    5. Select the Google Search bar widget.

    This will place the Google Search bar back on your home screen. You can drag and drop it to change the location of the widget within your screen.